Monday, May 23, 2011


To celebrate his coming to America, Triple You Tapes is proud to present the C Powers Labour CDR, seven tracks recorded over the past 1.5 years and tossed to the internet, only to float back as a compact disc wrapped up in handmade packaging by the beautiful people at UUU. You say you didn't know Mr. Powers was crossing the Atlantic? WELL GET WITH IT -- dude's playing two shows in Brooklyn this weekend, Friday May 27 at 285 Kent with Greatest Hits, Friends and Featureless Ghost (presented by VIBES MGMT), then again Saturday May 28 at Cameo Gallery with Featureless Ghost, Punks On Mars and CH-Rom (presented by Friendship Bracelet Presents...).

Inside Labour we find track after track of hard-hitting hip hop instrumental funk, at times dipping into more psychedelic stretches, at times leaning into a raving house pulse. I've said it before and I'll say it again, C Powers, whether he's solo or with Mane Mane or as his defunct project Termeric, hits right in the dead center in a scatterplot of various musics I get down with and Labour is no different -- drugs-in-the-club bangers for semi-faded weekend warriors who should probably hit the sack except they'd sooner hit the back room, hit the bong and keep on drinking.

Between this release, NEW C Powers material, new Shur material (formerly Shrur) and the prospect of new Mane Mane works, C Powers seems poised to murder the second half of 2011. He's also got his first Mane Mane show lined up, a July 13 date in Stockholm with AyGeeTee. Labour is a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD and if you're feeling particularly saucy this day please do order a CDR from UUU. Check a couple of my favorites then download the whole thing then don't be shy -- BUY ONE!

C Powers - Sylkshow

C Powers - Doll Symbol


Anonymous said...

this guy's a powerhouse high-impact pervert magician

Anonymous said...

yeah this cunt is on a rampage