Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Woodsman and Tjutjuna, two of Denver's most psychedelic acts, are about to hit the road on a huge Spring tour from the Midwest to the Northeast then back down South and to Texas for the Austin Psych Fest before heading home. To fund this massive excursion and the van they're hoping to rent to carry them all that way, the bands have set up a Kickstarter project. With 13 days to go the project is about 75% funded, but the band still need your help with those last couple hundred bucks. Dig deep into those pockets and help out some really cool dudes - there's a lot of rad stuff in it for you if you pledge including records, tapes, guest list spots and exclusive downloads. If this wasn't enough, Tjutjuna has handed over a download of "Rise/Set" to share with all you potential pledgers out there. The track's a huge nine-minute onslaught of pounding drums and shimmering guitars that quickly bursts into sprawling fits of shredded noise. Check the Kickstarter video, download the "Rise/Set" MP3, get with it and kick a few dollars into these guys' pockets and check em out this April at a town near you.

Tjutjuna - Rise/Set

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