Friday, July 31, 2009


Not necessarily sure how long this has been available, but you can download Phaseone's whole new album Thanks But No Thanks for FREE from Lefse. And yes, there's a song called "Tim Gun." Previously dug on his remixed of Panda Bear's "I'm Not" and Animal Collective's "Daily Routine," which he turned into killer radio-ready jams (remixes via GvB).

This accompanies the constant rain pretty well. Deep and dark and cavernous, a cave so wet the ceiling dripps hard like clouds. But it's not dark. There's clubby flashing strobes too.

Phaseone - Thanks But No Thanks



Lefse is putting out A Grave With No Name's self-titled full-length.


(flyer by George Myers)

Tonight at The Elevens in Northampton:





9PM >>> $5

P.S. Download a little six-track Eats Tapes EP HERE.


Got Truman Peyote's new album Light Lightning in the station last week. Been listening to it since n playing it on the radio. Deep beat, tape loop zoners from the Whitehaus Family. Pick up two tracks over at Rose Quartz then check the two tracks below then BUY Light Lightning.

Truman Peyote - Fishscraps

Truman Peyote - Firetime = Snowday



(via dublab)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

She Make Me Beg For It Til She Give It Up

You wake up early and it sucks

You go to work and it sucks

You catch some lunch and it sucks

You go to work again and it sucks

You catch some dinner and it sucks

All you can find is shitty weed, and it sucks

And all you can afford is shitty beer

But that's okay

And actually shitty weed is okay

Now all you wanna do is ride around shining

And the sun sets

And this is the soundtrack

DJ Salinger's Mid-Summer Micro-Mix

1. Wu-Tang Clan - Kill Too Hard
2. Clipse ft. Kanye West - Kinda Like A Big Deal
3. Drake ft. Swizz Beats - Best I Ever Had (Ted Smooth RMX)
4. Madvillain - Sickfit
5. Charles Hamilton - Neverland
6. Ghostface ft. Raheem Devaghn - Baby
7. Fabolous ft. Drake - Throw It In The Bag Remix



Also Emmanuel from Delicious Scopitone decided to hook me up with this simple yet very handsome banner up top as well as some fancy HTMLing. Thanks a lot for the new duds and the flood of rad tunes.

Speaking of which, dig on Many Mansions HERE then download their entire album Return to Source for free.

Many Mansions - Return to Source

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Don't even try and tell me Joe ain't listenin over on dat west coast. I mean, the three hour difference means he can catch Auditory Magik at 7PM RIGHT before his Dodgers take on the Cards while he's fillin out dat line-up card. Good luck, mister.

You can make like Torre and listen, just click HERE.

Tons of new music from the likes of Atlas Sound, Ducktails, Truman Peyote, Lovvers, Big Troubles and tons more. Check the playlist while the show's runnin and call us up (413)545-3691 and make a request, give big ups or just talk.


"Golau Glau" are two of our favourite words that go well together. The noises in our heads keep leaking out.
- Golau Glau

I know nothing else.

Golau Glau - Summer Games

Golau Glau - Snap


Big Troubles is on that fuzzed scuzz Jersey tip, bout to jump right off and into your lap. I featured their track "Drastic and Difficult" on the Friendship Bracelet Club compilation and here they get retro with some hazy waves of Motown static on "Grey Dayz," the warmest breeze through some Jersey backyard. They begin to pummel on "Opposites," somewhere between Ride's gauze, APTBS's propulsion and a poppier zone like the Cranberries or something equally as melodic.

Big Troubles
is in the process of working out details on an upcoming release but until then get real and check the tracks here, slightly higher quality mixes of a couple tracks he sent over a bit ago.

Big Troubles - Grey Dayz

Big Troubles - Opposites



A couple little blerbs:


The Gang Gang Dance/Hex Message/Rabbit Rabbit show this Sunday in Northampton has been moved from the Pearl Street clubroom to the Iron Horse Music Hall.






Real cool 15-minute sound collage over at Leaving Records. Tiff Mich grabbed the sounds, Leaving got their edit on and THIS is what happened.



All this Alex Bleeker shit is killin me softly. Listen HERE and HERE (via Stereogum and MBV respectively).



