Monday, November 29, 2010


Here's a ten-minute piece of rumbling jungle drones from Architeuthis Rex. Sort of sounds like matter decomposing into soil, which makes me think of Oscar McClure and his Compost tape. Not just any decomposing though - sped up and chaotic decomposing, with beetles and worms and pig carcasses and thick fog and natives. Also sort of reminds me of High Wolf later on.

Check out this sample from Architeuthis Rex's Foam cassette then buy one from My Dance The Skull.

Architeuthis Rex.Foam.SIDE A-Red Sun by My Dance The Skull

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Here's the second of two releases out today on Triple You Tapes, available for purchase through their online store.

Persona La Ave's Brothers Was Taken tape is a monument of many, many demos Dylan Dawkins sent me over the Spring and Summer of 2010, eventually filling out into 10 full-fledged songs (plus 2 remixes) to create one completely full c42 featuring contributions from friends Mat Cothran and Rachel Levy. The dude has a real knack for grooves and will be sure to turn your late autumn/early winter chills into balmy oases of bubbling bass, sensual harmonies and hip-shaking rhythms. The tape sees two very different remixes of the first PLA song I ever heard, "Beach." The first side concludes with Baron Rogue's version, an even more warped take on the original with a killer vocal sample evolving in all the right places. The second side ends with Gobble Gobble's remix, an ecstatic version of a formerly subdued slow-burner.

Grab a couple downloads below, check the video for "Dunes" and order up a tape.

Persona La Ave - Beach

Persona La Ave - Beach (Gobble Gobble Remix)

Persona La Ave - Backroads

Persona La Ave // Dunes from Jarred Beeler on Vimeo.

(cover art by Gnarfield)


Triple You Tapes has two new releases for sale today through their online store. UUU's third release comes from Wicked Fag, a rock and roll/punk/pop music project from Pittsfield, Massachusets native and Werewolves of Pittsfield member Vincent Ditore. The EP runs just six tracks, but you'll find yourself spinning this one back again and again - rumbling bass lines drive the whole tape, monster hooks litter each song, Vince's deep croon drops to the low-end, allowing harmonica, organ and sparse guitar parts to fill every conceivable space. This makes for a seriously warm piece of low-fidelity rock and roll, likely to leave you wanting more. Don't worry - you can always hit rewind and play it again. Check out "Spiky Sharp & Needle Belt" from Triple You Tapes' SUUUMMUUUR SAMPLUUUR as well as a new download, "(Don't) Dream and Drive!"


Wicked Fag - Spiky Sharp & Needle Belt

Wicked Fag - (Don't) Dream and Drive!

Monday, November 22, 2010


From what I can tell, Lawrence Welks & Our Bear to Cross is a duo from Burlington, Vermont who are really into goofy keyboards, humorous retro flourishes and recording passionately no matter what the fidelity. There are a lot of things that turn me off from this music, but in all honestly I'm getting really into the drunken-wedding-karaoke-captured-on-wedding-present-camcorder-and-used-as-blackmail vibes emanating from their Soundcloud.

These two jams are the best examples of this aesthetic:

Selon Amour by lwandob2x

TAKE ME TO LOVE by lwandob2x

(image via Google Search)


First heard Dream Drunk over at Don't Die Wondering a few weeks ago when I was at a stupid Starbucks in Manhattan cos my internet at my apartment was down. The track posted over there was "ACIDZ" which I guess used a sample of Richard Pryor telling his story about acid ("took me five years to come down off of that shit") with weird electronic zips and whizzes backing it. This idea is fine, nothing wrong with beefing up a classic story of some dork-zone white dude giving Richard Pryor acid before he goes to a party or something.

However, the rest of his pay-what-you-want album Yksnyzorots is a bit weirder - track volumes fluctuate, causing loud bursts of sound at the beginning of songs after you've turned up your computer speaker volume a bit. There's no real songs, more like schizophrenic mood pieces for the most out-there sci-fi films ever created. Or strange experiments with buzzing musical/sequential devices by a non-musician. It's not entirely electronic - we find bits and pieces of acoustic strumming among the off-putting electric spasms and samples. There is no continuity and little similarity between all 16 tracks, making for a truly strange study in discomfort.

