Thursday, July 28, 2011


So the homie howse turned me on to Vinh Ngan, a dude he knows through Ben Keating a.k.a. Palmistry who he knew from school who now lives in London (yeah, I was confused too). howse remixed Ngan's "Po" as Rain Mayne, which is available for free download on Soundcloud. The track pits Ngan's deadpan vocal against the Mayne's ominous metallic gun-clicking and bass rumble. Aside from that tune there's just one more, "Sun Hing J," a quieter and more restrained piece that's just as creepy, complete with autotuned words spoken in a language I do not understand. Hoping for more to come...

Po (Rain Mayne Mix) by Vinh Ngan

Sun Hing J by Vinh Ngan


Psyched on Yoga Records' re-release of long-lost Bobb Trimble output under the name The Crippled Dog Band whose 500 original copies were allegedly trashed in an office park dumpster. I can't say I'm terribly well versed in fellow Bay Stater Trimble (yes, the official demonyn for Massachusetts is "Bay Stater"), but a couple albums' worth of his haunting takes on psychedelic rock and folk were re-released by Secretly Canadian a few years ago after like two decades of him gaining a "cult" following. This new record of Crippled Dog Band material is just as psychedelic but more pop oriented, more heavy and more succinct according to a couple live videos of the band performing in Massachusetts in 1983. Yoga has now released "Live Wire," a killer track from the album that is so fun it shows through that the band members were 15 years old on average. Talkin' bout a searing slice of rock and roll with a shout-along chorus and samples of trains. Grab the MP3 and check those videos below, then buy the album from Yoga in a slew of formats -- vinyl record, cassette tape, compact disc AND digital download.

Bobb Trimble & The Crippled Dog Band - Live Wire

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Coyote Clean Up cools off the sweltering Summer sex-slap of LA Vampires Goes Ital's "Streetwise" with his Poor Lil' Rich Dub, freezing time by stretching it out in a melted mind repetition way. Check the remix (which you can't embed for some reason) then download the original below then watch the video again then stream the whole thing then buy the record from Not Not Fun.

LA Vampires Goes Ital - Streetwise

LA Vampires Goes Ital - Streetwise from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

LA Vampires Goes Ital: Streetwise by alteredzones


I've been playing 40 minutes or so of music every Wednesday nite from 10PM-Midnite on WMUA with my buds Mange Blight a.k.a. DJ Double Dads a.k.a. Alex "Zimbabwe" Hornbeck and Gnarfield. Download/stream my set from a few weeks ago then make sure to tune in tomorrow nite at 10PM for the show, streaming from -- I'm on around 11:20.


Lamburg Tony - Vaertshussport
Death Grips - Guillotine
Eric Copeland - Krankendudel
Diamond Catalog - Valveneration
Forma - 237
Cupp Cave - Thoughtograph
Holy Other - Touch (Matthewdavid Remix)
Hype Williams - Warlord II (Odyssey)
Aguirre - Layphi
Edibles - Mind Fry

Monday, July 25, 2011


I know, I KNOW. I said Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 5 would be available for preorder for TWO WEEKS ONLY before I took down the links. HOWEVER in that time some crazy things have happened and a couple things have changed.

As many of you know, there was a recent burglarizing and ransacking and general invasion plus destruction of amazing Ridgewood, Queens do-it-yourself live music venue The Silent Barn. In my time living in Brooklyn this was probably my favorite place to see music, hang out with cats, check the comics library, see bands play in front of a kitchen sink, conversate in the dark basement, chug down huge outside beers and be with friends. I've probably been there about a dozen times but after my first trip it was evident how special the space was and how much history and future it had. For these reasons, I really felt compelled to make a contribution to Silent Barn's Kickstarter campaign to get the space and all its residents back on their feet.