Chum Onah, the BUTTERxFACE-curated Michael Jackson tribute album is set, just gotta wait a few days for business.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Dangur played at The Room at Rebel Sound Records the other day and ripped. I heard singer Pete put a couple holes in the wall. Anyway they're a bunch of cool dudes and I exchanged some words with bassist Nick about the band and their imminent mini-tour and the foreseeable future.

Friendship Bracelet: So you’re all from Holyoke and I’ve seen you play at UMass D.I.Y. shows a few times and it’s always rad. Whats’ the scuzzy metal/punk scene like in Holyoke if there is one at all?

Nick: In Holyoke all of our group of friends make/record music all of the time. We’re jam fiends. There’s not much of a scene specifically in Holyoke, but I guess you could say that about a good portion of areas of Western Mass. Bands that end up playing shows with each other on a regular basis usually are pretty dispersed.

FB: When did you four get together and start Dangur? How’d you all meet up? Where does the name “Dangur” come from?

Nick: Dangur started in 2005 while I was playing bass in a hardcore band called The Blackbelt Club with Pete (singer of Dangur) on drums. Me, Andrew (drums) and Pete all went to Holyoke High and formed friendships through seeing each other at school and punk shows at the Flywheel mainly. We’ve all become super close. Before Dangur, during Blackbelt Club, I was also playing bass in a band called Ricin with Keenan (guitar player in Dangur). That band was starting to break up and Keenan and I had been jamming together since middle school and he’s quite the talent so we really wanted to start another band together so we did and that was Dangur. I asked Andrew and Pete and they agreed.

FB: Where does the name “Dangur” come from?

Nick: The name Dangur doesn’t mean anything at all. It’s a horrible name, and yes there is a story behind it, but a lame one. That’s what we went with. It was at first The FVK (Fearless Vampire Killers), but we soon found out that was taken.

FB: What’s your guys’ favorite records that helped to inform Dangur’s sound?

Nick: Well it’s funny… We started out as a hardcore band wanting to sound like local legends Sick And Tired and we were heavily into the Bad Brains. But all four of us heard Annihilation Time II one fine day and I'd say that album definitively changed the course of our band, if it weren’t already obvious to anyone. We wanted TO BE Annihilation Time II. Deep Purple’s In Rock, Black Flag’s My War, Boris’s Pink and Dinosaur Jr.’s Your Living All Over Me are all records that all four of us draw alot of influence from in this band. I liked that question.


Probably even more important than the few albums I mentioned are Black Sabbath's Paranoid and Master of Reality. I cannot believe I missed that.

FB: How’d you guys hook up with Former Thieves for the week of shows youre playing? Have you ever gone out and toured before?

Nick: Two Summers ago I tagged along with my best friend Dan Kozuch’s hardcore band Casket on their first tour. They hooked up with these dudes from Iowa called Despiration. Great guys, great band. We all partied and became friends over the course of the tour. I recently found out that 2 of the kids from Despiration had formed a new band called Former Thieves and got wind of them coming around here this summer for a tour. So I called em up and we started helping each other book shows for us for the week, and between both bands it’s come together pretty smoothly. We’re super psyched it’s our very first tour! We’ve only played outside of Western Mass in Albany, NY and parts of Connecticut so this is going to be awesome for us.

FB: Releasing anything else this Summer/Fall? What are your plans for the Fall school semester? More shows? More 7″s?

Nick: I’ve been discussing putting out another 7″ with Dan Barker from Shock To The System records about putting out another release. He’s psyched to do another album so sometime this Winter or Spring you may see another 7″. We’re calling it Cosmic Garage. It will most likely be a 4-song record. We’ve also been talking to Nick Chechile from the band Overman, who has a doom, solo project called Sunless. We’ve been discussing possibly recording and producing our own split to be put out on vinyl. That may take some time, but it’s something we definitely want to pursue. This semester I’ll be booking more shows with D.I.Y. UMass and inevitably Dangur will find its way onto a bill or two. We’re pumped on life.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Matt Mondanile is: The Constant Groove. MBV put up "Wishes" today from Landscapes, a new Ducktails LP out August 3 on Olde English Spelling Bee. OESB is also releasing Julian Lynch's album Orange You Glad, I believe on the same day. Grab "Wishes" HERE, another track "Roses" HERE and peep this slightly older video for "Landrunner," also on Landscapes.

Also MBV is feeling pangs of friendship.


