Monday, May 2, 2011


About a month ago I posted "vbs," a devastating juke-future cut by Boston resident howse. Dude's been hard at work on some new material, including exclusives for a couple forthcoming compilations. One of these collections' curators has elected to remain anonymous, but the other is Dayvan Zombear, a full-album/leak blog turned MP3/radio blog and cassette tape label (DZ Tapes). The comp, lovingly titled the DYVNZMBR community compilation, features nearly THIRTY artists and contains the FBUS-approved stylings of howse, Rangers, Galapagos, Giant Claw, Ken Seeno and many, many more.

To fund this project, DZ Tapes has elected to start a Kickstarter campaign. According to his estimates, all he needs to do is sell five tapes per day over the next month and the project will be funded. All you need to donate to access the MP3s is $1, but a good chunk of the files are already available for stream on Soundcloud including howse's new jam "Ease." This one doesn't pack quite as much punch as "vbs," a more ambient juke-ing. Big ups on what is unmistakably a sample of Sonic the Hedgehog being hit by an enemy and losing his rings. Stream "Ease" below, along with a couple more of my favorite previews, then throw DZ Tapes a few bucks and help make the tape a reality.

"Ease" by Howse by dayvanzombear

"Tunnel Mind" by Giant Claw by dayvanzombear

"Friends" by Galapagos by dayvanzombear

(image via FAT DUDES)



howse recently sent over a couple older beats that never made their rounds, apparently more hip hop minded but still real spacey and translucent, THIS TIME WITH INAPPROPRIATE TRACK TITLES.

howse - mega boner

howse - i <3 weed



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