Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Protect-U - Double Rainbow (No Pain In Pop)

Universal Swimsuit - Saturday Night Whigfield (Don't Die Wondering)

Pink Priest - Coyote Clean Up's God of Blues Dance Dub



McGregor alerted me to Games (Daniel Lopatin + Joel Ford) and their track "Planet Party" a bit ago. Played it on the radio a couple times since then, been craving more. Daniel just dropped a link referring me to "Everything Is Working," Games jam number two.

"Everything Is Working" is a bit less Miami Vice than the previous banger, but just as Miami Vice. Shit was born from "geeking out on jazz fusion and midi funk from the 70s and 80s." And according to Lopatin,

"Games is kind of the ultimate manifestation of our geekery."

Geeks geeking out over geek-funk. Perfect.

Both tracks are from Games' debut EP That We Can Play, due this Summer on a yet-to-be-determined label.

Planet Party by Games

Everything Is Working by Games

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Lately the first place I've been turning every day to find something rad is Merok Records' "New Bands Blog" Don't Die Wondering. They did it again the other day, introducing me to the sensual, oceanic sway of Persona La Ave and their song "Beach 2." Yeah, I say oceanic cos of the waves, but there's also sonar moans bouncing back off of fish schools (you'll know what I mean), light filtering down through globs of blue-green algae and a salty spray for your tongue when you surface.

Check that one out below and stream a couple more at Myspace to get you all riled up - FRIENDSHIP BRACELET is proud to announce the release of Brother, Persona La Ave's debut cassette, this Spring/Summer on FRIENDSHIP BRACELET.

Persona La Ave - Beach 2

(image via FAT DUDES)


Caleb from Truman Peyote just sent over a few cuts from a new release on his Breakfast of Champs label, Teenage High School by Boston-area duo The Craters (Wes Kaplan + Jared Arnold).

I recalled checking these guys out before, and upon revisiting their Myspace I remembered the reason I even checked em out in the first place was because of the image on their music player - a jar of Bonne Maman Fruit Preserves, one of my favorite condiments. It's not jam, it's not jelly, it's not fruit spread, it's certainly not Polaner All-Fruit. Freak the seedless red raspberry, peep a couple new Craters tracks (Rose Quartz and Weekly Tape Deck each mentioned the first one last year) and BUY THE TAPE.

The Craters - Cool Enough For School

The Craters - Hi Five

Monday, February 22, 2010


INTRODUCING a new (potentially) weekly feature: THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB (thanks to Stereogum for the tip on the name). I'm hoping to deliver a mix of songs early each week handpicked by various entities (labels, bands, dudes) with hopes that it can be enjoyed while you're working at the office or drinking morning coffee or nursing a hangover (or all three).

Edition #1 is curated by Jonathan Williger, head honcho over at Blackburn Recordings. The label has two releases under its belt, a split between Falsetto Boy and Sleep In Sundays (both from Saint Louis, Williger's hometown) and more recently Big Troubles' first 7" record. On the way from Blackburn are a couple 7"s, one from Sultan and one from Sore Eros, as well as a digital Blackburn compilation. Williger also serves as Program Director at WNYU and hosts a weekly program Fridays from 4-7:30PM EST.

This mix comes in two parts, you know like two sides of a real mixtape. I'm especially floating on this Christina Carter into Kath Bloom & Loren Connors business.












EXPO '70 - B










6:30-8PM EST

WMUA -- 91.1FM


(image via NANCY)

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Golden Girls, Total Slacker, Black Lung and more are playing a show at 165 West Street in Amherst tonite.

If you remember correctly, I had Golden Girls in the WMUA studio a bit ago to record a few tracks. If you didn't check that out, click the link below.

Golden Girls Live on WMUA

Friday, February 19, 2010


Acephale sent over the CFCF remix of Kingdom's "Mindreader" the other day, accurately describing it as an "icy two-step number with a killer build towards the end." With few exceptions, I've consistently been more impressed by CFCF's remixes than his original work (Continent, Panesian Nights), especially his re-working of Cassie's "Offical Girl," but that's just me.

The double-A-side 10" single is out now, limited to 500 copies in a "Matte Finish Sleeve With Silver Foil Embossing" with no repress. GET YER LIMITED EDITION ON.

Kingdom - Mindreader (ft. Shyvonne) CFCF Remix

Thursday, February 18, 2010


It was just brought to my attention that Daytime Television's track "New YYYear" was recently remixed by City Center, adding a little more oomph to the original's already throbbing drone. Guitars melt over the choppy beat, lifting the jam out of the dank, moss-green sewer into higher elevations. Some far-up-there summit is where the re-working rests its head, basecamp-warm between endless heaves of shimmering white. Think Emeralds getting on some more propulsive Ducktails shit.