Unfortunately I have very little money so I can't give from my pocket, but what I can and will do is keep the FBC5 preorder open for JUST ONE MORE WEEK with 50% of all gross revenue from this week going to The Silent Barn (a.k.a. if you buy a tape for $5, I will donate $2.50 to the Silent Barn Kickstarter). If you were thinking about it before and let your chance pass you by, please do reconsider and help out a fantastic live music space while treating yourself to a tape of killer new tunes. Stream the comp from bandcamp (embedded below) then download the comp FOR FREE then check the different giving levels and make a contribution not only to the production of the FBC5 physical product but to The Silent Barn as well. Thanks!


1. Tape Only -- $5.00
(pre-order for the pro-dubbed cassette, will ship within one month) *Unlimited*
2. Tape + Poster -- $6.66 *Limited 20*
(cassette + large glossy professional print of above cover art -- image by Gnarfield)
3. Tape + Personalized Mix CD -- $7.00 *Limited 20*
(cassette + one of a kind mix CD for you made by me with handsome handmade packaging)
4. Tape + Photos -- $8.08 *Very Limited*
(cassette + set of 5 unpublished disposable camera film photos from the past Fall + Winter)
5. Tape + T-Shirt -- $14.92 *Limited 8*
(Gnarfield-designed "I Bleed Weed" t-shirt printed by Radical Fortress, see image below)
(One of Everything -- Tape + Mix CD + Poster + Photos + T-Shirt)
7. For bulk orders or to choose your own combo, email iprnelson at

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I first got down to business listening to Dynooo after one Dem Hunger let me know he had remixed Dynooo's track "Boothbay" from the ridiculously named free bandcamp download album I Feel Like Playing Sim City Straight From The Floppy And Run A Tornado All Over My Perfectly Functioning Town After I Put The Fire Department Way Too Far So They Wont Be Able To Help My Sim City People‏. Fastforward a few weeks and the Belgian producer's new Surf Kill record Vvideo Hair is available for bandcamp stream and €7 download with vinyl due in mid August. The new record is a huge step forward for Dynooo, turning the strewn about 25-to-75-second bits and pieces of grooved out electronics on Sim City into full-fledged jams. The new record is way more dance-oriented, showing off his affinity for bangers on pounding opener "Tropical Thighs." Dude gets a bit darker on "Northwest Noir" before diving into raver territory with "Huge Apple," which he offers for free download. Fellow Belgian Cupp Cave makes an appearance this time around, jacking up the perspiration factor with his remix of "Espirit Sweat." Might I also mention this dude's knack for song titles. From "Bj Hair" to "Girl Abs" dude straight kills it.

Dynooo - Huge Apple


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Last nite I glimpsed a link to No Pain In Pop's Soundcloud where a C Powers remix of Forest Swords' "Trust Your Blood" was staring at me from the top of the page. This is good news for FBUS cos aside from being straight up obsessed with Mr. Powers' tunes for quite some time now, C Powers remixes always hit the spot. The original comes from Forest Swords' Fjree Feather EP, which was recently re-released by NPIP on still-available 12" white vinyl with all money raised going towards tsunami relief in Japan (which would have been a lot more attractive before WWC2011 just saying). Here's a brief history of all of the C Powers remixes I've ever heard in original artist's name alphabetical order:

Ariel Pink - Round And Round (C Powers Remix)

Bathcrones - Damselfly (C Powers Remix)

D/R/U/G/S - Love/Lust (C Powers Remix)

Forest Swords - Trust Your Blood (C Powers Remix)

How To Dress Well - Take It (C Powers Remix)

Twins - What's Wrong With Me (C Powers Remix):

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Fact Magazine posted a preview of the new one-sided Lone single on Wigflex. It is called "All Those Weird Things" and the 76 second clip offered up by the label sounds sick, some warped-up psychedelic techno to get you rolling without any pills at all.

Lone "All those weird things" (clip) by Wigflex

This was the first time I heard of Nottingham label Wigflex. The Lone single will be their fifth release, following last year's HZA EP by Hizatron a.k.a. Joshua Harvey, also from Nottingham. The entire EP is streaming from Soundcloud and I'm really digging it in the same way as I dig the newer Lone material -- psychedelic and relentless pulsed out techno that hits me in a weird way cos I'm not too well-versed in techno in general but I know I like this. Anyway, here's my favorite track from that EP followed by one newer beat from his Soundcloud.

