Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Rubba Band Business 2, Juicy J's new Trap-A-Holics mixtape with Lex Luger, has been sinking in over the past couple weeks and they've got a new video that reminded me to post about it. There's this three-track span in the early-middle portion of the mixtape that I've been going back to repeatedly which goes "Shine" (ft. Billy Wes) into "Paid For (Bitch I Own You)" (ft. Curren$y) into "Stoner's Night" and it's a serious trio. "Shine" (video below) is on some serious Summer jam breeze thru the hair shit, with Billy Wes letting his liquid flow pour over the first verse and the chorus. Wes ain't particularly spry or anything but the ID Labs/Big Germ/Edan production cushions his parts perfectly, making it absolutely necessary to sip something cold to this.

"Paid For" keeps going with two of the same producers and the same laid-back vibe, this time with a blunted Curren$y bragging about being cold and flawless. The best line in his verse has to do with the inside of his car being so smoked up that he can't find his interior. Up next is "Stoner's Night," one of the few J-produced tracks on the tape. This track is about riding round with a foreign bombshell who rolls up all of Juicy J's weed for him even though she doesn't partake. Best line is something I've been obsessing over, trying to make sure I heard J correctly. Pretty sure he goes in on something like...

"The bitch hit the bump, took a shot of Jack
The bitch lick my bum then we hit the sack"

...which I assume is as honest as it gets, repping getting rimmed out by yer girl before ya both pass out. I feel like this is the most forward-thinking portion of the mixtape. How many rappers in such a homophobic game are gona brag about receiving anal pleasure? Not many, but I guess if you're in Three 6 Mafia no one's gona question you.

My other few favorites are produced by Luger, harder tracks about guns, weed and skrippers. "Who Da Neighbors" is about having tons of money and owning so much land that no one else lives around you. "Smoke That Bitch" is about smoking a bunch of different kinds of weed. "A Zip And A Double Cup" is about getting "high as fuck." Anyway, there's only so much Lex Luger I can stand in one sitting but Juicy J mixes it up enough to keep it from being completely monotonous, though he's basically talking about the same shit the whole time. Peep the videos and my favorite tracks then grab the whole mixtape.

Juicy J ft. Billy Wes - Shine

Juicy J ft. Curren$y - Paid For (Bitch I Own You)

Juicy J - Stoner's Night

Juicy J - A Zip And A Double Cup

Juicy J - Who Da Neighbors

Juicy J ft. VABP - Smoke That Bitch

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


A few months ago I posted a HUGE MEGAPOST about a Belgian dude named François who does all these different projects including Ssaliva, Kingfisherg, Cupp Cave and, from what I can tell, Munch Room. Guy's got a new 10" out June 13 on Vlek Records as Cupp Cave called the Dice Pool EP, a rad four-track excursion into thrown back house and flamboyant dance grooves.

After listening to the streams for a week, it's become apparent that this is by far the best stuff I've heard from Cupp Cave. My favorite tracks are "Thoughtograph" and "Hypersport," two of his more club-ready jams, seriously waiting for some mighty-lunged diva vocals to burst through all powerful and sassy. Can I get a Funchess remix over here? Anyway, all I'm saying is slug down enough coffee with this in your headphones and you'll be getting wild in no time.

What's better is Vlek is giving us a 10" to give away to one lucky reader. Just leave your email or Twitter handle in the comments and we will pick one from random on June 13 when the record is released and contact you regarding where to ship it. Also of note, the record's sleeve was inspired by Stukenborg and was printed with a Vandercook SP20 letterpress using hundreds and hundreds of dice. Check photos of that process HERE. For now you can stream the whole thing on Soundcloud and/or buy the MP3s on bandcamp and/or pre-order the record.

