Friday, April 29, 2011


The other day I premiered La Big Vic's new Luke Wyatt-directed video mulch on Impose Magazine. The clip is for "Mr. Broken Bird," from their soon-to-be-released LP Actually (cover art above). Here's the words as they appear on Impose, followed by a dope live version of fellow Actually inhabitant "Musica" live at Newtown Radio.

Brooklyn trio La Big Vic have teamed up with video mulcher Luke Wyatt for "Mr. Broken Bird," a soaring cut from their upcoming LP Actually, out May 10 on Underwater Peoples. "Mr. Broken Bird" is a beautiful piece of glittering synthesizer/violin/vocal pop, settling into a mid-tempo groove before rocketing off into the stratosphere. Wyatt's take on the song is a bit unexpected -- his aesthetic has always been half-humorous and half-terrifying, two feelings I don't usually equate to La Big Vic. With their sound, the band tends to create synaesthetic images of spaceflight in my mind, either shuttle launches or birth, some type of visual representation of breaking through to a new, unknown world from the old one's comfort. Here we see Wyatt messing with images of injured veterans and pop culture icons like Kelsey Grammer, David Arquette and Donald Rumsfeld. These eerie flashing images are meant to be seen through a "virtual reality" headset, the most repeated visual theme throughout the video. This creates a sense unease towards the furthering of technologies like virtual realities, web-based socialization and hyper-real HD/3D televisions, all of which essentially rob the consumer of their actual life experience by replacing it with a one constructed to act as a bland surrogate. La Big Vic never instilled any doomsday thoughts before Wyatt put his stamp on them, but now it's not so hard to draw lines between the two.



Leaving Records just posted a new audio collage by visual and sound collagist jar MoFF. We have posted about the Greek artist twice before, each post regarding a lengthy mix of found sounds and samples of film soundtracks and generally cosmic musics. He's got a crazy knack for finding grooves in dense spaces foreign to rhythm, turning the art of sound collage into a seriously listenable medium. According to Leaving, "VID R" was constructed from "found free-jazz, synth/kraut/space, SFX, and film soundtrack," making for a truly psychedelic 10.5 minutes.

We find a few movements in the piece, from rustling hiss and scratch + dramatic synthesizer space noises to hard-hitting, jazzy rhythms and into some more tropical zones just before the 7-minute mark. The final few minutes are a bit confusing, like a check to make sure you know you're still listening to a stitched-together collage -- dark bloops and blips followed by eerie organ tones and "Genius of Love" sounding synth squelches, all enveloped by a rollercoaster of clarinet flutters.

jar moFF also recently reworked a Harald Grosskopf track for the Synthesist reissue's Re:Synthesist companion CD, which is fantastic. Out now on RVNG. Stay tuned cos new stuff from this guy drops out of nowhere and he's a beast.

jar moFF - VID R



jar moFF - EPSP

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



I wrote a Haiku for today's request because Haikus are about seasons, and MY SEASON IS UPON US.

It may usually be sunny
But that doesn't make it summer
And I love that shit

A brand new Webber
With christmas lights in the courtyard
When are you coming to chill?

Not everyone can be Julian Lynch
I still dig this song anyway
Jams are as jams do

Honeysuckle all around
Sea salt breezes from afar
Get me my bikini

We gotta a hammock to hang
So let's get to it
I want to sit on that bitch.

I realize I ended up straying from the correct Haiku format but whatever. I've got mad poetic licenses. I hear the weather's lovely in New York, and I know it is here, so I hope everything in between has a beautiful day too.

Marissa A. Ross is a Los Angeles-based writer, music connoisseur, blogger & an all out enthusiast for leisurely activities. She is kind of funny, but no one really gives a shit because she has awesome hair. Marissa enjoys cheap wine, sunbathing & jerking off to vintage motel postcards on Flickr.

Monday, April 25, 2011


So everyone's been going in on Clams Casino lately, right? I first heard of Clams from his productions for Main Attrakionz, which turned me on to all his work with Lil B and eventually his instrumental mixtape. Another frequent Attrakz collaborator, Nem270, recently sent over his new eloquently named EP Dank Worries, a fairly quick listen with six instrumentals and two remixes. The first remix is Nem's take on "I Just Wanna Party". The second is another Gucci rework, this time a mash-up of "Candy Lady" from The Burrprint and uhhh... Tim Hecker? Cool.