Hizatron "Klondyke" by Wigflex

Oblong by Hizatron

Monday, July 18, 2011


Reunited from Leaving Records on Vimeo.

On July 26 Leaving Records will release SWEDISH FISH, a split cassette of ambient music from Odd Nosdam (co-founder Anticon Records) and LR guru Matthewdavid. Most of the A-side is "Swedish Tapes," a live recording of Odd Nosdam opening for Fennesz at San Francisco's Swedish-American Hall. The B-side is Matthewdavid's, featuring four extended droners including "Reunited," a wispy piece of mulched tape which has received Miko Revereza's psychedelic analog visual treatment. This time Revereza pairs the sounds with a rotating wheel of rainbow colors that'll make you start seeing things if you stare long enough. As with most all of Revereza's work we see him manipulating raw film, but this time he chose to forge the edit in real time along with the music, bringing the audio and the visual closer in a couple ways. For one, according to Revereza, Matthewdavid edits some of his dronier material in real time, analogous to how the visuals were created. Miko goes a step further, likening the open-ended nature of his abstract video feedback to ambient music in general. "Just like ambient music [the video] is not the kind of thing to make one feel happy or sad or to give an opinion," which allows viewers "to experience the film as an individual." Grab a tape next week from Leaving Records. In the meantime check a download of "Reunited" below.

Matthewdavid - Reunited

Friday, July 15, 2011


The Main Attrakionz crew will continue their 2011 collections of songs per month release streak in August with 808s & Dark Grapes II, presented by Мишка (you know, that clothes-smith with the eyeball). A couple weeks back we were treated to a stream of the album's first single, "Vegetables," premiered by The Fader. The Noa Boa produced cut makes use of some goofy samples of a woman saying "vegetables," "broccoli" and "lettuce" on the hook while Squadda B and Mondre go in about avocados, cabbages and sandwich bags, which are presumably stuffed with dark green weed buds. Мишка has now allowed us to premier "Diamond of God," the second single from the new mixtape, this time produced by Squadda himself. Here we find the duo nestled into their signature patience flow, taking their time while preaching peace and positive living.

Main Attrakionz - "Diamond of God" From 808s & Dark Grapes II by Мишка Bloglin

Main Attrakionz - "Vegetables" From 808s & Dark Grapes II by Мишка Bloglin

Oh, what's that? I missed their July mixtape on their monthly streak? No I didn't -- Mondre's MondreHott dropped recently and has been killing it including production spots from Beautiful Lou and Squadda B. For the most part, this one is way more upbeat than stuff like "Diamond of God," more party vibes, more bangers. I have two distinct favorites from MondreHott as of now, "Poor Ppl Smiles" (which is actually a LoLo C-4 track featuring Mondre) and "Everything." The former is a superb Summer jammer: that little acoustic guitar lick, a chipmunk-tuned hook and those tropical shakes and rattles really lay this one back, perfect for car stereo blasters and porched-out evening chillers. "Everything," produced by Silky Johnson, is more psychedelic, really playing into Main Attrakionz' drugged up side. A thick slab of stuttered samples and fat-slapping drums somehow give way to Mondre's flow, a groaned string of comfort-minded life raps. Stream the whole thing from bandcamp then get all 20 tracks for just $5.

Thursday, July 14, 2011


MAGIC TOUCH - CLUBHOUSE teaser from 100% Silk on Vimeo.

Not Not Fun imprint 100% Silk is about to do it again with I Can Feel The Heat, a new 12" record from Magic Touch a.k.a. Damon Palermo from Mi Ami and Jonas Reinhardt, whose NNF record from this year Music For The Tactile Dome kills it on the spaced-out, Tangerine synthesizer tip. On this project Palermo take his turn embodying the diva spirit, pumping some serious piano-stabbed house nods on "Clubhouse" which features Miracles Club's Honey Owens. The teaser video reveals the project's already obvious influences -- aerobic power ballet, shirtless black men and neon silhouettes. Fading this right in between Cupp Cave's Dice Pool EP and the new Lone? You've convinced me to attend your party.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


So we meet again, Friendship Bracelet Club. Volume 5 comes about 14 months after the last edition, taking a break over the past year or so to give me some time to try to work on Triple You Tapes. However, The Club is a lot of fun so hopefully it'll become a regular feature again.

