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Horsebladder live at the Beach House in a dream from elaine kahn on Vimeo.

Horse Bladder is the recording project of current Northampton, Massachusetts resident Elaine Kahn. That video up there is from like two years ago, but she's got a new record out soon on Ecstatic Peace called Not I'll Not and was cool to let us share a song from it, "Pioneer." The track continues with the past few days' more downtrodden trend around these pages, cruising muddily through blown-out harmonies and molasses-paced synthesizer leans. A bit abrasive at times, unlike some of her earlier recordings found on the Night People-released Nicole c32, which is still available for purchase.

Horse Bladder has a "teeny tour" in order for April, though I only know of two dates. The first is at the East/Northampton, MA LadyFest on the first night, April 15, opening a show that includes U.S. Girls and Talk Normal at Smith College's Davis Ballroom. The second is April 22 as part of Ecstatic Peace's half-month residency at The Stone in Manhattan. Download "Pioneer" below, then check out an older track "Go Away."

Horse Bladder - Pioneer

Horse Bladder - Go Away


Happy New Year - Twins from One Line Creative on Vimeo.

I've watched this Thomas Byrd-directed Happy New Year video at least a dozen times in the past few days since Matt Weiner a.k.a. Twins sent it over. The clip was shot atop the Danbro building, which houses both Newtown Radio and Happy New Year's recording space/studio.

(Coincidentally, the song is also called "Twins" and Byrd is directing the next video for one of Matt's other projects, Featureless Ghost.)

I've been obsessing over the song and the video, especially the visuals which remind me of a much more intelligible My Bloody Valentine clip (no strobe lights, no staticky television fuzz). The song is arresting in its own right, a minimal and dirgeful stomp brightened by Eleanor Logan's silky, echoed "it's about time" vocal hooks. This video reminds me of that feeling where you're a lot more attracted to someone because you can't tell if they're good-looking or not, like you see someone in a certain light and it intrigues you not because they're gorgeous but because they might be and you can't tell. At the very least, this person is striking and induces a strong internal reaction -- they made you stop and stare.

The Twins/Hotel 7" is available from Crikey Records and is available as a free download from bandcamp.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Burlington, Vermont's Toby Aronson is one of the men behind NNA Tapes, in my opinion one of the best tape labels out. Dudes have released music from the likes of Oneohtrix Point Never, Caboladies, Nonhorse, Driphouse, Ryan Garbes, Dylan Ettinger, Hubble, Dem Hunger's Wanda Group project and many, many more including an eight-cassette box set of Burlington-local artists. His artistic duties don't end at label-curating -- he is also a creator of fine synthesizer music under his own name and alongside Greg Davis as Harmonizer, sounds ranging from ambient drones to jacked-up shards of noise. In addition to a slew of other SXSW dates, Toby recently played our FBUS X WEIRD MAGIC SXSW show and seriously destroyed.

There's a whole bunch of stuff on the horizon for NNA, including releases by Mist, Laurel Halo, Coppertone and a bunch more I've never heard of but am equally excited to hear. For those of you unfamiliar with the label, Toby's FBFC mix should provide some insight as to what they're all about -- the finest synthetic arpeggiations, spans of gritty noise, space-age prog passageways and beautifully out-there fragments of pop. Toby's also got a couple tapes out soon, including one for Digitalis and a split with Greg Davis on Bathetic. A couple new Harmonizer releases are also on the way.





Toby Aronson - Planet Waves

Toby Aronson-Picnic Point by nnatapes

Harmonizer-5th World (edit) by nnatapes


Today I am requesting Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention's "Who Needs The Peace Corps" because I am bored with all the music I have & feel like mocking every fiber of my frustration, especially my desire to drop out of my life & just get back to the things that really matter, like downloading torrents & eating tabs of acid. I suppose this is all a part of growing up, but who said I ever wanted to do that shit anyway? Being an adult is mad stressful! But I'm hoping, if I work hard enough, I can retire one day & spend all my time downloading music from blogs.

Marissa A. Ross is a Los Angeles-based writer, music connoisseur, blogger & an all out enthusiast for leisurely activities. She is kind of funny, but no one really gives a shit because she has awesome hair. Marissa enjoys cheap wine, sunbathing & jerking off to vintage motel postcards on Flickr.