Lovvers' OCD Go Go Girls/Flowers 7" drops August 3 on Wichita Recordings. Dudes got the punk jangle n buzz down pat and Nathan over at Weekly Tape Deck threw the tracks up for download and stream (plus "Wasted Youth" from THINK) which you can bang head to HERE.

For One Quick Instant//

For a very small window of time you could have streamed "Will You Be There," which must be Family Portrait's contribution to BUTTERxFACE's Chum Onah Michael Jackson Tribute album, on their Myspace.

I awoke this morning to find it gone, which is a shame because it was truly rad and curvacious in all the right places, but you can check another track "Super Cool" on there currently. The track accompanies Summer blockbuster "Mega Secrets" on their upcoming first release, a 7" Underwater Peoples split with Andrew Cedermark.


Rose Quartz likes the comp too, but more importantly they put up a couple other Fluffy Lumbers tracks, "Cruisers" and "Shore Patrol" (the song about an episode of COPS). Get on over and download/stream those tracks to your heart's content. They've had a 7" in the works for a bit, which will be released soon on Weird Hug Records.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

New New Yoga

New Yoga put up three new songs on Myspace. I like "Dogs Only" and "Boys Club."

Money For Nothing

Tom from Shahs sent me his hand-numbered (only 50 copies) and splattered (like rusty blood) Divine Interest CDR EP of demos the other day. The six tracks were "crudely recorded" and will be re-written and re-recorded for Shahs' full-length Dry Heat, Valley Low, out sometime next year.

If you missed out on this CDR, there's always the upcoming GUTS CDR EP being released this Fall.

Divine Interest features "Handreader," one of my favorite jams of the Summer, as well as "Money For Nothing," a similarly chunky and warbled piece of soulful, dirty pop. Take a listen below and don't sleep on "Handreader".

Shahs - Money For Nothing



Chocolate Bobka likes the comp and might think my name is Jeff.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Today I got a fortune cookie that read:

"It's important to you that money not be important."
Lucky Numbers: 12, 20, 25, 27, 48, 17

So here is some free music, the first Friendship Bracelet Club compilation. I'm very happy to be the medium through which these musicians' music is shared. Nearly all of these musics are exclusive tracks directly from the artists (except tracks 6, 7 and 10, which appear/will appear on other albums) and I used my own photos for the "cover art." Thanks to everyone for submitting songs, donating songs when asked and generally being rad dudes. Thanks to Barry and Marjorie for technical prowess.


1. Dem Hunger - Bathtub Birth
2. Julian Lynch - Waiting Music
3. Big Troubles - Drastic and Difficult
4. Shahs - Ben Brockway
5. Sad City - Pulsars [Bottom Layer]
6. Norse Horse - Needle Beach
7. Paralyze Humanity Sequence - Hammock
8. Family Portrait - Babyskins
9. Fluffy Lumbers - Live Ones
10. Phil and the Osophers - We Have All Summer
11. Wonder Wheel - Boston
12. Bad Autopsy - Formal Invite
13. LA - Melodie's In Her Room
14. Jeans Wilder - Something In The Way (Nirvana cover)
15. Kitchen's Floor - Kitchen's Floor
16. Dem Hunger - Holly Shit

Free .zip Download - Friendship Bracelet Club


Track 10 should work now.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pill Wonder

I'm not sure about the rest of the country, but it's been rain forest status up in Western Massachusetts. This would be fine and all if it were just steamier. All the moisture makes me crave jungle fronds and chirping bird-sized insects but all's Pittsfield can muster is catbirds and pine.

These are respectable in their own right, but Pill Wonder a.k.a. Will Murder has been putting me through hell wishin for warmer days. You may recall his couple tracks on Underwater Peoples' Summer Showcase, namely the exuberant "Wishing Whale." He's from Seattle and will be making a trip east to play some shows in Brooklyn, including the Underwater Peoples Showcase at the Market Hotel August 22 (which I would recommend not missing). Will sent me a few tracks last night and I've been eatin em up by the handful.

And now you can dig in as well:

Pill Wonder - What We Know

Pill Wonder - Foggg Eater

Pill Wonder - Gone To The Market

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Audi Magi

Tune in to the radio this evening from 8-10PM EST ( to hear new music from Truman Peyote, The Parasails, Mayer Hawthorne, Fungi Girls, Pill Wonder and many more.