An example: the song "Have You Ever Been Sleeping...?" sounds like when you're listening to iTunes and some other window pops up and makes sounds and you get confused til you close that other window, except there's a ton of windows and you can't close them. Samples include Jimi Hendrix, Panda Bear, Ducktails, Passion Pit... yeah, I'm confused too. Oh, and then the following track is a take on "Regulate" if you weren't through with digesting pop culture blenderized.

Check out a few samples that rose to the top once boiled down, and if this whole thing intrigues you check the bandcamp.


I guess it's sort of hard to define exactly what it is that Northampton trio Sylphid does that interests me so much. Maybe it's the entirely improvised approach. Maybe it's because I had chances to see them play in Northampton before or something and missed out (they claim to use "broken Pee Wee Herman dolls" and "flipping the pages of children's books" to create sounds in their live shows). Maybe it's because all the twinkling reminds me of impending snow. Maybe it's because I have a mega headache and these Soundcloud streams are working hard to soothe it away.

Either way, the dudes have a split cassette out soon on Grinding Tapes with Seer Group, also from Massachusetts. Check some streams from the split and drift off into the air like a true Sylph.

B.10.23.09 by sylphid

A.04.16.10 by sylphid


November Twentieth,
Two Thousand & Ten

We're at this villa in the desert for the weekend & we're heading out the door this afternoon (stoned off whiskey & plenty of other plants), and out of nowhere, I just bust into "Nightclubbing, we're nightclubbing..." in my best Tom Jones voice. Everyone was like, "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SINGING?!" like I'M a weirdo & I'm like, "UM THIS IS IGGY POP, WHAT ARE YOU SINGING?" They weren't singing shit so obviously I busted some iPhone YouTube moves & balled that jack all the way to brunch over the auxiliary. It was at this point I was like, "Damn, why have I been ignoring you for so long Iggy? You're always chilling in my iTunes & I just pass you by. Sorry dude. Gonna pay u mad tributez on Monday, bro. <3"

So, that's what I'm doing.
Telling all ya'all
this is one of the best jams
to booze 'n cruise to.

Of course, make sure you aren't driving. Like be responsible. If you're planning on chugging mad whiskey & blowing mad bowls, make sure someone is down & safe to drive. That is the ideal condition for you to take control of the tunes & blast this shit. And then, even if you're the only one enjoying it, fuck it, you just chugged mad whiskey & blew mad bowls!

Marissa A. Ross is a Los Angeles based blogger who enjoys music, potato salad and jerking off all day because she works from home. Check out her personal blog, Tangents & The Times, and follow her on Twitter @MarissaARoss.

Friday, November 19, 2010


D'EON is playing tonite at Los Hermanos Tortilleria with La Big Vic, Weird Magic DJs, Chocolate Bobka DJ and special guest Run DMT for McGregor's birthday/Tortillas on the Creek show presented by Newtown Radio.

D'EON is some weird combination of smooth house and middle eastern vibes, having totally bulked up his sound for his latest album Palinopsia, out now on Hippos in Tanks. There's hints of his ÆON tape in there, which I spoke on a while ago, but I'll go ahead and say the new material is more addictive and far superior as far as I've heard.

Peep the Megazord-directed "Keep the Faith" video Bobka posted yesterday (along with a download of the Airbird remix) and grab a couple more supreme Palinopsia jams below.

d'Eon "Keep the Faith" from Megazord on Vimeo.

D'EON - Palinopsia Intro + Almost Out of Time (via Bobka)

D'EON - Kill a Man With a Joystick In Your Hand (via AZ)

D'EON - The Girl From Köln Is Gone

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Dem Hunger has been up to a few things lately.

In September, Chocolate Bobka posted Dem's "Wanda Hena El Hawa," which is set to appear on The Curatorial Club's still unreleased ambient tape compilation.

He contributed the song "Herat Homosexual" to Wigflip Records' End of Summer 2010 compilation. Read and listen about that.

He's got a 7" split out November 20 with Cupp Cave on Vlek Records. His half is called "Squint Fucker." Also of note, I believe Cupp Cave goes by Kingfisherg as well. His track "Patch Face" kicks off the Wigflip comp.

Dem also recently remixed Becoming Real -- check the song in the video below.