Daytime Television - New YYYear

Daytime Television - New YYYear (City Center Remix)

Coyote Clean Up remixed another Daytime Television track "Punks Not Having Fun." Grab that HERE.



City Center's new Cops Don't Care 7" is out on M'Lady's Records. Check out "Heat Isn't the Word" over at Raven Sings the Blues.


A couple weeks ago Mike Pigott dropped into my work space to drop off a tape he had been talking to me about. You may remember me posting about his Green Mansions project with Peter Bonneman last Summer. The same day he got me that record he showed me some videos of a Peruvian street musician by the name of Carlos Antonio, a.k.a. El Hombre Orquestra ("one man band"), a gentleman who uses a makeshift drum kit, his voice and a kazoo-sounding plastic horn fashioned out of a soda bottle to interpret his favorite cumbia numbers.

Mike was introduced to Mr. Antonio on one of his trips to Peru (he seems utterly obsessed with the country and cumbia music in general) and actually got a chance to record with him in 2009. Mike has released a pro-dubbed cassette from the session on his label MassTropicas in an edition of 100, 50 of which he gave to Antonio, 50 of which will be available exclusively in the U.S. through the Olde English Spelling Bee Shoppe.

On the recording session, Mike had this to say:

"I recorded these songs last year in Lima on May 15th, we picked him up and brought him to a practice spot halfway across the city in a taxi. He played for an hour straight."

From this session they pulled five tracks, all groovy as hell. Seriously consider owning one of these, it's a very unique artifact of something you'd probably never hear otherwise. I'm hoping that it's made widely available once the 50 are sold out. Expect much more from Mr. Pigott this year.


If you remember clearly, Dylan from Mount McKinley + Kenny from Byrds of Paradise = Tall Boys. Their first brotherly duet graced Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 3 so it's only right that I suggest you check out their second jam, "Those Kids." Chainsaw guitars replace softer strums, pummeling drums replace breezy handclaps. Oh, and the vocal melody in the chorus really almost reminds me of "Wild Eyes."

Coincidence: Wild World is putting out the Byrds of Paradise Rowena 7"

Tall Boys - Those Kids


Here's some finished products ready to ship finally. Thanks to people who have ordered already, your copy is in the mail or will be in the mail very soon.


A spraypaint-coated CD-R inside of a paper/plastic sleeve decorated with the glossy cut-out letters "F B U S." The back is hand-printed with old rubber stamps + years old pink and green/blue/violet ink. Each sleeve also contains a unique insert (cardstock, sticker-backing, spray glue, acrylic).

All this can be yours for the nominal fee of $5 (shipping included anywhere in the world). Click the Paypal link below (or in the sidebar) to make it happen.


Apparently Total Slacker debuted their cover of "Hangin' Tough" the other night at Brooklyn Bowl. I wasn't there, but a little bit ago they sent me a version they recorded late one night jokin around and it's awesome. I mean, there's not much more to take away from the original than that chorus and they do it up right. See for yourself.

Total Slacker - Hangin' Tough (New Kids On the Block cover)

ALSO Total Slacker has been added to Saturday of Shake Some Action!, our huge collaborative SXSW party that you should go to if you're in Austin March 18-20.

(image via Google Search)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Honestly only reason I'm on this new Nocando record is cos I started seein it popping up in my Twitter feed so much I couldn't help but check it out. Gotta say it's tight. Lead promo track "Hurry Up and Wait" is packed up right, ready to blast out your SUV speakers into the street below. I can imagine heads turning the first nice Spring day in Amherst cos they hear a rumbling bass and they immediately say "ahh dat 'A Milli' shit" but then they listen more closely and they find out this shit snaps way harder and the hook ain't annoying.

Jimmy the Lock is out now on Alpha Pup Records.

Nocando - Hurry Up and Wait

This new video for "Two Track Mind" with Busdriver is dope too - strange I, Robot babes posing lustfully with hypnotic animations on them are cut between the two emcees delivering lines. Totally weird, but I dig.


Crop Rotation sent over a few jams and I'm diggin one in particular. "Depths" sounds very pure, everything about it sparkling and crisp, similar to some stuff I've brought up lately (namely Hard Mix and D'EON). Goes well with the huge flakes of snow that have been falling this evening.