Today I was reminded about High Wolf's label Winged Sun Records by the Leaving Records Twitter account. Straight Cassette, the first tape/CDR/free download by Black Zone Myth Chant in a series of three, caught me by the throat and has refused to let go. These are some dark and cavernous meditative jams complete with deeped-out vocals unintelligible to the untrained human ear. Perhaps these are the "forgotten prayers" in the "forgotten language" the label refers to in their label blurb, though at its most droning the utterances take on a repetitious monotone more suited for a funeral dirge. Not a mournful shuffle, however... more of a ritual celebration of the body returning to the Earth that birthed it, buried naked and casket-free, celebrating all the ants and worms that will pass through the tissue and grow into Earth's next wave of hippie-warriors.

For these reasons, the label issues a warning:

"Don't be surprised if you start to destroy televisions and burn your fashion clothes, grow weed and read books."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yeah, I know this was released like eight months ago but honestly I hadn't heard anything from the U.K.'s Bad Autopsy since he sent over a couple demos early last year. However, last night someone tweeted something about Bad Autopsy remixing Nguzunguzu's "Rec Loose" alongside Girl Unit and Brenmar for the new Mirages Remixes album so I searched for a Soundcloud, found one and dug in.

(You might remember dude's track "Formal Invite" from the very first Friendship Bracelet Club compilation. If you do, and you're like me and haven't followed him closely since, "Gin Mixer" might be a rude awakening.)

"Gin Mixer" appears with two others on the Bad Autopsy 12", which is still available from Ramp Recordings. While "Formal Invite" wobbled along on a fairly lighthearted/sensual tip, the new tracks are more extreme, pounding and penetrating, especially "Gin Mixer," which is riddled with maliciously chopped vocals, metal-cold tombstone groans and insistent hi-speed percussion whipped into the tightest of shape. Dangerously fit.

GIN MIXER (ramp 041) by Bad Autopsy



Bad Autopsy - Formal Invite


I've been obsessed with this howse track "vbs" for about a month now. By far the most complete and striking track on the undizputed EP (available for free download), "vbs" is based on a few themes -- muffled raindrip percussions and abrupt pleasure sighs converge at a footwork-quick pace for an ominous yet sweat-sexy result. The track sounds so deeply rooted in itself that I want my ears to turn inside out and envelope my headphones in order to hear it more properly. This is a serious piece of modern dark electronic music, so at the very least check this track and hope more like it surfaces quickly. If you dig, there's lots more at bandcamp.

(via Don't Die Wondering)

Monday, March 28, 2011


(via XLR8R)


Paranoid Altantan mutant pop duo Featureless Ghost have been steadily bulking up their credentials since they dropped their first digital single a couple months ago. Later, they released a video for one of the songs, "Scanproof," which premiered on Altered Zones and Pitchfork TV. Next, a couple even weirder Youtube clips popped up on their official website, "Hilite" and "Brain Dive," continuing to focus on faded, retro-futuristic representations of human life while holding it down on a more ambient musical level. These audiovisual shorts will be compiled into a VHS/cassette mini-album sometime in the near future.

Featureless Ghost's new single "Take It Out" takes a big turn from the most recent videos, a dark and propulsive synthesizer jam that channels Jay Ski's classic "C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)," taking what I could swear is a hyper-familiar rhythm and embellishing with loads of extra drum sounds, synthetic whizzes and multilingual monotones with a sing-song chorus. Download the track below and hold tight - the album should be completed in a matter of weeks and, while they have not found a label home, they are looking to release the full-length this year on vinyl. I also just heard the two are working on a more "housed-out" live set and are looking to travel up the East Coast to New York in late May, so check in soon for potential tour dates.

Featureless Ghost - Take It Out


The Cyclist is Andrew Morrison from the U.K. and he emailed me last week about some songs he's been working on for a release on Crash Symbols. His initial email referred to his tunes as "tape techno Throbbing Gristle lo-fi stuff." While I'm not terribly well-versed in Throbbing Gristle, his first couple tracks (previously posted on Get Off The Coast) sure are of a lower fidelity, but stray into more danceable directions than the Throbbing Gristle I'm accustomed to. There's still a cryptic and menacing quality to the sound, just wrapped around a warmer, house-y spine. Check out the first three tracks he's uploaded to his Soundcloud then keep an eye and ear out for more - dude sent over an unfinished demo of another song and it sounds real promising.

