Friday, July 15, 2011


The Main Attrakionz crew will continue their 2011 collections of songs per month release streak in August with 808s & Dark Grapes II, presented by Мишка (you know, that clothes-smith with the eyeball). A couple weeks back we were treated to a stream of the album's first single, "Vegetables," premiered by The Fader. The Noa Boa produced cut makes use of some goofy samples of a woman saying "vegetables," "broccoli" and "lettuce" on the hook while Squadda B and Mondre go in about avocados, cabbages and sandwich bags, which are presumably stuffed with dark green weed buds. Мишка has now allowed us to premier "Diamond of God," the second single from the new mixtape, this time produced by Squadda himself. Here we find the duo nestled into their signature patience flow, taking their time while preaching peace and positive living.

Main Attrakionz - "Diamond of God" From 808s & Dark Grapes II by Мишка Bloglin

Main Attrakionz - "Vegetables" From 808s & Dark Grapes II by Мишка Bloglin

Oh, what's that? I missed their July mixtape on their monthly streak? No I didn't -- Mondre's MondreHott dropped recently and has been killing it including production spots from Beautiful Lou and Squadda B. For the most part, this one is way more upbeat than stuff like "Diamond of God," more party vibes, more bangers. I have two distinct favorites from MondreHott as of now, "Poor Ppl Smiles" (which is actually a LoLo C-4 track featuring Mondre) and "Everything." The former is a superb Summer jammer: that little acoustic guitar lick, a chipmunk-tuned hook and those tropical shakes and rattles really lay this one back, perfect for car stereo blasters and porched-out evening chillers. "Everything," produced by Silky Johnson, is more psychedelic, really playing into Main Attrakionz' drugged up side. A thick slab of stuttered samples and fat-slapping drums somehow give way to Mondre's flow, a groaned string of comfort-minded life raps. Stream the whole thing from bandcamp then get all 20 tracks for just $5.

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