This time in addition to the free digital download we've got a few different giving levels for physical objects associated with the compilation, taking on a Kickstarter-like form. All this stuff is available now as a pre-order. This time we are gauging how many copies to make STRICTLY ACCORDING TO what we do for pre-orders, so we offer a paypal pre-order button available for TWO WEEKS ONLY, then it will be down and you won't ever be able to order the compilation in physical format. Ever again. All prices appear in United States Dollars and include shipping.

Details on Preferred Packaging Options:

1. Tape Only -- $5.00
(pre-order for the pro-dubbed cassette, will ship within one month) *Unlimited*
2. Tape + Poster -- $6.66 *Limited 20*
(cassette + large glossy professional print of above cover art -- image by Gnarfield)
3. Tape + Personalized Mix CD -- $7.00 *Limited 20*
(cassette + one of a kind mix CD for you made by me with handsome handmade packaging)
4. Tape + Photos -- $8.08 *Very Limited*
(cassette + set of 5 unpublished disposable camera film photos from the past Fall + Winter)
5. Tape + T-Shirt -- $14.92 *Limited 8*
(Gnarfield-designed "I Bleed Weed" t-shirt printed by Radical Fortress, see image below)
(One of Everything -- Tape + Mix CD + Poster + Photos + T-Shirt)
7. For bulk orders or to choose your own combo, email iprnelson at

Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 5


1. Free Spirit - O'Dela. Super chilled out sunrise guitar jammer from McGregor (Chocolate Bobka + The Curatorial Club) + Jonah (Real Estate, Family Portrait). Their first material on any sort of release, which I am beyond psyched to present.

2. Galapagos - Purrre. Young dude Jacob McNaughton from Arizona. Got this lil skittered electronica going on, first heard him on his Sounds Vol. 1 EP. Moving to Austin for school soon, hopefully studies don't conflict with busting out more tunes.

3. Main Attrakionz - * * * * *

4. Horse Bladder - Chased. Current Northampton, MA resident/poet/musician Elaine Kahn's Horse Bladder project teeters between pristine ambience and jarring low fidelity noise. She throws a monthly poetry reading/live music show at Flying Object in Hadley, MA. Her upcoming LP on Ecstatic Peace (No I'll Not) follows last year's Night People cassette (Nicole).

5. The Cyclist - Feel Beauty. Andrew Morisson is from Derry, Ireland. He crafts "tape throb" as The Cyclist, released his tape Bending Brass on Crash Symbols a few months ago and will drop new tunes on Leaving Records in the near future.

6. Howse - Speak Good. Howse gets down on jukey, blipped-up riddims, ominous samples and generally mind-boggling sonic environments. His first physical release is forthcoming on Astro Nautico.

7. Featureless Ghost - Take It Out (Happy New Year Remix). Eleanor Logan makes tunes as Happy New Year. She's from Australia. She lives in Brooklyn now. Featureless Ghost is Matt Weiner and Elise Tippins from Atlanta. Eleanor took the danced-blasted "Take It Out" original, flipped it, reversed it, and ended up with a real eerie jam. HNY has a 7" out soon and its release party is August 3 at Glasslands in Brooklyn.

8. Rangers - Bus To Chalco. This is Rangers' second time on a Friendship Bracelet Club comp. I'm very down with this outtake from his forthcoming double LP on Not Not Fun, a serious slow-burned open road jam that'll take you so far beyond the horizon you won't know how to get back.

9. Feast of Violet - Hinterland. Feast of Violet is Allen Taylor from Atlanta. He used to play in the band Roman Photos before they disbanded earlier this year. "Hinterland" is a tasty ambient treat for all you nature boys out there.

