Wednesday, November 16, 2011


(credit: iprnelson cellular telephone image)

New Night People batch features some familiar sounds like those from Taterbug and Sore Eros but has also introduced me to some serious high quality jams from acts I'd heard much less from like Hot & Cold, German Army and The Garment District.

So far my favorite of the bunch is Melody Elder by The Garment District, a project of Pittsburgh-based Jennifer Baron who some might recognize as a founding member of The Ladybug Transistor. The whole tape takes its time, seems to draw its speed from the pace of an every day life viscous with obligations, exercise and rest. The highlight is the third track "Bird Or Bat," in which Baron tones things down even more while letting loose a stream of pierced harmonies. Sounds of a sorrow sort but, like I said, an everyday feeling persists throughout which at once quells any chance of bummer trauma while simultaneously bumming one out from all the bubble life sonic themes.

The Garment District - Bird Or Bat

The Garment District - Only Air

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