Cupp Cave DICE POOL EP - A1 Thoughtograph by vlek

Cupp Cave - DICE POOL EP - B1 Hypersport by vlek

Monday, May 23, 2011


Irish homie The Cyclist recently dropped his Bending Brass tape on Crash Symbols, ten tracks using only a "£20 keyboard" and the errors and fuck-ups that come along with such a "frail technology." However, dude overcomes such technological hiccups and churns out some banging low fidelity techno and house grooves with heavy-handed ambient passages spliced in. It's also available for low-risk sampling via pay-what-you-want bandcamp download. If you dig, buy a tape. Check a few of my favorites below and get psyched for his Leaving Records tape.

The Cyclist - Contorted

The Cyclist - CAN

The Cyclist - Grayscale


To celebrate his coming to America, Triple You Tapes is proud to present the C Powers Labour CDR, seven tracks recorded over the past 1.5 years and tossed to the internet, only to float back as a compact disc wrapped up in handmade packaging by the beautiful people at UUU. You say you didn't know Mr. Powers was crossing the Atlantic? WELL GET WITH IT -- dude's playing two shows in Brooklyn this weekend, Friday May 27 at 285 Kent with Greatest Hits, Friends and Featureless Ghost (presented by VIBES MGMT), then again Saturday May 28 at Cameo Gallery with Featureless Ghost, Punks On Mars and CH-Rom (presented by Friendship Bracelet Presents...).

Inside Labour we find track after track of hard-hitting hip hop instrumental funk, at times dipping into more psychedelic stretches, at times leaning into a raving house pulse. I've said it before and I'll say it again, C Powers, whether he's solo or with Mane Mane or as his defunct project Termeric, hits right in the dead center in a scatterplot of various musics I get down with and Labour is no different -- drugs-in-the-club bangers for semi-faded weekend warriors who should probably hit the sack except they'd sooner hit the back room, hit the bong and keep on drinking.

Between this release, NEW C Powers material, new Shur material (formerly Shrur) and the prospect of new Mane Mane works, C Powers seems poised to murder the second half of 2011. He's also got his first Mane Mane show lined up, a July 13 date in Stockholm with AyGeeTee. Labour is a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD and if you're feeling particularly saucy this day please do order a CDR from UUU. Check a couple of my favorites then download the whole thing then don't be shy -- BUY ONE!

C Powers - Sylkshow

C Powers - Doll Symbol

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Philadelphia dudes Arches just played the latest Friendship Bracelet Presents... show at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn. Principal songwriters Julien Rossow Greenberg and Tom Herman Jr. get ahold of some serious Grizzly Bear loud soft dynamics and haunted vocal harmonies on their debut album Wide Awake. They released all the songs to bandcamp back in February and they're finally getting the whole thing pressed to vinyl, which is available for pre-order and will ship on June 10.

Arches have released two tracks for download thus far, "This Isn't a Good Night for Walking" and "Headlights," two super-pleasant pieces of dimly-lit indie pop/rock that echo with just a tinge of American psychedelia. They have now offered up "Cobblestone," the record's A-side closer, for free download as their third single. Not usually posting about this sort of sound but it's so pleasant and it's so rainy and grey outside it's a perfect fit. Grab all of the above-mentioned songs below and check Arches' cover of Julian Lynch's "Travelers."

Arches - Cobblestone

Arches - Travelers (Julian Lynch Cover)

Arches - This Isn't a Good Night For Walking

Arches - Headlights


Beer On The Rug has been all over some stuff that sounds like fuzzy older stuff, which is cool. Casino Gardens. Dinosaur Brain. But I particularly like this Midnight Television bandcamp dowload, especially when it gets into grooves that remind me of louder Matrix Metals like "Blind Dates" and "Jazzercise." The former has a New Jack Swing kick while the latter is dirtier, less upbeat, generally more fuzzy and faded. There's a couple more cool slow jam tracks but I dig the dancier stuff more. The whole thing only runs like 10 minutes so it's a relatively low-risk listen, so check it out and be bummed that it's not a free download anymore.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I posted a couple Soundcloud streams from Babe E. a bit over a month ago. I still don't know anything about the project, but since we last checked in the Babe has uploaded half a dozen new jams. My favorite of these is "Sahara K120," which I suppose would be an appropriate soundtrack to the desert level of your favorite SEGA Genesis racing game a.k.a. Road Rash. Kind of sounds like a 90s throwback Stellar Om Source when she gets clubby. Check the jam, download it, then check another new one then stay tuned to the Babe E. Soundcloud for more updates.