Technilama by The Cyclist

Technicolor! by The Cyclist

CAN by The Cyclist

Friday, March 25, 2011


Here's a new Wet Hair video for "Echo Lady" off their new album In Vogue Spirit, out May 7 on Destijl Records. The whole album sounds great, from the lunging Kraut of album opener "Echo Lady" to the eight minute psychedelic organ epic "Liquid Jesus," to the especially dance-y "Tarantula." Check the video and hold tight til you can buy the whole thing in 1.5 months.

Wet Hair "Echo Lady" from A Roche on Vimeo.


I guess I'm a bit late on Italian duo Crimea X, seeing as their Prospective album dropped last Fall, but word was just sent my way that an entire album of remixes called re:prospective is now available on Hell Yeah Records. The album features Bjorn Torske's huge, spacey reworking of Prospective centerpiece "Varvara," stretching the original's "Social Kraut Disco" beyond the nine-minute mark. Stream/download the remix and the original below, then stream Prospective on Soundcloud.

Crimea X - Varvara - Bjorn Torske Remix by Low Life Inc

Crimea X - Varvara by Low Life Inc


Aguirre is a new project from Gryphon Myers and Elon Katz of White Car. Yesterday, NNA Tapes sent over "Layphi," a single slice of warped, downtempo synthesizer grooves and sputterings the label refers to as "extra-terrestrial club music." For real though -- if you're looking to spin this jam at a club that does NOT reside in outer space, I suggest doing so very, very late. Probably play it after the fog machine has malfunctioned to the extent that, in all the haze, club-goers simply cannot find the DJ booth to tell you to turn that shit off and turn on fucking "Round and Round" for the seventh time.

But seriously, I can't wait to hear this whole cassette. New Sects is out now on NNA Tapes -- your copy is but a couple clicks away. If you're super antsy for more tunes, you can stream another (slightly more fucked up) album sample below and then head over to the Aquirre Web Presence Music Section and download a one-off spazz track called "Needs Nothing" for the price of an email address.

Aguirre - Layphi

NNA026: Aguirre "New Sects" [sample] by nnatapes



White Car dude's other other project STREETWALKER is playing a Pendu show tonite at Secret Project Robot with Gatekeeper and Innergaze. Peep the flyer HERE, then stream the whole STREETWALKER tape OOZE, out now on Catholic Tapes.

OOZE by Streetwalker

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Last week Squadda Bambino sent over a couple new Main Attrakionz jams, and since I was without internet a bunch of the time I was in Austin I was unable to post em up for you guys.

Anyone paying attention to these pages knows I've been big into the Green Ova crew, especially as of late. These new ones may or may not come from a new album called Niggas On The Run Eatin (cover art above), which is absurd cos something else I missed with my week off was Mondre's Dope Since 1991. While I have yet to listen to it, I just gotta say these dudes are crazy prolific. I'm talking three full-lengths in the past two months not counting one-off tracks like these two new ones or the collaboration with Babe Rainbow or the alleged full-length Squadda B collaboration with Sea Things due in April.

For now, just relax and bask in the warm glow of these two dangling gems, one a tasteful Southern-leaning ode to the recently departed Nate Dogg and the other a huge Squadda-produced bass rumbler that wouldn't have been out of place on The Shady Bambino Project.

Main Attrakionz - R.I.P. Nate Dogg

Main Attrakionz - On Deck


[EDITOR'S NOTE: This was requested last Wednesday a.k.a. when it was waaay more relevant BUT for real, there was no radio last week and this is a very important request to be made whenever so LET ME RIDE.]

RIP NATE DOGG. I'LL ALWAYS HAVE SIXTEEN IN THE CLIP & ONE IN THE HOLE OF MY METAPHORICAL LIFE GUN. I SMOKE LIKE YOU SMOKE, LIKE EVERYDAY. BUT TODAY, TODAY, THE 213 IS GOING TO REGULATE (on my bong, not on like, hos on the curb or people with real life guns because I mean, I'm tough for a bloggin' ass bitch but that shit does not pull in Compton [I hear]).

