Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Couple weeks ago Shea Rose Quartz introduced me to BNRY, some Joe Bush Londoner out of his mind off some space tube hums and ticks. RQ offered up "Oral B," which certainly opened my ears, but slightly newer jam "Gold Leaf" is currently blowing the ears right off my skull. Shea likened BNRY to something branded with the 100% Silk label but I find him way more futuristic, yesterday's club rumblings chopped and rendered into a more compact frame fit for traveling through wires. Check "Gold Leaf" and "Oral B" below then treat yourself to the Kelly Rowland remix cos for some reason she's heating up again.

BNRY - Gold Leaf

BNRY - Oral B

Kelly Rowland - Dilemma (BNRY Remix)

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