Dem Hunger - Wanda Hena El Hawa

Dem Hunger - Herat Homosexual

(image via ALIEN PAINT)


John Elliott plays in Emeralds. Sam Goldberg does Radio People. Together they are Mist and they have a new piece of vinyl out now on Amethyst Sunset, a reissue of their sold out Glowing Net cassette tape. It's pretty similar to other Mist material I've heard, which is a good thing -- zoned-out sci-fi wasteland synthesizers, sputtering and pulsating way too close to the sun. There's something regal in trying to find the perfect balance between the sounds of moving water and clanging metal.

Check out a couple downloads below and buy a copy (250 rainbow splatter vinyl, 500 black vinyl).

Mist - Mist Stream

Mist - Soaring Yellow Glowing Net

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


tooth ache. has a 7" for sale from Father Daughter Records. A-side "Skin" can now be found in video version, directed by duo Weird Candles in top form. Buy a clear 7" and while your teeth are rotting, feast upon this interview I conducted with tooth ache. for Impose Magazine.

tooth ache. | "skin" from WEIRD CANDLES on Vimeo.


Here's "Bergensere," a total sweaty disco rager from Norway's Bjørn Torske. His new album Kokning dropped yesterday on Smalltown Supersound. It's already sold out at their online store, which is a bummer, but you can check that download and another below. Go find the record in shops.

P.S. Feel sort of terrible I hadn't heard of Torske before this album. He's been putting out records since 1998 so I have some backtracking to do.

Bjørn Torske - Bergensere

Bjørn Torske - Versjon Wolfenstein

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Triple You Tapes just announced a new breakthrough in their entire business model - with help from Alpha Pup Records & Distribution, Termeric's Natural Gel cassette tape is now available for purchase from iTunes. Say you don't have a tape deck in your car? Say you don't have a Walkman for on-the-go? Now you too can hear the psychedelic sounds of Termeric in your own home.

To celebrate, Triple You Tapes is giving away another fantastic track for free download, the heavy-handed blunt-scape "Bunt Cold." Check out the new download plus two previously available tunes then go buy yourself some digital gold. There are also Natural Gel physical tapes in stock, just click the Paypal link below.



Termeric - Bunt Cold

Termeric - Grass St. Star

Termeric - Stryde Off


Monday, November 15, 2010


Over a month ago I got a real sparse email from someone who goes by the name of برج خليفة. He or she provided a tumblr and some downloads and that's it. The tumblr itself was also sparse, consisting of just a couple streaming songs with accompanying downloads and terrifying landscape images of Dubai.

The name is Arabic for "Burj Khalifa," a.k.a. the tallest building in the world. The wikipedia page also notes that the structure houses the world's highest swimming pool (76th floor), the world's highest outdoor observation deck (124th floor) and the world's highest mosque (158th floor). All five of the pieces available for download are exactly 8:28 in length, in dedication to the building's height of 828 meters.

Anyway, the music itself is very soothing - huge washes of spacious crystalline sound. I imagine this is the soundtrack of eternal loneliness, the sound of an absolutely gigantic display of human architectural competition that's rented out only 75 of its 900 apartments ten months after its opening. The sound is appropriately icy against Dubai's deserted imagery. The pieces don't really go anywhere and as of now we don't know where they really came from and that's just fine.

Check out Dubai Horizons tumblr and maybe it'll get updated again sometime soon.

برج خليفة - 2

برج خليفة - 3


A couple weeks ago, Leaving Records posted a 22-minute MP3 of "tape-driven compositions" from Delofi. Dude sent them a tape of beat-scapes, they dug it, I dig it, you should check it out. Furthermore, dude has a deep Soundcloud of beats, a few of which were just upped in the last couple days. Note that these are mere pieces of beats, and a couple of the Soundcloud streams say "instrumental" next to their titles. These are dense chunks of could-be weirdo hip hop tracks, ready and waiting for someone brave enough to spit over them. I'm ready to hear what these pieces could evolve into.

Dude also remixed Leaving Records killerman Oscar McClure as well as dropping a collaborative track with him.

Check out a couple of my favorite parts of Leaving's Delofi tape stream then check some of them Soundclouds.