I imagine one could call it 'tropical' or something based on the beat's bounce and that flute that sounds straight out the Amazon, but I'm convinced it was made for those times when it's snowing in an area affected by city lights and the color of the million streetlamps reflect off the overcast sky, back to the freshly blanketed ground and back up at the clouds. In my case the lights are orange, so the effect creates a general orange/pink haze all around downtown and the surrounding area. It doesn't get black until you drive away from these lights, otherwise you're smothered in what we refer to as "The Pink." This is cool cos it allows you to go trudge around in the woods with boots and 40s and you can see like it's endless dusk.

Crop Rotation - Depths


First of all I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has found this web space, and even bigger thanks to those who continue to check back for new things because this very special post is Friendship Bracelet's 500TH POST. That's a nice, round number to celebrate, right? Here's to the next 500.

Nate from Yours Truly gives FBUS the chance to premier parts two and three of the three-part Pure Ecstasy video series filmed at Aquarius Records in San Francisco last month. According to Nate, these two songs will be released by Acephale later this month.

Both songs are solid, but if I had to choose one I'd side with "Alexandria," another loping jam still dripping with the usual slosh of reverb. I must say they were fantastic a couple weekends ago in freezing cold Brooklyn and I look forward to their set closer to the equator at the Sensitive Homeboys' Shake Some Action SXSW party.

Pure Ecstasy - Alexandria [part 2 of 3] from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Pure Ecstasy - Voices [part 3 of 3] from Yours Truly on Vimeo.


I was introduced to Balam Acab in a couple places, as I was reminded of their name when the God of Blues himself mentioned their track "See Birds." On the Pennsylvanian project's "strictly midnight afterparty vibes," Will had this to say:

"this music is chocolate covered diamonds fallin' from the moon into your fiancee's glass of champagne right before you rub your feet together... seriously."

While I have no fiancee feet to rub myself upon, I think I know exactly what he means. Once you check out "See Birds" you will too. Download/stream below then check the other two tracks at Myspace.

Balam Acab - See Birds

Monday, February 15, 2010


Diving deep into the radio this week. Bunches of new jams 6:30-8PM EST on WMUA. Tune in 91.1FM in the Valley or STREAM IT.

Durlin Lurt, DEM HUNGER, Infinite Body, do while, Annapurna Illusion, Vacation Dad, Chat Room, eLan, Kites Sail High, many more. Hit de PLAYLIST once the show starts.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Stream both tracks from DIMLITE's "digital surprise single" HERE.

Dimlite – Roo (A dedication) from Ehstrawlogy Produkte on Vimeo.

(via Astro-Nautico)


do while is another project on Wigflip Records, home to Happy Family, Run DMT, inflatable mattress, The Treehouse and many more.

On many of these Wigflip releases so far we see a tendency towards gauzy atmospherics in addition to nodding rhythms, zoning in from time to time on an actual groove which never seems to last very long. This isn't a particularly bad thing, though in the few do while tracks I've heard off their upcoming self-titled album I have heard no circular Run DMT visions, no stuttered inflatable mattress beats or syncopated Happy Family layers.

Rather, do while perches itself atop a blinking buoy just barely visible from shore, bobbing and drifting on waves washed up by huge Royal Carribean party vessels. They could easily take flight and scout out the cruise, play some shuffleboard while sipping tropical cocktails out of coconuts, but they remain on that buoy in an equatorial forever-dawn. Put yourself in this place and check out some selections from do while, out sometime this Spring.

do while - balloon clouds

do while - a candy coated slow down

(image via FAT DUDES)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Mater Suspiria Vision continues to sort of weird me out with yet another video leading up to a couple releases - one a video project in collaboration with Cosmotropia de Xam and the other a CDR on DISARO.

I posted the video for the Hypnagogic Remix of "The Afterlife" recently, a truly mesmerizing and decidedly uncomfortable experience. I'm assuming all these videos will be compiled and made available in physical the form, or more accurately a

"Limited Edition of 20 Tapes (10 Betamax[PAL]/10 VHS[PAL]Tapes including Free Bonus DVD-R)"

Mater Suspiria Vision is billed as hailing from Kabul, Afghanistan and they don't really project much else information about themselves. Or himself. Or herself. I suppose we'll find out more information eventually. Here's a download of my favorite of their tracks I've heard so far, then watch the corresponding videos and/or let the Myspace player stream.

Mater Suspiria Vision - The Afterlife





Here's another one:


In collaboration with all the other Sensitive Homeboys (Weekly Tape Deck, Transparent, Yours Truly, Underwater Peoples, Indie-Verse), Friendship Bracelet is proud to announce our SHAKE SOME ACTION! SXSW party at Austin's Karibu Ethiopian restaurant - three days of bands, booze, dudes and tasty menu fare.