10. Shur - Silver Lightning. Shur is Matt Weiner (Twins, Featureless Ghost) + Chris Powers (C Powers, Mane Mane) + Charley Lanning (CH-Rom, Wo). Shur was Shrur but now they're Shur and they have a new album out sometime hopefully this year under the new name. Triple You Tapes released the Shrur album 4Shrur earlier this year on cassette, which was generally a lot weirder than this house-y cut.

11. La Big Vic - Musica Pt. 2. A companion piece to La Big Vic's beloved live staple "Musica" but this time we're revved into uptempo Kraut zones and it's sick. Their LP Actually is out now on Underwater Peoples.

12. Tonstartssbandht - Hymn-Eola (Acapella). This is the acapella version of Edwin White's "Hymn-Eola" from their recent Russian tour tape Hymn. Not an extreme distancing from the original but real cool to see what Edwin can do with the vocal effect alone.

*Main Attrakionz track will appear on the physical version only*

Friday, July 8, 2011


Chief Trud sent me over his Cruise Forever EP, five slow-burning house cuts fresh off the hydro-steam conveyor belt and into your ear. Chief Trud is the recording project of Austin Cesear from San Francisco. Dude's tracks are long, between 7.5 and 9.5 minutes in length, giving the tunes a draining, raved-out quality. It takes "Shut In," the longest track, nearly 2.5 minutes to kick into gear then works that gear out for a grueling seven minutes til the close. My favorite track is probably "The Beast," the most frantic and pounding cut. Check em out then check the whole EP and hope there's more where that came from.

Chief Trud - Shut In

Chief Trud - The Beast

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Somewhere around the same week I first peeped ASAP Rocky, Noz posted some shit by Frankenstein on Tumblin Erb, some clever flows from Los Angeles by one Shakir Givens bundled up into this Rappin' Ass Nigga mixtape. The whole length is mixed up between Frankenstein raps and his shitty alter-ego mitchgonenorth, who is jokingly referred to as the superior rapper which is generally funny but his raps are so disjointed (and rarely over a beat) that I skip em. Frank himself goes in with his enthused mid-to-up-tempo flow, dropping deep NBA references (Rod Strickland "number one with a Bullet"), deep Cartoon Network references (Ed, Edd & Eddy) and generally fucking with content you'd expect a teenager to be stoked on. Oh right, and he's 17 years old. And no, the Odd Future talking point for young rappers nowadays ain't rare so Frankenstein gets that out of the way early at the end of his track "20/20," rambling on some "don't nobody want another Tyler the Creator."

Unfortunately I admit inability to name the instrumentals or know if Frankenstein himself produced any of em, but Frank is mostly seen on half-laid-back, lower fidelity beats stringing together abstract lines more easily materialized and digested over a blunt or two. This is most effective on "Cul de Sac," whose slaps at the same time remind me of "Ice Cream Paint Job" and a more grizzly Pill beat. Dude goes hard on the opener, calling out stalled-out artists like "this is where it ends, welcome to the cul de sac // you say you got drive but nothin to show for that" right before dropping one of my favorite of his one-liners -- "fuck a masseuse, I don't hold back." Check that one and a couple more choice cuts from Rappin Ass Nigga then DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE THING.

Frankenstein - Cul de Sac

Frankenstein - June 21st

Frankenstein - Impala '61

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I know I'm about 2.5 months late on Death Grips but fuck it cos their free Exmilitary mixtape is sick. Here's basics: People know about Death Grips because Zach Hill is a member, birthing the group in his Sacramento neighborhood with friends and neighbors. They released a bunch of brutal hip hop noise tracks and grainy videos leading up to the mixtape, which has been blowing my mind the past few days. The first bit I saw/heard was the video for "Guillotine," an eerie, snowed-up clip featuring one bearded member going off in the passenger seat. Other videos exists and, while I can't watch them cos my computer's been crapping out lately, you should check em out below along with a few downloads of my favorite tracks of theirs. Oh, and like I said the mixtape is FREE so download that shit.

Death Grips - Guillotine

Death Grips (ft. Mexican Girl) - Lord of the Game

Death Grips - Takyon (Death Yon)