ALSO call us up while we're on the air and snatch up a PAIR OF TICKETS TO SEE GANG GANG DANCE AUGUST 2 AT THE PEARL STREET CLUBROOM with openers Hex Diagram and Rabbit Rabbit. The number is (413)545-3691 so call anytime. Tickets go to first caller.


Thanks for the multiple callers and congrats to Chris Boyle for winning those tickets.

Echo Expansion

"In September 2007 dublab launched the Echo Expansion tour. For two weeks the tour traveled through Europe sharing future roots music with excited ears. To commemorate this experience an extremely limited edition twelve inch featuring new songs from eight of the artists on tour was released; including tracks by Flying Lotus, Dntel and Blank Blue. This vinyl only release sold out in a flash, so after returning home it was decided to continue expanding. Eight new tunes have been added from artists who embarked on the Echo Expansion tour or supported it from the home front and now Porter Records is releasing the compilation on limited edition CD and LP. Put this album on and experience a vibrant music collective expanding through echoes." - dublab

We recently got a promo copy of this in at the station (Porter Records) and it's very good - 16 tracks from the dublab faithful. I recommend the Flying Lotus, Ras G, Adventure Time, Daedalus, Dimlite, matthewdavid and really most everything else. Pre-order your copy at a whole bunch of sites - choose which distributor HERE.


Download/stream a track from the comp, Hashim B's "Tokyo to LA Steez," HERE (via NPIP).

New Teengirl Fantasy

Champagne Mango season might be over, but that doesn't mean the Summer's quit just yet. There's still enough peaches, white peaches, nectarines, cherries, watermelon, orange flesh and honeydew to drip your way to September.

Pukekos posted Teengirl Fantasy's new Hollywood Hils/Love Dont Live Here 12" yesterday, along with two "Hollywood Hils" remixes, the Mark Brown Jungle Dub and the Mark Brown Hollywood Chills Jungle Dub. Hopefully this is the reanimation of rad stuff poppin up at Pukekos after a couple week's hiatus.

Teengirl Fantasy - Hollywood Hils/Love Don't Live Here 12"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Screaming Females were basically what I expected Sunday night: blistering guitar work, bellowed/bored vocals and tight rhythm section. Very short set, but was simply following suit after Gimlet Slip's and Werewolves of Pittsfield's similarly short bursts.


Another show at 145 South Street in Northampton this Wednesday, July 22 featuring Extreme Animals, Fyoelk, Horse Spirit Penetrates and more.

After sampling all three acts mentioned I believe I'm real excited for Fyoelk (pictured above). I've only heard what's on the Myspace page but I dig already - stuttering blips and groans from the Netherlands. Dude is also in Golden Mold, who will be playing at The Elevens with Eats Tapes + Eric Hnatow July 31.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mickey Mouse

This is fairly silly.


One of my favorite albums last year was Gang Gang Dance's space-trip of a record Saint Dymphna (The Social Registry), bursting at the seams with warbled yelps, metallic sheen and enough sneaky grooves and big beats to freak out squares.

GGD will perform at the Pearl Street clubroom (chance of being moved to the Iron Horse) with their opener Hex Diagram as well as Rabbit Rabbit (who were great opening for Ponytail last April).

The Iron Horse Entertainment Group is hitting me up with a pair of tickets to give away on air this Wednesday, July 22 from 8-10PM EST and the following Wednesday, July 29, at the same time. I'll be announcing the tickets all the time on the air and giving them to the first caller, so dial (413)545-3691 to snatch up a free pair and listen to WMUA on 91.1FM locally or stream from anywhere else.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Screaming Sunday

Excited for Screaming Females (+ The Test Tube Casanova Brigade + Werewolves of Pittsfield + Gimlet Slip + The Slaughterhouse Chorus) tonight at The Room at Rebel Sound Records. Show is all ages and starts at 7PM. If you missed it before, I did an interview with them a week or two ago HERE.



Delicious Scopitone put up two Dunes songs for download/stream. I was amped over "Closing In" so click HERE to get that song + one more.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


1. This week's radio show marked the first time DJ Salinger and myself have completed a full two hours of programming on WMUA with 100% new (past month or two) music. Fine is 2009.

2. The first official Friendship Bracelet Club compilation is nearing completion. There is an official day and a half remaining for submissions with a possible day or two lag time where submissions will be accepted. I expect the whole deal to be ready sometime this week so keep checking back.