Warren G - Regulate Ft. Nate Dogg

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Friday, March 11, 2011


It's Friday and what better way to start the weekend than with the first of THREE videos for songs on Mane Mane's debut full-length Mane2Mane, which is still available from Triple You Tapes in physical cassette tape format.

The video was directed by Matt Weiner a.k.a. Twins [a.k.a. 1/3 of Shur (formerly Shrur) and 1/2 of Featureless Ghost] and features a bunch of old junked-out television clips, often scrambled and cut with so much other stuff it's literally impossible to tell what's happening. However, that's the charm of recycling anything - take something old and/or discarded and/or forgotten and turn it into something new and useful and vibrant. That's exactly what Matt did here, producing a disorienting visual to match an equally disorienting (or, as Richard from Rose Quartz put it, "texture-crammed") jam.

Stay tuned for parts two and three of the Mane Mane video extravaganza.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Peter's House Music "The Mirror Has Two Faces" from All Hands Electric on Vimeo.

Peter Schuette, a.k.a. Peter's House Music, just released a new video for his song "The Mirror Has 2 Faces" from last year's Jump EP on All Hands Electric. The clip is beautifully shot by Brett Milspaw, taking on a day-in-the-life sort of vibe as it follows a couple people around the city including Peter himself (long hair, mustache). He takes some photos, plays with puppies behind glass, gets his portrait sketched and generally is very tall (apparently he's wearing stilts). Really dig the wide shots of the city bustle.

Peter also plays in Silk Flowers, who are currently on tour in California, then a couple dates in Detroit and Canada before heading back to the Northeast. Silk Flowers also made me a killer mix for the Friendship Bracelet Friendship Club series, which was just re-posted on Altered Zones yesterday.

Peter's House Music - The Mirror Has 2 Faces

Silk Flowers - Small Fortune (Peter's House Music Remix)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I woke up this morning, totally hung over, and realized a couple things. First, that I was definitely not working out. Secondly, that I managed to break my full length mirror last night. And lastly, that it is Wednesday & that I hadn't written in my request, mostly because I came home from work early yesterday and proceeded to get started on the endeavor that started this whole mess -- me, wine, and a bottle of Jim Beam without a cap.

Today I am requesting Felt's "Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow."
The lyrics are just really important to me & always seem super relevant.

You're trying to fool somebody, but you end up fooling yourself
You're reading from the Book of the Dead but you don't know what is about
I listened to you now maybe you'll listen to me
You're trying much to hard to make your world seem like a dream
You're stepping out of something
Yeah, you're stepping out of line
Stop making a movie of it
Oh it's just my style
Stop sitting around and thinking
You're gonna do no good
I thought your poetry was sometimes good

How amazing, right?
I know! I could live off this song forever!

Unfortunately, for some reason, I couldn't find the album version I have on YouTube [although it is on my latest mix if you want to hear it (nice, organic plug right?)] so this will have to do. I mean, this is OKAY, but the album version is so much better. It's a deeper tone, much better quality I think personally. The ones on the internet have different lyrics (Reading from a season in hell? Does that even make sense? NO, BUT LIKE OKAY) & have backup singers & strings & shit. The video to this one is pretty dope though, so you know, I guess everything in life is a give & take.

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Woodsman and Tjutjuna, two of Denver's most psychedelic acts, are about to hit the road on a huge Spring tour from the Midwest to the Northeast then back down South and to Texas for the Austin Psych Fest before heading home. To fund this massive excursion and the van they're hoping to rent to carry them all that way, the bands have set up a Kickstarter project. With 13 days to go the project is about 75% funded, but the band still need your help with those last couple hundred bucks. Dig deep into those pockets and help out some really cool dudes - there's a lot of rad stuff in it for you if you pledge including records, tapes, guest list spots and exclusive downloads. If this wasn't enough, Tjutjuna has handed over a download of "Rise/Set" to share with all you potential pledgers out there. The track's a huge nine-minute onslaught of pounding drums and shimmering guitars that quickly bursts into sprawling fits of shredded noise. Check the Kickstarter video, download the "Rise/Set" MP3, get with it and kick a few dollars into these guys' pockets and check em out this April at a town near you.

