Wednesday, May 4, 2011


PERSONA LA AVE = SOULMATES from smokeDONTsmoke on Vimeo.

Here's a rather beautiful yet incredibly gross nature footage video for new Persona La Ave track "SOULMATE." Three words: Leopard. Slugs. Mating. Get slimy on that dangling mucous lust.

Persona La Ave - SOULMATE



Thanks to Rose Quartz on the heads up -- Persona La Ave recently collaborated with one Bobbi Dahl, producing her track "He Loves Me." The joint brings Porn Wave one step closer to being a real genre, which PLA has been working on for a while now. The track-defining moment has to be when she admits "Yes, I wanted him to choke me out with my own thong." Heavy. She was also featured on a Teams' "Comfort Slave," another blunt ode to casual relations where she's convincing in wanting to "make you stand on two hind legs cos you're a dog" and feed you Alpo. HEAVY.

Bobbi Dahl - He Loves Me (prod. Persona La Ave)

Teams ft. Bobbi Dahl - Comfort Slave (from Teams' Dxys Xff)



Dxys Xff features a collab with PLA called "Freaklicker" and a whole bunch of other maximal electronic cuts. The album is available for digital purchase now and will be available for vinyl purchase May 25 from AMDISCS. Teams is also going on a mean U.S. tour this Summer with Zombelle and help from Disaro. Catch em at a city near you.

Freaklicker by Teams

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