However, I prefer the originals. Same sort of dark hip hop/spacious atmospheric Clammy vibe. I'm not sure who all the instrumentals were for, but opening track "Go Stupid" sounds like it'd be perfect for Young L -- heavy and sorta jerk-y with the fattest of slaps. Like an industrial "Ice Cream Paint Job." "Everyone Makin Beats" is tight, but doesn't go anywhere. Next is "Samples," a short ambient section leading into the "stress" version of "Ice Nites" from Squadda B mixtape I Smoke Because I Don't Care About Death. Nem also produced half of "2012" from the same mixtape (which I posted on Altered Zones).

My favorite track is probably "bbetter," seems the most fully formed and fresh, real summery like his part in "2012." Check out that jam below, then download the whole mixtape. Nem also produced the opening track "Zoned Out Mackin" on Main Attrakionz' new mixtape Blackberry Ku$h so stream that too.

Nem270 - bbetter

Thursday, April 21, 2011


I met San Francisco's Ivan Mairesse a few Summers ago at the Cambridge, Massachusetts YMCA Theatre. Julian Lynch was playing a set at The Whitehaus Family's huge Weirdstock event and I believe Ivan knew Julian from going to school in Madison, Wisconsin and was somehow ended up playing harmonium along with Julian's clarinet. After the set I talked with Ivan, he mentioned the music he made, I gave him my email. Months later, literally after I had forgotten about him, Ivan hit me with some exceptionally warm, super-intimate four-track demos. These songs, and the bunch that followed, quickly snowballed into Lovers Lane, Ivan's debut full-length for Triple You Tapes (UUU).

Lovers Lane is a collection of 12 songs; some take a leisurely stroll through soft guitar/keys psychedelia, others float through fuzzier ambient waters. This release comes on the heels of a couple SXSW appearances from Ivan Mairesse & His Band, which features two members of Rangers' live band from SXSW 2010. The live act took on a louder, more rock n roll sound (check out a video from the Underwater Peoples SXSW house show below), very good but also very different from the four-track recordings found on Lovers Lane.

Check out downloads of four songs on bandcamp, stream the rest, then BUY A TAPE/CDR. Lovers Lane will be available in digital formats shortly. Sample a couple of my favorites, check that live video and the inside of the insert with tracklist.

Ivan Mairesse from Blood Drank Magazine on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Happy 4-20 y'all! Today I am requesting Dr. Dre's "Next Episode" because the first time I celebrated this blessed day, this song was like my favorite. I had a slumber party at my house while my parents were at a "business dinner" but, looking back, they might have been observing the holiday too. At any rate, we didn't have any apples - the standard equipment freshman year - so we used a potato. I spent the entire time mostly out of my mind, laughing and being like, "COMPTON LONG BEACH INGLEWOOODDD" and "HEY HEY HEYYY... SMOKE WEED EVERYDAYYY," which are absolutely ridiculous things for some fifteen year old white bitch to roll around saying, especially in Paul Frank pajamas.

Luckily, soon after the aforementioned fated day, I was no longer going around quoting rap songs because I didn't make the cheer squad and subsequently dyed my hair and started quoting Bright Eyes.

I am still unsure which made me look more idiotic.

At any rate, I still love this song and I still love smoking weed. Please enjoy today to the fullest, as I cannot truly enjoy it until tonight since I have to go do my fucking taxes this afternoon, probably cause I was too busy procrastinating and smoking weed when I should have originally been doing them.

Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt & Nate Dogg - The Next Episode


R.I.P. Nate Dogg

Marissa A. Ross is a Los Angeles-based writer, music connoisseur, blogger & an all out enthusiast for leisurely activities. She is kind of funny, but no one really gives a shit because she has awesome hair. Marissa enjoys cheap wine, sunbathing & jerking off to vintage motel postcards on Flickr.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Don't Die Wondering recently posted the song "Scapes" by Pennsylvanian Grain Mountain. Dude gets SERIOUS on a Forest Swords vibe. Like, for real, this sounds really good and all, but these two songs sound almost exactly like two Forest Swords demos -- lazy, gloomy mood pieces ripe for film soundtracking with droney guitars, persistent tribal drum patterns and carefully placed emotive vocal samples. "Scapes" is a more fully conceived song, and by that I mean it more fully mimics Forest Swords.

Anyway, dude has a screenshot/gif tumblr and another project called Booze Candy, whose Noteboxxes EP is available for free download. The EP is kind of all over the place so there's no real way for me to distinguish one project from the other, but my favorite track is "Graphics" where he gets into tidal ambient modes that remind me of the Double Entendre pieces that remind me of Dolphins Into the Future (like this one).