Tjutjuna - Rise/Set

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sacremento's Raleigh Moncrief recently dropped a new track "Lament For Morning" on his Twitter account from his yet-to-be-releaed debut full-length album Watered Lawn. The new song sounds bit more down-trodden than some of his older, more ecstatic work surrounding hip hop and beat music, this time calling for a span of cold arpeggiated synthesizers before giving way to the beat. I've been following RM since October 2009 when he released his Combed Over Chrome EP, five tracks of heavily psychedelic hip hop jams from the land of E.T. In 2010 he released a couple more EPs, Carpal Tunnels (Instrumentals) and Vitamins, as well as a 2 X 7" split on Life's Blood with Zach Hill, Mason Lindahl and Ellie Fortune. His contribution there, "You and Me, Baby," features some seriously chopped Dirty Projectors-style angellic vocal workouts, which comes as no surprise after learning RM worked on the DP's critically acclaimed Bitte Orca LP. Unfortunately, there's neither a release date for Watered Lawn nor a label for it to call home at this time, but note that the dude just finished producing the new Ganglians record so hopefully that turns some more heads towards his solo work.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Leaving Records founder Matthewdavid's International EP is out today on Flying Lotus's Brainfeeder label. The four-track EP's title track features a guest spot from past MD collaborator Dogbite as well as video treatment by Miko Revereza, who's been hot on the fucked up VHS vimeo clips as of late [Mane Mane "Skin Fox" (yuk. remx) + Delofi "Med Scene #3/In Search of the Fantastic"]. "International" is yet another of MD's completely warped takes on L.A. beat music (see "Truss," "Trivial Pursuit," "Desert Moon"), huge bubbles snapping thick and fat above the surface before rejoining with the dense collage of field-recorded muck below.

International precedes MD's debut full-length record Outmind, which will see release in mid-April and features collaborations with Dogbite, Flying Lotus and Niki Randa of Blank Blue.

Matthewdavid - International (feat. Dogbite) from BRAINFEEDER on Vimeo.

Matthewdavid - International (ft. Dogbite)




SO apparently this song "What You Need" by Toronto's The Weekend has been around for months but I just heard it for the first time less than a week ago, which is pretty much unfair.

Two other things that are unfair:

1. The Weekend now joins Weekend and Weekends to form a supreme trifecta of confusion among blogged about musical artists.

2. The new song released by these dudes/this dude, "Wicked Game," is a SERIOUS step in the wrong direction.

However, since there's still only four The Weekend tracks out there, that means at least 25% of their material is mind-blowing. "What You Need" gets its praise from some super slow motion R&B shit, complete with yearning male vocals on some time-tested Ready For The World "forget about your boyfriend, I'm the one you're really interested in" tip. The other two songs out there, "Loft Music" and "The Morning," are solid, the former a sugary invitation to take your clothes off over this futuristic R&B/slightly juked hybrid while the latter is in complete screwed Drake mode via his So Far Gone mixtape's ode to Houston. Speaking of Drake, his blog is where The Weekend first started popping up (Toronto connect) and apparently Drake producer Noah "40" Shebib is getting involved.

However, I can't get behind "Wicked Game." One criticism I've heard (from this guy) is that it's too straight forward. Personally, I just find it boring as hell. This does not sound like the future of R&B, this sounds like a low-grade take on current R&B. What drew me to The Weekend was how forward-thinking "What You Need" is production-wise while upholding the strong lyrical values of R&B: glandular interest, alcohol consumption, then wildly romantic sex. Hopefully The Weekend find their sound because we don't need another Trey Songz (who himself is essentially vying for R. Kelly 2 status), but we could use a new hybrid R&B monster like Frank Ocean, for example. Or, if they play their cards right, The Weekend.

The Weeknd - What You Need by The_Weeknd

The Weeknd - Wicked Games by The_Weeknd

Friday, March 4, 2011


Vincent Caylet a.k.a. Cankun drops a nice little blob of Summer onto the past few cold and windy February/March nites. We are warmed by his brand of psychedelic island music, ethereal layers of looped guitars and percussion, like "Beach Point Pleasant" Ducktails mixed with pre-Suburban Tours Rangers. According to Jheri, dude's big into "collages, 60's urban architecture, coral sand beaches and piña coladas." He's also in the currently-on-hiatus band Archers By the Sea, who I had honestly never heard before his solo stuff popped up.