Confirmed tracks by: Julian Lynch, Family Portrait, Jeans Wilder, Dem Hunger, Fluffy Lumbers, Sad City, Wonder Wheel and more

(EDIT: Shahs too)

Friday, July 17, 2009


GvB calls it "one of the songs of the year" and while I know there's almost half a 2009 left, Bradford Cox/Atlas Sound teams with Noah Lennox/Panda Bear on "Walkabout" (not "Walkabout"), a glistening ball of Dovers-sampling pop sunshine to jump yer bones. What a combo. Panda Bear's vocal melody in the verses reminds me of something very familiar, like something Julian Casablancas would do, but I can't put my finger on it. Download/stream the track HERE (via GvB via The Fader).


Babatunde Olatunji's 1959 record Drums of Passion was recently re-released by Sony in this year, the album's 50th anniversary. I picked this record up with no previous knowledge of it a year or two ago at Mystery Train Records for $5.50 and was pleasantly surprised.

Out of hand drum compositions - I'm talking strictly percussion and voice. The first track "Akiwowo" is a successful recreation of the rhythmic beat of a steam train. The title track "Jin-Go-Lo-Ba" ("Drums of Passion") is described by the record sleeve as "what may be a symphonic drum drama. Each drum speaks a part." It must also be noted that this is apparently the first recording of Western African drumming + chanting made in the U.S. Peep a fleshed-out review of the music and the reissue and five streaming tracks here (via p4k).

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Slimes. Stares. Neons. Membrane Folds. Galaxies. Computers predicting unreal futures. Gyrations. Pulses. Artificial Nirvanas.

These are portions from Boston dudes New Yoga's Dark Bong, a new-agey sound + video collage by Jeffery Joyal and Carlos Laszlo. Check out the whole lineup of Youtube videos HERE, cram some more drippy, golden sound into your ear over at Myspace and if ya dig, download "Gold Trip" HERE.

(via Rose Quartz)

And somehow it makes way too much sense that I was just enlightened about this.


Peeped this video from Kitchen's Floor on Rose Quartz:

Kitchen's Floor is Matt Kennedy, Julia Norris and Glen Schenau from Brisbane, Australia. Their debut LP Loneliness Is a Dirty Mattress is out next month on R.I.P Society Records. From what I've heard its a buzzing haze of pounding, sharp-angled guitar phrases and zoned out voices, with a Vaselines bounce on "Back Home" and more of a desolate Sonic Youth glaze on "Left." See for yourself:

Kitchen's Floor - Back Home

Kitchen's Floor - Left

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Auditory Audio

In a matter of minutes hear the songs on the radio you oughta on WMUA 91.1FM OR STREAM DAT from I'll be playing new music from Sun Araw, Julian Lynch, Truman Peyote, Shahs, Big Troubles, Kitchen's Floor, Universal Studios Florida and many many more so tune in hard.


Ponytail played Northampton for the second time in less than three months last night opening for Yeasayer, this time at Pearl Street's clubroom. They totally tore it up, playing a fairly similar set as the one they played in April, hitting key tracks from Kamehameha and Ice Cream Spiritual as well as the new song they also played last time, which still doesn't have a name but is killer. Yeasayer was alright, fairly soft and underwhelming. Unsurprisingly, best song was probably "Wait For the Summer."


If yer still in a Ponytail mood but have no more Ponytail to listen to, check out Ponytail guitarman Dustin Wong's solo stuff. He recently released a solo album of recordings from 2002-07 on Wildfire Wildfire. Download/stream the track "Spring/Summer" HERE, over at fellow WMUA deejay and general buddy Alex's new(ish) blog Strange Light.

Surfing With Dinosaurs

"Calling all families with kids! Don't miss Terry A La Berry playing LIVE at 3rd.Thursdays Palace Park Beach with two tons of sand, a real live lifeguard and the mysterious Silver Swimmers! All FREE. Be there Thursday, July 16, 5-8pm in downtown Pittsfield. And oh, so much more..." - via Cultural Pittsfield's Facebook

Can't believe this guy.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Cool news from Shahs - their new CDR Divine Interest will be available starting this Wednesday July 15. It'll cost $5 at shows and $6 otherwise. The CDR precedes an upcoming Shahs LP next year. If you haven't heard, check out one of my favorite songs of the summer, "Handreader," over at Rose Quartz.