Sahara K120 by Babe E.

Climb by Babe E.

(image via FAT DUDES)



Precinct by Babe E.

HumanTouch by Babe E.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Been falling hard for this Issue mixtape E3 after Tumblin Erb posted a track a few days ago. As of now, I don't know much about Issue except he's young, he's associated with E-40's Sick Wid It Records and he's BIG into Arizona Iced Tea. I have yet to dig into E or E2, though I probably will after Southern Hospitality's recommendation.

Issue does two things very well -- a based sort of synth-pop ("Money Part 1," "4," "Creativity") and a more faded (yet blunt-free) form of jazzy slacker hip hop ("Gas Is Gas," "Morning to Night," "Music Non-Stop"). I prefer when he raps and the beats bang heavier, but I admit he excels at the other thing too. However my favorite is when he goes the most hard on "SOLO Part 1." Also maybe he should consider staying away from the way slow cheesed-out R&B shit like "Right Here." It's kind of too silly and embarrassing even though it's hilarious and awesome (via Lil Wayne "Piano Man").

Anyway, check my favorite few tracks from the tape then DOWNLOAD IT FREE.

Issue - SOLO Part 1

Issue - Gas is Gas

Issue - Morning to Night

Monday, May 16, 2011


Brown Bread is a project of Rebecca/Beky Doerfer. She has released two EPs, Is Dead in February and Cucciola last week. Each set of songs is available for free download, the former on bandcamp and the latter on Soundcloud. The first EP is slightly longer, more often on the ambient side. As a whole I'm more into it than the new one, but the first song "Homework" has been doing it for me. Just a nice little rock n roll jam with a killer vocal hook. Check it out and a couple of my favorites from Is Dead then download both EPs.

Brown Bread ft. Colin Cheyne - Homework

Brown Bread - Candy Apple

Brown Bread - Never

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Really digging "Tumuli," an excerpt from Portland duo Golden Retriever's new cassette Emergent Layer, out now on NNA Tapes. The clarinet/synthesizer duo of Matt Carlson and Jonathan Sielaff combine to create a truly engaging world of sound, sounds bulging and creeping from left to right headphone. The idea of being surrounded by something heavy makes for a rather aquatic feeling, that of being completely submerged. The effects-treated clarinet sounds massive, like the song of a giant underwater mammal, while modular synthesizer racket hums and scrapes at the edges, like schools of miniscule fish reflecting light from the surface as they jet by. Check out "Tumuli" and another sample then BUY THE TAPE.

Golden Retriever - Tumuli

NNA029: Golden Retriever "Emergent Layer" [sample] by NNA Tapes


Astro Nautico dude Obey City has a FREE new EP set for release sometime in the next month called Melted Magic. Two tracks were posted on Dipped In Dollars the other day and I've got to say these are probably the most well-rounded and complete Obey City tracks heard to date. He still embraces vintage hip hip + R&B, but now we're seeing dude blast off into the stratosphere on some futuristic silver rocket, sort of reminds me of Mane Mane but less psychedelic, way more crisp and clean. I'm talking sensual synthesizers and chopped vocals fluttering in the higher spaces, a range of slick drum sounds pummeling the lower end and rumbled-out bass gluing everything together. I dig "Melted Magic" slightly more than "Intrigue," but they're both rad and they're both available for download below. Stay tuned to Astro Nautico for the full release of Melted Magic.http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Obey City - Melted Magic

