Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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Swirled up nite sounds from Hav Lyfe done showed up in my Twitter feed thanks to two reliable sources. No clue as to where it comes from but it sounds like Hype Williams and the first three Soundcloud followers were three fellows who have been sonically intertwined the past year or so: Arafat Group a.k.a. Dem Hunger, Ssaliva a.k.a. Cupp Cave and Dynooo. Wouldn't be surprised if this was a collaboration between at least two of those gents.

My Man Kelly Moon From The Gavin by Hav Lyfe

Civivic by Hav Lyfe

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Last week a couple new Chief Trud tracks appeared in my inbox. Last I heard of Trud (a.k.a. Austin Caesar from San Fransisco) he had dropped the Cruise Forever EP in the Spring which I blabbed about. Spectral house wisps and pulses continue to dominate his sound, but the compact-by-his-standards "Cloud Hall" is his best work to date. Not that I don't enjoy a good stretched out house anthem, it's just nice to see dude try out something a bit more condensed.

Cloud Hall by Chief Trud

1 Year by Chief Trud


Chief Trud - Shut In

Chief Trud - The Beast


Fantastic collaboration between slasher brothers Tonstartssbandht and analog video artist Miko Revereza. This might actually be the most serious visual representation of the band I've ever seen in music video form, a psychedelic freak-out with flying human forms and colors apparently inspired by the idea of early 70s Japanese noise rock and the long-haired youth movement associated with it. "Shot To La Parc" appeared on Tonstartssbandht's Arbutus Records full-length Now I Am Become. Buy your copy today.


New Argentinian label Pakapi Records sent over a little information on their first release, a split CDR from Ø+yn (Cordoba, Argentina) and GMC (La Plata, Argentina). The bits and pieces available for sample are dark and damp, mysterious transmissions from a country I know little-to-nothing about. If the sun isn't shining and you want it to stay that way, dive into "Cumbia Masonica" below, from the forthcoming CDR Popolus Ajeno.

Ø+yn + GMC - Cumbia masonica by PakapiRecords

Monday, November 28, 2011


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Dude with a must-change-now name sent over a few tracks, one of which I've been super intrigued by. Joseph Stallion's "Rings" is screwed like spiked-up molasses. I do believe I would enjoy drowning in that.

Joseph Stallion - Rings

Friday, November 25, 2011


Edwin White a.k.a. Eola will be rolling up to Western Massachusetts on December 1 to play a show at Flying Object with Jerry Paper (formerly Zonotope) and others to be announced. You ready?

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Feel like such a dorkus for passing over these three recent Jesselisa Moretti clips for Leaving Records associates Julia Holter, Sumsun and Speculator. The three are all very different, Holter's teetering between chaos and zen, Sumsun's being a wild collaboration with Miko Revereza and Speculator's playing out like a goofy Saturday morning cartoon bump complete with what I believe to be cereal. For those keeping track, Speculator's Nice LP is out now on Underwater Peoples and Sumsun's Samo Milagro tape has been out on Leaving for a while. Holter's Tragedy is available on vinyl record from Leaving with sleeve designed by Moretti. The second pressing of 500 ships next week.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


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New Night People batch features some familiar sounds like those from Taterbug and Sore Eros but has also introduced me to some serious high quality jams from acts I'd heard much less from like Hot & Cold, German Army and The Garment District.

So far my favorite of the bunch is Melody Elder by The Garment District, a project of Pittsburgh-based Jennifer Baron who some might recognize as a founding member of The Ladybug Transistor. The whole tape takes its time, seems to draw its speed from the pace of an every day life viscous with obligations, exercise and rest. The highlight is the third track "Bird Or Bat," in which Baron tones things down even more while letting loose a stream of pierced harmonies. Sounds of a sorrow sort but, like I said, an everyday feeling persists throughout which at once quells any chance of bummer trauma while simultaneously bumming one out from all the bubble life sonic themes.

The Garment District - Bird Or Bat

The Garment District - Only Air

Thursday, November 3, 2011


(Full Screen Recommended, In Dark Room)

Ten-minute Sun Araw "At Delphi" official video immediately succeeds fifteen-minute "Impluvium" official video both directed by one Daniel Brantley, both making me scratch head and wonder how Sun Araw's music can hypnotize one into voluntarily staring dead into a computer screen for upwards of twenty-five total minutes.

Why is the above video so unbelievably psychedelic? It's just plants.

...Which brings me to my next argument: Why is THIS video so mundanely unpsychedelic? It's just body. And it goes on for so long, the viewer just waiting for something or some things to happen. And it does. And they do. Did you see that drugsniffer dog? It was there, I saw it. And those hikers? They were women. I saw them. So worth it. Ain't gona give away the big reveal though. I'm not some fucking fool over here. Sun Araw it for yourself.

P.S. How many dance moves do you think were birthed and named during this video shoot? Two dozen? Three dozen? I need an intern for this sort of research.

P.P.S. Sun Araw/Hype Williams collaborative cassette forthcoming.


I've been hopelessly obsessing over the new-ish Future Shuttle record Water's Edge, out now on Intercoastal Artists/Holy Mountain. The album is a serious space trip, with multiple sources likening it to Tangerine Dream. However, my favorite passages seem to cite Slowdive's more ambient groovers (the sound of a spaceship floating and rotating meaninglessly) while capturing an essence I refer to as "Peaking Lights sans air-of-hippie" which may as well be a whole genre itself dubbed "Space Hippie" where one can make music as a hippie but they're way out in space (also referred to as "Far Out") so no one can smell that burnt-ass reefer cos there's no fucking oxygen up there, homie.

Stream the whole thing below and watch the video and download the demos and then just buy the 12", yeah?

Future Shuttle: Water's Edge by alteredzones

FUTURE SHUTTLE - Fields Of Dreams from Future Shuttle on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Couple weeks ago Shea Rose Quartz introduced me to BNRY, some Joe Bush Londoner out of his mind off some space tube hums and ticks. RQ offered up "Oral B," which certainly opened my ears, but slightly newer jam "Gold Leaf" is currently blowing the ears right off my skull. Shea likened BNRY to something branded with the 100% Silk label but I find him way more futuristic, yesterday's club rumblings chopped and rendered into a more compact frame fit for traveling through wires. Check "Gold Leaf" and "Oral B" below then treat yourself to the Kelly Rowland remix cos for some reason she's heating up again.

BNRY - Gold Leaf

BNRY - Oral B

Kelly Rowland - Dilemma (BNRY Remix)

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Excited about new self-released tooth ache. bandcamp album Flash & Yearn, ten down-tempo almost dancey tracks along the same lines as some of her previous material but a but a lot more crisp. All ten tracks were produced by Burlington, VT weirdo staple Joey Pizza Slice, each one molding Alexandria Hall's now-you-see-me-now-you-don't vocals to fit its surroundings. Words never really escape the echo, but emotional flits rise to the top and more often than not we're tempted to skim them off and ignore occasional beat sloth. Check a download of the first track "Horizon" and a couple more of my favorites streaming below, then buy the whole thing digitally or as a CD when you catch an upcoming tooth ache. show.

tooth ache. - Horizon