Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hey there -- two new C Powers (a.k.a. Termeric, 1/2 Mane Mane, 1/3 Shrur/Shur) jammers just uploaded to Soundcloud a couple hours ago. I prefer the second of the two, "See Home," but "Slow Handed" is rad too, perhaps more along the lines of the chopped hip hop and funk that Powers has got us accustomed to. "See Home" rattles on for seven minutes, on the longish side for this project. Reminds me of another one of Powers' longer tracks, "Chunder 2" from his split with Yaaard. This guy's super clean and clubby. I like to imagine that every time one of those little cowbell percussions happens its a small man rapping on a glass with his fork, tryna get some attention except there's 40,000 others tryna do the same thing so that, together, they all sound rather nice and rhythmic. It's great as long as afterwords you don't recall that each and every one of their attention requests actually went unnoticed.

Slow Handed by C Powers

See Home by C Powers

Dig? Well check it out -- C Powers will be making a few appearances in Brooklyn at the end of May with Atlanta brethren Featureless Ghost. Hard dates are Friday May 27 at 285 Kent and Saturday May 28 (FBUS PRESENTS...) with CH-Rom and Punks On Mars at Cameo Gallery. Stay tuned for more info about dates and new C Powers releases.

(image via FAT DUDES)

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beautiful shit. like so safe