Scapes by Grain Mountain

Siberian Rails by Grain Mountain

Graphics by Booze Candy

Friday, April 15, 2011



1. New album Nice out sometime soon on Underwater Peoples.


2. The Specuslayer released some especially fuzzed-out live takes of some of the new songs to a bandcamp but then dude deleted them. Check out downloads of a couple of my favorites (recorded in his bedroom studio a.k.a. The Lair, pictured above) then hold tight til that UP LP.

Speculator - I'm A Slug (Demo, Live In The Lair)

Speculator - Blue Rose (Demo, Live In The Lair)


3. Nick also posted his Leaving Records tape Lifestyle to bandcamp for streaming or $5 digital download. Stream a few below then stream the whole thing then buy some MP3s cos the tape's sold out.


4. Totally slept on this video for "Pure Ecstasy" by Samantha Cornwell. Check it out then download the track HERE.

Speculator- "Pure Ecstasy" Official Music Video from Samantha Cornwell on Vimeo.



Speculator - We Don't Give a Shit (from Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 2)

Speculator - Share
(from Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 3)

Speculator - Stay Cool

Speculator - Fuck This World

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A couple months ago Astro Nautico introduced me to 骨架的, though since first hearing dude's music both his Soundcloud and tumblr have mysteriously disappeared. The only remnants of this Long Island native's web presence are 18 tracks zipped up in a Mediafire download entitled Holograms. Astro Nautico calls the tunes "some of the smoothest, pillowy interlude type trax you'll ever hear" and I can't agree more, totally digging this one or two minute slow jam clip vibe and the unabashed references to/samples of 80s/90s soul and soft R&B (uhmm.. there's a track called "The Late 80s" AND a track called "90s"). However, the most innovative moments occur when the samples are stretched the most thin, creating this fuzzy ambient half-remembered sexual encounter vibe. I guess I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of the Astro Nautico dudes themselves but who knows. Download my favorite few below then grab the whole thing.

骨架的 - Actual Water

骨架的 - Breeze

骨架的 - Tones



It recently dawned on me -- although I've been working out and getting in shape, there is no end. Like, once you get in shape you don't get to just stop. You don't work out for a year straight and are then fit for the rest of your life. You have to keep doing it. And that, to me, really sucks. To deal the with prospect of my mornings always being owned by low-weight strength training DVDs, I keep myself motivated by making up laughably unrealistic scenarios in my head that I would want to be in shape for. My latest motivational delusion: pretending that Dirty Beaches will one day do some Chris Isaak-inspired music video in which they will need someone that's not a model to run around on a beach and that I can be that someone running around cause I will be so fit.

I know. Ridiculous, right?
This is seriously how I live my life,
through a series of elaborate & impractical fantasies,
with a really great soundtrack.

My craziness aside, I really love this song. It's my favorite right now. It makes me want to get molested in the back of a station wagon after prom, like, sixty years ago.

Marissa A. Ross is a Los Angeles-based writer, music connoisseur, blogger & an all out enthusiast for leisurely activities. She is kind of funny, but no one really gives a shit because she has awesome hair. Marissa enjoys cheap wine, sunbathing & jerking off to vintage motel postcards on Flickr.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I said a few words on Altered Zones about Matthewdavid's Outmind LP, out next week on Brainfeeder. Peep the words + downloads HERE, then stream Outmind in its entirety below.

Matthewdavid: Outmind by alteredzones



Matthewdavid - International (feat. Dogbite) from BRAINFEEDER on Vimeo.

Matthewdavid - International (ft. Dogbite)

Monday, April 11, 2011


That nearly-ten-minute jam up there is new music from Andy Boay, a.k.a. Andy White from Tonstartssbandht. Andy will release Born To Fully, a solo tape under the last name Boay, this Spring on Bruised Tongue.

Speaking of Tonstartssbandht, the brothers Andy + Edwin White are going on tour. TO RUSSIA/UKRAINE. Over here at FBUS, that is very exciting news and we wish them the best. To commemorate the occasion, DŒS ARE will issue a c30 tour-only tape available at those shows or digitally through bandcamp. Check my favorite track from the tape below, then stream the whole thing and check those Russian/Ukrainian dates.

April 22 St. Petersburg - Vegan Club
April 23 Moscow - Assembly Hall
April 24 Kiev - TBA

Friday, April 8, 2011


I was introduced to Babe E. a couple weeks ago through Laurel Halo's Twitter (@LaurelHalo). No idea who Babe E. is or where she (?) comes from, but there's a loaded Soundcloud player and it's updated three times since I first found it. However, my favorite couple jams are the ones that were freshly updated when I first caught word. Luckily, those are two of the ones that are available for download. Both draw on some fuzzed electro sounds from years past, nice little take-offs into the weekend.