Leaving Delofi excerpt 1 (2:41-3:31)

Leaving Delofi excerpt 2 (17:24-20:48)

003 - Colored Blocks (Instrumental) by Delofi

brownbags by Delofi

hoopdreamin'... by Delofi


The thing is, sometimes you don't really know why you like a song. I mean, sure, I could do my best to dissect the color of its timbre & cross reference it with my preference history, but at the end of the day, for whatever reason, I just dig this song. Yes, The Ventures are one of my favorite bands. But Two Car Garage really doesn't exemplify why. It's not like this is the album that defined their "favorite" title. This is just some album a friend gave me for my birthday because I love The Ventures. And it just so happens, that I really dig "When You Walk In The Room". It's just that one track that I'm like, "Damn, this is mad catchy."

It's times like these I wish I had enough knowledge of techniques & effects so I could make statements like, "I don't usually listen to things that sound this 80's... but I really like their use of the blahblahblah." Whatever, I take comfort in knowing that even if I did know my way around a studio musician's glossary & spent the next four paragraphs proving it to you, the end result is still the same. It's just catchy.

Like Willow Smith, dude.
She's just hoppin' out of bed & turning on her swag.
I can't help it's fucking catchy. Not my fault.
Can't explain, just got 2 love it.

Marissa A. Ross is a Los Angeles based blogger who enjoys music, potato salad and jerking off all day because she works from home. Check out her personal blog, Tangents & The Times, and follow her on Twitter @MarissaARoss.


Marissa was talking about the version of the song with the Fabulous Wailers from their collaborative album Two Car Garage but there were no streams of it up and I don't wana trample any feet. Check out the album HERE.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Velvet Davenport's Warmy Girls LP drops this Tuesday November 16 on Minneapolis psych label Moon Glyph. By some insane chance of luck (or real rad planning), Velvet Davenport will grace Brooklyn tonite and tomorrow nite with a couple really solid shows.

Tonite the dudes play Glasslands with Dead Gaze, Swimsuit and Blank Dogs. Tomorrow is at Shea Stadium with Big Troubles, Silent Diane, Sacred Harp and Flower Orgy. Get out and see at least one of these shows and check the videos and links to other peoples' downloads below.

Velvet Davenport - "Mystery Michael" from moon glyph on Vimeo.

Peep all the stuff Chocolate Bobka has posted on them. He's a Davenport-head.


Yeah yeah, I know the end of Summer was like two months ago but it's only been a few weeks since Wigflip Records sent over their FREE Wigflip End of Summer 2010 compilation. Jam packed with Wigflip favorites (Run DMT, Do While, Inflatable Mattress, Happy Family) and associates (matthewdavid, Dem Hunger, Kingfisherg), the label claims "you can smoke an ounce to this." Over the 19 tracks we find a vast spread of warm sounds, ranging from quieter, more Autumnal pieces (The Dene Road, Dygn) to mind-blasting ambient stews (matthewdavid + Run DMT, Do While), from dense hip hop scapes (Ohbliv, Dirty Universe, 10th Letter) to psychedelic pop throwbacks (Run DMT, Semya,Acid Flashback).

It's hard to pick a boiled-down list of favorites, but check out these samples below then DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE THING FOR FREE. Might I also mention that this is their FOURTEENTH free release, so if you haven't done so yet go over to their site/store and snatch up goodies and pre-order their two new projects, Kingfisherg's Fire Hum and The Dene Road's Whin Sill cassettes.

Kingfisherg - Patch Face

Semya - Cloud Dog

Do While - Dancing on Diamond Water

matthewdavid + Run DMT - Shit_rendr

10th Letter - Whispering Geode

Ohbliv - Lorb

Dem Hunger - Herat Homosexual

(image via Projection Monitor)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was perusing Weed Temple for the first time in way too long last night. There, you'll find a whole bunch of weird music, though most of the newer posts are of slightly older tunes. One of the newer projects up there is Jason Edgil's Pre-compass, which Weed Temple describes perfectly as "deconstructionist ambient/pop vignettes." I'd like to add that most of these tunes reflect what my imagination has tagged as "what outer space would sound like if outer space wasn't soundless." In some self-created alternate reality, perhaps it'll still be true that in space no one can hear you scream but this time they can hear your synthesizers ringing out loud and clear through all that cosmic dust.

Trails by Pre-compass is available for free download from his bandcamp. Download the whole thing after checking out a few of my favorites from the bunch.