The party starts the afternoon of Thursday March 18 and runs all day each day for three days. Set times and other details to be announced in the near future, but for now check our little promo video whipped up by Yours Truly and try to keep up as the names scroll by.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Chat Room a.k.a. Tucker from Total Slacker sent over some jams he's been "secretly working on." The two tracks are both shimmering bits of pop "all recorded off one yamaha keyboard from the early 90's."

The first is a 1990's business woman jam, which I can totally get down to, and the second is without vocals but equally as dreamy.

You can't beat:

"she's got shoulder pads and a big day planner"

Chat Room - Mon's Web Dating Again

Chat Room - Moon Pool



Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I mentioned Bathetic putting out that King Dude tape the other day and look at that, they have three more tapes available for purchase today including one I'm particularly interested in - a split c21 with Taped Hiss and Neon Pulse. I think I first heard of Taped Hiss through the Neon Pulse guy's blog so it's cool to see em smashed together on one tape.

There's an excerpt from each side up for stream. The Taped Hiss side sounds like it's just about to get going before the stream stops. The Neon Pulse portion hums and buzzes like heatwave powerlines. Check em out then order the tape - there's only 50 of them.


Vacation Dad sent me an email recently. It went to my spam folder. I found it the other day.

"got laid off, recorded this."
- the Facebook event

"i recorded this on a tape to make myself feel good."
- the email

I've always wanted to be a vacation dad.

Vacation Dad - Half Seas

Vacation Dad - Taters


Hard Mix is Noah from Greenville, SC. His album is available for free download. I dig a couple of these tracks. Noah wants to remind us that the songs are not remixes. He makes the music then he ventures out to "search the interwebz for acapellas."

In these couple tracks I believe he's found and manipulated the correct acapellas and laid them atop the correct beats. Dude gets sexy with the autotune too.

Hard Mix - Control This

Hard Mix - Just Tell Me


Yesterday Leaving Records announced the official release of DEM HUNGER's CAVEMAN SMACK tape, now available for pre-order, shipping two weeks from today. Aside from the seven tape tracks your order will include:

* "BUBBA BUBBA SUFI" art booklet by DEM HUNGER.
*Cassette-only "FRIED HORSE" eight minute mix of source material and inspired sounds used in CAVEMAN SMACK.
*Cassette-only “MOSQUE VIBRATIONS (md ragamix)” matthewdavid over-processed phasing estuary interpretation.
*MP3 secret-code download.

After these initial few listens I seriously urge you to pre-order a tape. Inside I find new versions of DEM I haven't heard before nudged right up next to sounds whose origins I'll never know but will forever be branded with his name. I'm thrown into a whirlwind, disorienting and catastrophic like some Great Plains Judy Garland shit, being lifted right off my foundations. I land in a world very similar to the one I left behind, but cleaner cut, more defined and vibrant. Sky is fake blue. Grass is more green. All cheeks are rosy. I recognize everyone, though every step I take is entirely new.

One's sense of time is blurred as well. There's so many cuts and gaps and stops and starts it's hard to get one's footing. This proves to be an exciting and at times unsettling experience - drawing the listener in and grabbing attention with cryptic, toasted vinyl crackles and soulful tones yet repelling them with more coherent, at times angered outbursts both rhythmically and verbally. It's like spending a day on a sped-up planet where the tide goes out and comes back dozens of times every 'day' measured in Earth-time. The moon passes by so often it's hard to tell whether it's night or day. Moods swing violently. Insomniac chaos ensues. Should I be sleeping or working? When was the last time I brushed my teeth? Am I hungry? Can I mow the lawn in the dark?

Check out "ELECTRIC SHITHOLE" below, BUY A TAPE and wait a few weeks.


(image via DEM HUNGER but he probably stole it from that husser Auntie of yers SHELLEY DUVALL)


Thanks to Astro-Nautico for the tip on this one - new eLan beat tape famLay dropped the other day. I dug on his Magnificent Mistakes shit from last year and while all that hasn't lost any of its shine, this new stuff is a welcome addition. Favorites upon first listen are "Croonery" and "Health Master 3000." Check em out then grab the whole thing below.

eLan - Croonery ft. F.V.

eLan - Health Master 3000 ft. Marzio

eLan - famLay

Monday, February 8, 2010


Two new Hot To Dress Well EPs dropped yesterday, Born Bodies (four tracks, one with mysterious, constant collaborator cokc dokc) and Five Souls (also four tracks, three with cokc dokc). The haunted R&B/doom textures continue on both EPs, adding another round to the five 3" CDRs over five months promised back in the Fall. As always they're free for download via the How To Dress Well blog and will be available as a box set sometime soon through Cryptic Carousel.