Precinct by Babe E.

HumanTouch by Babe E.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


"Some Subcity contributors took one of their favourite bands on a road trip to a small westerly village called Ardentinny. We set off early in a van full of instruments and recording equipment. The skies were clear and blue, it was one of those last days of summer, the temperature getting slightly cooler and the bloom of nature beginning to fade."

To clarify, Subcity Radio is Glasgow University's student radio station and the "favourite band" they are talking about here is Ricky Egan's Glasgow-based recording project Tangles. Last September, some of the Subcity crew drove Ricky and three of his buds out to a few spots in Ardentinny to record a live set outside of doors. Normally Tangles is a solo project, written and recorded by Ricky straight to four-track. However, he brings the songs to life in the live setting with a full band of guitar, bass, drums and synthesizer. The transition to live band leads to a more rock-based product as opposed to the pure ambient warmth documented on his recent tape No Sweat, the Frolixan Said (out now on Triple You Tapes), to fantastic effect.

These dudes have a serious hold on gauzy instrumental bliss, so stream the half hour live set HERE (click the "))listen" button + stream in iTunes) then stream the second side of Tangles' Triple You Tapes release and download "Know More," the tape's single, below.

no sweat the frolixan said (side 1) by tangles

Tangles - Know More

(image via subcityphotos)


Bruce Hart is a new project of Zach Phillips from OSR Tapes. Zach also goes by GDC and is 1/2 of Blanche Blanche Blanche among other projects. I can't get over how much Bruce Hart sounds like the real name of a superhero, like a paranoid mix between Bruce Wayne and Tony Starks.

...Which makes sense -- this project sees Zach as a sort of mad scientist poring over the controls to a screen of synthesized landscapes, pixelated plans for a futuristic underground laboratory in the middle of the Mojave. The mad man sees over his unique brand of lounged-out epics with an ear that discriminates at superhuman levels. He masterfully churns out piping hot recordings of bubbling beakers, air resistance wind tunnels and the hum of ten thousand surveillance cameras, hundreds fixed on every point of entry into Hart's subterranean dwelling. He knows the government will try to destroy his radical work if his location is revealed. If this comes to pass, police state thugs will not rest until every last bit of his workspace is mangled, including Hart himself.

Bruce Hart's full-length cassette Music For Drawing is still looking for a place to call home, and it surely deserves a warm one. Labels contact zphillips at gmail dot com for cryptic instructions on how to proceed. Warning -- reply emails are automatically set to self-destruct.

Bruce Hart - Fascinating Heritage Stone

Bruce Hart - Hart's Theme

Wednesday, April 6, 2011



Today I am requesting Unknown Mortal Orchestra's "fFunny fFrends." I've been really taken by this fuzzy little pop jam. The lo-fi melody is familiar yet new, nostalgic & catchy. It reminds me of being really stoned in the afternoon at this old friend's pad, which was right by the beach in San Clemente. We'd come home from being at the beach all day & just lay around the living room, all salty, laughing about dumb shit you laugh about when you're high & watching the sun change positions across the stark white walls. I love music that takes me somewhere, and not to reinforce any Chris Weingarten-ish remarks about how we're all about "nostalgia," but I especially love music that takes me somewhere I've already been & can make that moment alive again. My friend, the one who lived by the beach, was always on my case about "internalizing music" & how everything didn't have to remind me of something. It doesn't have to remind me of something, but I think it's a lovely & welcomed coincidence when it does.

Marissa A. Ross is a Los Angeles-based writer, music connoisseur, blogger & an all out enthusiast for leisurely activities. She is kind of funny, but no one really gives a shit because she has awesome hair. Marissa enjoys cheap wine, sunbathing & jerking off to vintage motel postcards on Flickr.

Friday, April 1, 2011


CUTICLE - APPROACHING GLOBAL teaser from 100% Silk on Vimeo.

The "dreamteam trio" of Daren Ho (Driphouse, Mandelbrot & Skyy, former Raccoo-oo-oon), Brendan O'Keefe (Nimby) and Jeff Witscher (Rene Hell) have come together for a dirty house collaboration called Cuticle. They recently dropped the Confectioner Beats 12", their first batch of brooding trance vibes, on Not Not Fun's new offshoot dance imprint 100% Silk. Above is an audiovisual teaser for album track "Approaching Global," complete with Windows 95 Blingee-style computer animations. Below is "Flair," the second song from the album, a pounding house throb beefed up with celestial tinkling and submarine bass grooves. Grab your glowsticks -- it's rave time.

Cuticle - Flair