(via Weed Temple)


Ida Jane Griesemer is a young writer, curator, photographer and Brooklyn resident who runs submissions-centric literary/art website Low Log with her good friend and roommate Michael Pollock. The communal aspect is what attracted me to the site in the first place. All LowLog asks is for "greatness," which you indeed possess since you read these fine pages so why not submit a work?

"Our content is not limited to any genre, medium, topic, or style," reads their 'About' section. This sentiment rings true throughout - a cursory glance reveals a two-part short story called "Boris Diaw and the Infinite Sadness" (that's right, the French NBA player and a Smashing Pumpkins reference), paintings, poetry, collages, interviews and music. Oh, and they also threw a rad show/party at their apartment, dubbed The Low Loft.

Low Log has slowed a bit as of late, but is working to amend that. The two are organizing another event, this time composed of readings and a visual art showing instead of bands and "comedy." CLICK HERE to find out more about the current state of Low Log and click the link below to download the ninth edition of the Friendship Bracelet Friendship Club guest mix series, which has recently been revitalized after a few months on the down-low.











Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It's always weirded me out that the dude that lived in the converted garage apartment behind the place I used to live in Amherst for a Summer does stuff like this. As far as he lead on, he was just a dude who was uncommonly good at basketball and liked to stay up with his roommates til like 5AM, smoking cigarettes, listening to dancehall records and barbeque-ing. Who knew?

"A Night's Creativity. A Parroted Companions guided tour to the most Romantic details of a Jungle's sensbility. Imagine the elements of your most recent landscaped vision coming to life and allowing you to witness a hearts perception of the natural world. Charles Berlitz has reported this eventful experience in the form of a Romantic Poem, and the Star Searchers have invented the soundtrack. Olde Engsh Spelling Bee and Pacific City Sound Visions invite the listener to experience the first Studio album in Pacific City's history! Featuring James Ferraro as Rocco Martini, Lieven Martens of Dolphins Into the Future, and Eva Van Deuren of Orphan Fairytale; Playing the most exotic keyboard melodies this side of a Parrots hotly lit Plumage. This album is the first in series of Romantic Audio recordings that will later include the titles: "Make Mine, Macaw" and "The Garnet Tucan". Do enjoy the excitement of this one of kind journey to Pacific City's Nightlife and relax your mind's physical limitations...."



Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Matt Lajoie (Cursillistas, Herbcraft, Planets Around the Sun) is on an even spacier tip than his other musics with his Endless Caverns project. This is some real nice echoing going on in between my two headphones, hollowing out my skull and replacing it with one of these endless caverns. Just a bit of water trickling through, just enough to keep me and all the new inhabitants of my new head-space alive and well. There's bats and worms and beetles and those weird salamanders that aren't colored cos they never see daylight and they don't have eyes cos they never see daylight and maybe they eat the beetles but it's okay cos the beetles are always replenished because the cave is endless.

Dude's got a whole album's worth of these that are ready to be released but he doesn't have a label for it yet. I believe it's called Raga Tin. He has released Endless Cavern's Magi Hymnal tape on his own label L'animaux Tryst Field Recordings and dropped the Chakra Ledge tape on Cabin Floor Esoterica. Most recently, he put out a split tape with Tempera, also on his own label. His half of the split is called "Bagism" and can be heard/watched below, recorded live in Portland, Maine back in March (complete with visuals by id m theft able).

Sensei Deprivation II [Guitars in the Sun] by Endless Caverns

Endless Caverns @ Strange Maine 03-26-2010 from Dylan Palme on Vimeo.

(image via Google Search)


Tom from Arches sent me the bandcamp for his Old Smile project's tape Hawkins Bridge. There's five songs, they're all very delicate and fairly quiet and unassuming, suppose it's very Autumn music for those of you reading who have seasons. Dead and crunching and grey in the best ways possible.

The tape is set for pre-order from Treetop Sorbet, Julien from Arches' new label and is available for free download from bandcamp.


Web Dating made some simple, to-the-point love songs and will be pressing four of them to vinyl very soon. By love songs, I mean every song on their Myspace page has a title which includes the word "you" or a version of the word "love."