Obey City - Intrigue



Obey City - Celestial Steam


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hey there -- two new C Powers (a.k.a. Termeric, 1/2 Mane Mane, 1/3 Shrur/Shur) jammers just uploaded to Soundcloud a couple hours ago. I prefer the second of the two, "See Home," but "Slow Handed" is rad too, perhaps more along the lines of the chopped hip hop and funk that Powers has got us accustomed to. "See Home" rattles on for seven minutes, on the longish side for this project. Reminds me of another one of Powers' longer tracks, "Chunder 2" from his split with Yaaard. This guy's super clean and clubby. I like to imagine that every time one of those little cowbell percussions happens its a small man rapping on a glass with his fork, tryna get some attention except there's 40,000 others tryna do the same thing so that, together, they all sound rather nice and rhythmic. It's great as long as afterwords you don't recall that each and every one of their attention requests actually went unnoticed.

Slow Handed by C Powers

See Home by C Powers

Dig? Well check it out -- C Powers will be making a few appearances in Brooklyn at the end of May with Atlanta brethren Featureless Ghost. Hard dates are Friday May 27 at 285 Kent and Saturday May 28 (FBUS PRESENTS...) with CH-Rom and Punks On Mars at Cameo Gallery. Stay tuned for more info about dates and new C Powers releases.

(image via FAT DUDES)



This song is dedicated to Ian Nelson & FBUS Radio, which will hopefully live on in new spaces & time zones but will live on in our hearts forever. FBUS Radio has been my friend for over a year now, a friend I could count on every week to be like, "Hey girl, cheer up, it's radio time!!!" And I'd be like, "YEEEAHHH DAWG!!!" I hope for the sake of the internet, the world, and the well-being of mankind, we all meet here again very soon.

Marissa A. Ross is a Los Angeles-based writer, music connoisseur, blogger & an all out enthusiast for leisurely activities. She is kind of funny, but no one really gives a shit because she has awesome hair. Marissa enjoys cheap wine, sunbathing & jerking off to vintage motel postcards on Flickr.


I helped book up a show Thursday at Cameo Gallery and I'll also be DJing in between sets. Should be real fun. Night Manager has some new music out soon on Fire Talk, Telenovelas have a split 7" with Colours out next month on Beach Blonde, Arches is in town from Philadelphia and Cool World are Orlando Does Are bros rollin' thru from Providence. Lineup and times and music samples below:




8PM DOORS//$8//21+





DREAM SHAKE from Sam Alper on Vimeo.

Cool World - Dream Shake

Cool World - Ice Cream

Cool World - Sun Roof Top


Monday, May 9, 2011


Berlin blog No Fear Of Pop seems to be the #1 place to turn for Hype Williams-associated updates. Recently they posted a new track from Inga Copeland, a.k.a. the female half of Hype Williams. "Trample" sees Copeland on a serious pop lean, more of a body-bobbing jam, not quite dance-y but certainly less weird than "Can We," posted and then removed from Copeland's Soundcloud a few weeks ago.

The only vocals in "Can We" are a looped, pitched-down voice commanding one to "never look back." On top of this loop Copeland builds increasingly dense accompaniment, from the softest synthesizer tones to police cruiser sirens before dropping the beat and crawling bass line a couple minutes in. "Trample" forgoes the weirdo build-up and heads right for the part of my ear that says "hey if Nite Jewel sounds like a muffled disco held in a bedroom, then this Inga Copeland track sounds like a disco held in that bedroom's walk-in closet" and by that I mean it's even smaller-scale, more hidden, way more faded, for an even more select crowd. And that crowd probably has more drugs.

Inga Copeland - Trample

Inga Copeland - Can We

No idea if/when there will be an Inga Copeland solo record, but there's also this little mixtape to check out, something she did NOT immediately delete from her Soundcloud. The only sounds I recognize in the mix is Felt. The rest is weirder.

puff by cplnd


Way back in 1965, drummer Angus MacLise helped form the Velvet Underground. Before the band even played their first show, he up and quit amid accusations that the band had effectively "sold out" for agreeing to play a live concert. According to Lou Reed and John Cale, MacLise was "so dedicated a bohemian" that "he could not tolerate somebody telling him when to start playing and when to stop" (source). The proto-hippie's tape recordings went largely unheard until 1999 when they first found wider release with Siltbreeze, who released two records, The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda and Brain Damage in Oklahoma City. A couple more recordings were released in the early 00's, but none since 2003.

