Monday, November 1, 2010


Here's a little slice of goo-splat/farty bass/late-nite soft haze I didn't really see coming -- just before Halloween weekend Daytime Television dropped a three-track EP called Worst Download World. Last time I wrote about the dude was last winter, sort of baffled by City Center's glorious remix of his ominous track "New YYYear."

The new EP might be his least cryptic moment to date, at least with the opening track's slowed reggae bounce. "I Hurt So Much" seems to explore this whole retro-syrup Games funk, taking some old drum sounds, altering their speed and embellishing them with sex-grooved bass lines and sharp guitar stabs. The other two tracks on the EP are not in line with this idea, but they're worth checking out. "12" embodies the EP's tag-line ("Blown-out blues from three houses away") while "Everything" sticks with the autumnal "12" vibe, sampling some far away ocean that sounds like what crunching dead leaves underfoot might sound like slowed down 300%.

Check the whole EP right here after peeping that sample down there.

Daytime Television - I Hurt So Much

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killer carly simon "why" sample (or homage?) on that 1st track.