Oops Baby Records will drop the 7" EP early next year. Until then, there's this goofy video for "Lovin You, Freakin Easy" (dig hard on the verses) and a download of the single "Can't Get Enough of You" (dig hard on that chorus). They also play Silent Barn this Thursday with Widowspeak, Ava Luna, QUILT and Perfect Bitch.

Web Dating - Can't Get Enough of You


Clicked to Henny Moan's Myspace page from Hype Williams' Myspace page. There's a bunch of songs, most available for download from his blog. "Slayer of Gash" is really doing it for me, some nice and slow grooves for your late-nite fog machine party. Or for your late-nite bong rip party. Or for your late-nite intimate encounter with some gal you never met before, but she's fine and like I said, it's late.

Henny Moan - Slayer of Gash

(image via FAT DUDES via morning aurora)

Monday, November 8, 2010






My request is the song "Ghost Riders In The Sky" performed by Susan Christie. First of all, aside from the song just being mad dope, I really like this Susan Christie character. I feel like I can really relate to her because she released this goofy, novelty song in '66 called "I Love Onions." I'm not super well versed in novelty jams of the mid sixties, but this moderately more successful band called The Lemon Pipers had some songs about rice & marmalade in like '67 & '68, so I bet the onions idea seemed like an okay career move at the time, but it tooootttttally fucked her. Like no one would touch her after that even though she was mad talented because of how successful her song about onions was. Sometimes a broad just wants to be funny, ya know? They also might want to express their love of root vegetables every once in awhile! Doesn't mean she doesn't have real emotions & thoughts & cohesive art to make in her day, WHICH SHE DID! She recorded a full length, Paint A Lady, and a whole three copies were pressed in early 1970.

Then, she just dropped off.

Like, she doesn't even have a Wiki page.

All because she wrote a silly little diddy about fucking vegetables.

Anyway, Susan Christie is awesome and for everyone who's been searching for some crunchy country-psych this fall, well, YOU ARE WELCOME... on behalf of my Dudefriend because as much as I would love to say that I was sifting through stacks of strewn records at the local thrift store & found this gem, I must give credit where credit is due and Dudefriend showed me this. I am so blessed that at the same time I was taken out by a tidal chillwave, he came along to keep me grounded in my favorite genre, "obscure 60's & 70's that will impress people." He doesn't call it that though. He calls it like "folk" or something.

Marissa A. Ross is a Los Angeles based blogger who enjoys music, potato salad and jerking off all day because she works from home. Check out her personal blog, Tangents & The Times, and follow her on Twitter @MarissaARoss.


1. Susan Christie's Paint a Lady seems to have ACTUALLY only been released as three vanity copies in 1970. Luckily, Finders Keepers Records got ahold of one and re-released it in 2006.

2. "Ghost Riders in the Sky" was originally written by Stan Jones in 1948. It is a cowboy song, the story apparently plucked from a tale told to Jones by an old cowboy when he was twelve years old. For a partial list of people who have recorded versions click here. I fancy this Johnny Cash version:

Saturday, November 6, 2010


A bunch of weeks ago I stumbled upon Hubble playing a set at Zebulon. At the time I didn't know what it was called, but I knew it was Ben Greenberg from Zs and Pygmy Shrews playing solo and absolutely shredding.

Fast forward to the other day and Kenny from Byrds of Paradise gchats me the Hubble blogspot complete with that live set I happened upon and a live video of him shredding in the same manner on a roof (shot by Teresa Eggers). From there, I also found Hubble's soundcloud page which beefs up the single guitar spazzes with equally spastic drums on "Hubble Dust," which is available for download. What's more is the genre is tagged as "Cyber-dread" and that's rad.

Check out all that stuff below and then peep a Hubble show November 14 at Silent Barn, November 17 at Zebulon or November 18 at Shea Stadium.

HUBBLE from teresa eggers on Vimeo.

Hubble Dust by hubbletrouble

Hubble Live at Zebulon September 12, 2010

(image via Hubble blogspot)

Friday, November 5, 2010


Been running through the new MellowHype (Hodgy Beats + Left Brain) album BLACKENEDWHITE a whole bunch this week, "Packed With Gun Sounds, Grams OF Coke And Dead Cops." Entirely produced by Left Brain, the whole thing sounds a bit more polished and cohesive than their first album YellowWhite. They amped up the swag, enlisted a total of five non-MH Odd Future verses (oh and there's this new guy Frank Ocean) and actually blew away my expectations for YellowWhite's follow-up.