Fast forward to 2011 and we see the release of two LPs of MacLise's tape-recorded, Eastern-influenced drone material; Dreamweapon I, live recordings from MacLise, Tony Conrad and Jack Smith, and Dreamweapon III, a small collection of collaborations with Conrad. The LPs, available in editions of 500 on May 15 from Boo-Hooray, act as sonic companions to a new exhibition dedicated to MacLise, Dreamweapon: The Art and Life of Angus MacLise (1938-1979). The show opens Tuesday with a party at the Boo-Hooray Gallery (521 West 23rd Street in New York) and is composed of a slew of poetry, drawings and photographs dug up from a suitcase lent to minimalist composer La Monte Young. The exhibit looks to cement MacLise as a major player in the connecting of Beat poetry, psychedelic film making, rock n roll and avant-garde composition. The exhibition comes complete with a full catalog in a limited edition of 1000, plus "a deluxe boxed edition of 100 copies with a numbered photo print, a numbered silk-screen and a CD of previously unheard music and poetry and more."

Check out the primitive, burnt drone of "Druid's Leafy Nest" from Dreamweapon III below, then buy an LP or two -- if you purchase both you save $10. Also, if you can't hit that opening party May 10, be sure to visit the exhibition before it closes on May 29.

Tony Conrad + Angus MacLise - Druid's Leafy Nest

(example of MacLise's "internal alphabets" / "automatic writing")

Thursday, May 5, 2011








Wednesday, May 4, 2011



Today I am requesting Beach Fossils' "Golden Age" because I saw them live last night for the first time. Maybe I'm just mad out of touch, but I had no idea they had such a large following. It's completely warranted though if you've got your hands on their releases, and especially if you've seen one of their shows. Their performance is very clean, which is mad respectable for hazy pop considering how many acts have a tendency to implode and fizzle across the stage when trying to accomplish this summery lo-fi sort of thing. Last night's show solidified their likeness to Real Estate, which is one of the best compliments I could give a band. Tight and true to their recordings, it was a truly pleasurable experience.

Marissa A. Ross is a Los Angeles-based writer, music connoisseur, blogger & an all out enthusiast for leisurely activities. She is kind of funny, but no one really gives a shit because she has awesome hair. Marissa enjoys cheap wine, sunbathing & jerking off to vintage motel postcards on Flickr.


PERSONA LA AVE = SOULMATES from smokeDONTsmoke on Vimeo.

Here's a rather beautiful yet incredibly gross nature footage video for new Persona La Ave track "SOULMATE." Three words: Leopard. Slugs. Mating. Get slimy on that dangling mucous lust.

Persona La Ave - SOULMATE



Thanks to Rose Quartz on the heads up -- Persona La Ave recently collaborated with one Bobbi Dahl, producing her track "He Loves Me." The joint brings Porn Wave one step closer to being a real genre, which PLA has been working on for a while now. The track-defining moment has to be when she admits "Yes, I wanted him to choke me out with my own thong." Heavy. She was also featured on a Teams' "Comfort Slave," another blunt ode to casual relations where she's convincing in wanting to "make you stand on two hind legs cos you're a dog" and feed you Alpo. HEAVY.

Bobbi Dahl - He Loves Me (prod. Persona La Ave)

Teams ft. Bobbi Dahl - Comfort Slave (from Teams' Dxys Xff)



Dxys Xff features a collab with PLA called "Freaklicker" and a whole bunch of other maximal electronic cuts. The album is available for digital purchase now and will be available for vinyl purchase May 25 from AMDISCS. Teams is also going on a mean U.S. tour this Summer with Zombelle and help from Disaro. Catch em at a city near you.

Freaklicker by Teams

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


LA Vampires feat. Ital - Streetwise from Not Not Fun on Vimeo.