Cankun has a cassette out this Spring on Not Not Fun (via AZ) and so far has revealed three recorded pieces to the world - "Striking Bicycles" (download at AZ), "Coral Sands" (streaming below) and an excerpt from "Jaguar Dance" which received the mirrored video treatment below by Jónó Mí Ló a.k.a. Daytime Television.

Cankun - Jaguar Dance (Excerpt) from Jónó Mí Ló on Vimeo.

Striking bicycles by cankun

Coral sands by cankun

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Clams Casino dropped an "instrumental mixtape" yesterday (via), highlighting some tracks he's produced in the past for rappers like Lil B, Soulja Boy and Main Attrakionz dude Squadda B. Clams Casino must be most well known for his production of Lil B's "I'm God," but there's a lot of promising stuff here.

Recently, Clams produced a couple tracks on Squadda B's I Smoke Because I Don't Care About Death mixtape, "Fakest Year Ever" and the first third of "Kissin On My Syrup." This was when I first started taking notice. Yeah, like a month ago. Yeah, I know - "I'm God" is from 2009. But you don't always hear a producers name (unless your watermark is mad apparent like Lex Luger's), and that's one little detail I've been digging about the Green Ova crew and the Odd Future crew. They're super forthright with which one of their guys produced the track. They want everyone to get the credit they deserve. You open that file in your iTunes and all the information is laid out in front of you in the track name section. I feel that.

Anyway. I don't think I've heard any of these mixtape tracks with the vocals over them at all, which is kind of nice cos trying to imagine vocals here is tough. The arrangements are so nice and pristine, its hard to imagine what Lil B's mouth would do here. The air is void of "swag" and void of "woo" and void of threats to "fuck your bitch." These are melancholic times for up and coming rap producers, apparently. Lucky for Clams, he's got a nice little niche of slightly-darker flows to handle.

Check out a couple sample instrumentals (including one track that's in the Sendspace download that is completely unnamed but bangs louder than any of the other tracks) then download the whole mixtape.

Clams Casino - Motivation (Lil B)

Clams Casino - I'm Official (Squadda B)

Clams Casino - Brainwash By London (The Jealous Guys)

Clams Casino - Untitled


Today I am requesting a little jammer called "Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)" by Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz, solely because for the last week my household has been going on YouTube tours of 90's hiphop. 1997 was a great year. Every time I think about hiphop from '97, I'm always like, "YO GOD, WHEN WILL I HAVE MY '97??? WHERE'S MY CRISTAL??? WHERE'S MY LEATHER JACKET??? WHERE'S MY BABES IN CROP TOPS???"

Then I remember I don't believe in God
but I do own crop tops.

I also really like two things about this video, in particular. I mean, I love it all because I love 90's music videos but I particularly love the crazy camera shots -- I don't even know what they're called, but it's like the shot where they're 360'in around the bros & you're like damn, where is the camera equipment! I also really enjoy the DJ's elbow moves around 1:53. He seems like a chill dude. The blimp was also a nice touch.

Marissa A. Ross is a Los Angeles based blogger who enjoys music, potato salad and jerking off all day because she works from home. Check out her personal blog, Tangents & The Times, and follow her on Twitter @MarissaARoss.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


For one, that's the best idea for a nails-did graphic I've ever seen.

For two, this "Amnesia" jam by Supreme Cuts is killer. We've got a six-minute piece of what they call "Future RnB," which must be a sped up R&B we're accustomed to with vocal cuts straight out of some Gold Panda track, then extended on a rolling loud-soft dynamic til ripening. There's some quality that comes off more bent and warped and fucked up, which reminds me of a futuristic Mane Mane. In this future everything can sound warped without sounding warbled, everything can sound bent without ever sounding unclean. Present-day ravers will age into the future's amnesiacs and this song will soundtrack their descent.

As of now, I know nothing about Supreme Cuts except that they're from Chicago. However, since they're the purveyors of this track, I'm about to try and find out more.

Amnesia by Supreme Cuts