Here's the shit I've had on repeat:

#2 "Gun Sounds"

The second track starts off with what miiight be a real voicemail from one of their dads, apparently without contact with the boy for a while. He asks if he's "locked up" or "shot." Reminds me of my mother text messaging me "Alive?" when she hadn't heard from me in a bit in college. The difference is these dudes have been locked in their basement recording futuristic hip hop anthems while I was just like, hanging out. Also, I've never called my mother a "faggot-ass nigga" just for leaving me a voicemail. The proceeding couple minutes is largely made up of, you guessed it, gun sounds. Shit's dark, Hodgy taking a noticeably more violent tone over Left Brain's murder spree snap.

Best moment:

"You shop at K-Mart? I shop at AK-Mart"

#4 "Loaded" ft. Mike G

This one's got some serious swag. That said, I hardly know what "swag" means in the hashtag sense of the term. It seems more of a placeholder for anything that's "cool" or "good" or "fly" or "chill." Perhaps "swag" is the new "chill." Evidence for this lies in "Loaded," a totally cooled-out and laid-back jam, slowed down and gelled together by Left Brain's absolutely sultry rasp in the chorus. Shit just sounds like windows down in Summer time. The only thing that stands out as not-swag in this one is that Hodgy refers to Xanax pills as "xannies" which really turns me off. But this is completely pardoned by Left Brain's smooth delivery, which I am finally realizing is awesome, especially in his verse at the end where he gets pretty harsh:

"You're comedy to me and crowds flee when your shit's on, you get fake applause like a TV sitcom"

#6 "Dead Deputy"

The faux strings swells really do it for me on this one. Also any cut that revolves around killing deputies (or sergeants or officers or whatever) is fine by me. The gunshots and stuttering beat sounds like some helicopter choppin overhead in search for those responsible for an entire county of dead cops. However, the beat overpowers Hodgy's verses, which have moments but act more as another percussive element underneath the monstrous beat.

(NOTE: While I'm into the dead cops motif, the track that appears later on BLACKENEDWHITE "Fuck the Police" is a bit TOO straight-forward or something. Maybe? I don't know, I just can't get into it. A bit monotonous, a bit too care-free. Might be one of my least favorite Tyler verses, too. Just sayin.)

#8 "Loco"

Really cant get over this jazzy MellowHype shit on "Loco." Hodgy goes and goes as the beat evolves, eventually retreating back before breaking it someone (presumably a lady) "it's not just you, I hate everybody." I'm finding this line uncommonly universal. Or maybe way too personal. It's real easy to hate the world. You know, "fuck the world" style. But its hard to actually break it to someone that you hate them. Unless it's just a cop-out. And I guess in this case it probably is.

Anyway, the little vocal clip sampled here really gets me. It's remained in my head almost a week after first hearing it, cascading keys in all the right places. Also, I'm way into the song trailing off, riding out the sample into churning puddles of nothing. Crisp autumn shit.

#11 "Chordaroy" ft. Earl Sweatshirt and Wolf Haley

This has got to be the album's centerpiece. Not only do we have Left Brain on some killer future-beat space shit, not only do we have Hodgy thriving in his natural beat environment, but we also have guest spots from "The Mysterious Earl Sweatshirt" and Wolf Haley. "Chordaroy" starts with Earl's verse, which hits high on all Earl meters in my ear. He always sounds lax, especially over a slow, warped beat, but he's so nimble and articulate it's scary. Wherever Earl is that he needs to be freed from, we seriously need to firebomb that place and smuggle him out of there.

This is not to discount the other parts of the "Chordaroy" equation. Seriously - who uses the word "geophyte" in hip hop (P.S. a geophyte is "a perennial plant, for example the potato or daffodil, which in spring propagates from an underground organ such as a bulb, tuber, corm or rhizome." via)? Hodgy Beats does. He also ends his verse with "feed niggas shells like my muhfuckin beach is nice." Sick.



Check out ODD FUTURE live in New York City Monday November 8 if you can get a ticket somehow - according to Webster Hall's site, SHIT'S SOLD OUT. See you there with yer makeshift Fuck Steve Harvey shirt.