Amanda Brown (LA Vampires, Not Not Fun, 100% Silk) and Daniel Martin-McCormick (Ital, Mi Ami, Sex Worker) recently recorded Streetwise, a four-song 12" for NNF under the name LA Vampires Goes Ital. Tentatively scheduled for a May 25 release date, Streetwise picks up where Brown left off in 2010 with LA Vampires' pair of collaborative EPs with Zola Jesus and Matrix Metals. "Streetwise," the first syrupy dance cut to be released from the record, has received official video treatment by frequent NNF video director and LA Vampires visual collaborator Ben Shearn. According to Brown, the video's inspiration is "part George Michael's "Freedom 90" and part CC Peniston video art," complete with Vogue cut-outs of starving models in the most divine of early 1990s make-ups and fashions. These motifs, in addition to the shots of Brown bathed in soft focus intimacy, further attest to her status as the new queen of outsider glam.

Monday, May 2, 2011


About a month ago I posted "vbs," a devastating juke-future cut by Boston resident howse. Dude's been hard at work on some new material, including exclusives for a couple forthcoming compilations. One of these collections' curators has elected to remain anonymous, but the other is Dayvan Zombear, a full-album/leak blog turned MP3/radio blog and cassette tape label (DZ Tapes). The comp, lovingly titled the DYVNZMBR community compilation, features nearly THIRTY artists and contains the FBUS-approved stylings of howse, Rangers, Galapagos, Giant Claw, Ken Seeno and many, many more.

To fund this project, DZ Tapes has elected to start a Kickstarter campaign. According to his estimates, all he needs to do is sell five tapes per day over the next month and the project will be funded. All you need to donate to access the MP3s is $1, but a good chunk of the files are already available for stream on Soundcloud including howse's new jam "Ease." This one doesn't pack quite as much punch as "vbs," a more ambient juke-ing. Big ups on what is unmistakably a sample of Sonic the Hedgehog being hit by an enemy and losing his rings. Stream "Ease" below, along with a couple more of my favorite previews, then throw DZ Tapes a few bucks and help make the tape a reality.

"Ease" by Howse by dayvanzombear

"Tunnel Mind" by Giant Claw by dayvanzombear

"Friends" by Galapagos by dayvanzombear

(image via FAT DUDES)



howse recently sent over a couple older beats that never made their rounds, apparently more hip hop minded but still real spacey and translucent, THIS TIME WITH INAPPROPRIATE TRACK TITLES.

howse - mega boner

howse - i <3 weed




I didn't hear much about this Dog Leather LP when it was released earlier this year, but I'm getting really into Greezy Man and Stinky Man Meets Smutty Ranks On Tarantula Hill after catching their live show twice in the past month or so, including the other nite opening for Lightning Bolt at 285 Kent.

Dog Leather is the duo of DJ Dog Dick and Sewn Leather, two dudes whose music I am admittedly just vaguely familiar with. The two cover a weird range of brutal noise/junked downtempo hip hop, usually spitting heavily distorted, barely intelligible rhymes about Gorilla Glue, goblins, garbage, ogres and blunts. According to Pictureplane, "These kids aren't trying to be rappers, they are just being themselves" and that's exactly the vibe I get from their live show -- two dudes who like to make a shit-ton of obliterating noise come together to riff on outsider scum life and swallow the audience in the process. In a good way. Like, a few people leave the room with their fingers in their ears but the vast majority are so so drawn to it. Video Evidence.

The best part? Shit's available as a pay-what-you-want download from Ehse Records in addition to 12" LP and CDR. Album centerpiece and general oddball "Do Gleat Her" is available for stream below, but don't let it fool you -- dudes are usually way more intense, like no flutes and Summery hip hop bass grooves. For the noisier stuff, check the rad homemade videos below.

(P.S. "Goblin Massacre" probably isn't a @fucktyler dis but I'm curious to know what he'd think about these dudes)

Dog Leather - Do Gleat Her by Bmore Musically Informed

(image via Google Search)