Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I know I'm about 2.5 months late on Death Grips but fuck it cos their free Exmilitary mixtape is sick. Here's basics: People know about Death Grips because Zach Hill is a member, birthing the group in his Sacramento neighborhood with friends and neighbors. They released a bunch of brutal hip hop noise tracks and grainy videos leading up to the mixtape, which has been blowing my mind the past few days. The first bit I saw/heard was the video for "Guillotine," an eerie, snowed-up clip featuring one bearded member going off in the passenger seat. Other videos exists and, while I can't watch them cos my computer's been crapping out lately, you should check em out below along with a few downloads of my favorite tracks of theirs. Oh, and like I said the mixtape is FREE so download that shit.

Death Grips - Guillotine

Death Grips (ft. Mexican Girl) - Lord of the Game

Death Grips - Takyon (Death Yon)

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you can't be serious.