Ivan Mairesse sent over five tracks of glorious, droning pulsations he recorded last Summer in Madison with a couple friends under the name Magic Kingdom. He had this to say:

"I'm sending you some pieces that were recorded last year in Madison by a project I started with my friends Nick Turco and Shane Verway (both now playing in Zola Jesus' band), called Magic Kingdom. We played several live shows in the summer of '09, and then a local producer had us record two extended pieces in one sitting. We all really liked what came out of it, but then we got busy doing other stuff and it all fell by the way side. I finally edited the 2 pieces into 5 shorter ones and came up w/ 35 minutes worth."

Ivan went on to say they didn't know how they were going to release it yet. More info on that as it comes.

Magic Kingdom - The World of Magic Kingdom Part 2

Magic Kingdom - The World of Magic Kingdom Part 3

(image via Projection Monitor)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


So it's kind of freaking me out just how much this new Hype Williams track "Businessline" reminds me of a combo platter of the last two songs I posted in these pages, reheated in the microwave midnite snack style from a couple leftover take-out containers. Like the last jam, this one was lifted from No Fear of Pop (use the Twitter).

I've never posted about these guys before, mainly cos it always sounds super druggy and snarky and weird and I've got a tough time wrapping my head around it all. Like the sobbing that sprouts up over the entirety of "Chatline." Or the sobbing that turns up in the third track of the b-side of their Carnivals 12" (sold out). Or their obsession with Drake (see this - also their 7" Do Roids and Kill E'ryting is an anagram for D.R.A.K.E. - also there's a Drake-sampling/screwing track on said 7" called "Ooovrrr"). I think I've only listened to them in wee morning hours, which is when I suggest you check em out too.

Moving forward, Hype Williams have one 12" record out this month on Destijl Records called Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite And Start Gettin’ Reel and another, untitled, out March 2011 on Hippos In Tanks. If you're in Netherlands, U*K, Senegal or Greece, check out their dates listed on Myspace. Here's a list of things you can check out from the duo in the mean time:

Hype Williams - Businessline by

hype williams - the throning by dennafrances

Hype Williams' Youtube channel

Two downloads from No Fear of Pop

Three downloads from POPOP

Hype Machine search for "Hype Williams"

(image via FAT DUDES via voodoovoodoo courtesy Carene Souhy)

Monday, November 1, 2010


Rad new Rangers tune up for download on No Fear of Pop. Since Rangers' Suburban Tours LP on Olde English Spelling Bee, any new Rangers news is good Rangers news (aside from baseball huh?), especially that of a new EP or LP before the end of Winter. This also includes if you happened to sign up for Not Not Fun's Bored Fortress 7 Inch Club, since you have heard the recent Ducktails/Rangers split. Or maybe you just Googled it. Either way you were probably pleased. Let the magma-smoldering burn of "Zombies" tide you over til that record drops.

Rangers - Zombies



Here's a little slice of goo-splat/farty bass/late-nite soft haze I didn't really see coming -- just before Halloween weekend Daytime Television dropped a three-track EP called Worst Download World. Last time I wrote about the dude was last winter, sort of baffled by City Center's glorious remix of his ominous track "New YYYear."

The new EP might be his least cryptic moment to date, at least with the opening track's slowed reggae bounce. "I Hurt So Much" seems to explore this whole retro-syrup Games funk, taking some old drum sounds, altering their speed and embellishing them with sex-grooved bass lines and sharp guitar stabs. The other two tracks on the EP are not in line with this idea, but they're worth checking out. "12" embodies the EP's tag-line ("Blown-out blues from three houses away") while "Everything" sticks with the autumnal "12" vibe, sampling some far away ocean that sounds like what crunching dead leaves underfoot might sound like slowed down 300%.

Check the whole EP right here after peeping that sample down there.

Daytime Television - I Hurt So Much


I freak out every November. It's when I evaluate how I've spent my time & I more than usually berate myself for anything short of unexpectedly writing a best seller or finding buried treasure. I vow to spend the next year working towards my goals & fighting all my vices; I'm still drinking too much & still smoking too much & still distracting myself from greater purposes with plans with people I probably won't know in five years. But hey, that's the shit memories are made of, right?

That's what I tell myself, anyway.

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