The two EPs differ, with Born Bodies leaning more towards the project's chilling ambient modes and Five Souls covering sexier ground. The first starts off in a haze with "Tramodolhydrochlorid," easing into an angelic chant after an introductory "how to dress well motherfucker." "My Body" floats like this too for a minute before the EP's first beat kicks in, superbly hollow, heartbreaking and lonely.

Five Souls sets off slightly more uptempo, with "These Visions" riding a Kanye beat (which I admit I didn't catch at all the first bunch of times I listened) and a live version of "Walking This Dumb," a muffled pulsation radiating from your fog machine basement dance party. This one also features "Lover's Start (Desert Voyage)," which I premiered on Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 3.

Also it's cool to see HTDW get some more lovin this time around - peeped posts on Village Voice, Chocolate Bobka, No Conclusion, Yours Truly and Rose Quartz.

ALSO here's a video for a demo version of "11 years on."

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Shit makes me want to curl up in a graveyard and die.

If that sentence didn't make you scurry over to Bathetic already and order King Dude's My Beloved Ghost tape I don't know what will.

There's only 100 of them. BUY IT.

King Dude - My Beloved Ghost


Got a Myspace friend request from PWIN ▲▲ TEAKS recently. Sort of unsure if you're supposed to include the triangles or not. Seems like a pain.

Anyway, the songs are weird and the video is made by the same crew who has been making those weird Mater Suspiria Vision videos. Check it then check more demos on Myspace.

PWIN ▲▲ TEAKS - Beach Bubble

Thursday, February 4, 2010


The other day Jamie from Group Tightener and Men and Women hit me with some new stuff of his under the name Cascaders.

All three jams thrive on space, setting out with sparse flickers and pulses and ever so slightly picking up, not in pace but in density. "Skybridge" echoes this sentiment clearly with its calculated stutters and reverberated handclaps, while "Lifetimes" is a bit more involved, sort of like some deep, misty Forest Swords grooves (which would make sense since Jamie's putting out that Forest Swords/High Wolf split sometime soon). Check out these couple tracks and hold tight til there's more.

Cascaders - Skybridge

Cascaders - Lifetimes

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Can't get enough of that Sleep Over song I posted last week. Stefanie from Sleep Over also sings and plays synths in Silver Pines, whose Forces LP was pressed by Light Lodge, the same dudes who brought us Pure Ecstasy's Easy 7".

This all makes sense since Austin and Jesse from Pure Ecstasy also play in Silver Pines and Light Lodge is eventually releasing that Sleep Over track on a 7" with Pure Ecstasy. A "tangled web" for sure.

Here's a couple Silver Pines tracks, both of which take their time burning a hole in the back of your head. "Timefather" is from their Light Lodge LP - a lonely, scorching desert ballad that borders on some Galaxie 500 shit as it climaxes. "Glass Church" is from the self-released and unfortunately out of print Night Smoker cassette. Somehow it's even dreamier than the previous track, creaking along delicate and slow. Huge, gentle whales. BUY the LP from the Light Lodge store NOW.

Silver Pines - Timefather

Silver Pines - Glass Church

There's also this weird/rad/bloody video for the Amasa Gana remix of their song "Invitation to Surf."



Sleep Over - Your World Is Night


This has been a long time in the making, but Big Troubles' first piece of physical music is now available on Blackburn Recordings in the form of a self-titled four-song 7" record (cover art above). As if you didn't know Friendship Bracelet was a big Big Troubles fan, the 7" features a re-worked version of "Wouldn't Mind" from Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 2's demo version, two jams that have been floating around a bit ("Freudian Slips" + "Worn Out") and "Little Hunter," one I'll have to wait to hear until my copy arrives.

Grab your very own HERE and sample that new version of "Wouldn't Mind" below. Stay tuned for a split 7" with Fluffy Lumbers on Transparent, their LP on Olde English Spelling Bee and apparently there's an OESB 7" in the works as well. Oh and check em out at this show tomorrow.

Big Troubles - Wouldn't Mind

Also here's two different videos of them playing "Freudian Slips" in October, the first shot by Ray Concepcion at Cameo Gallery and the second by The Tripwire in a bathroom.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


At the beginning of the month I mentioned some awesome inflatable mattress jams lurking around Wigflip Records-related Myspaces. inflatable mattress is Will from Happy Family and he dropped this new Real Talk mixtape over the weekend.

The mix is made up of 26 tracks of beat slices, scattered oscillations and assorted bits of swirled sounds, averaging out to about a minute per beat. Clearly the most memorable grooves are retained due to repetition, hence the more memorable cuts here are the longer, more drawn-out pieces (you know, over 50 seconds long). Sample on some of these bite-sized toothpick joints then just grab the whole mixtape cos it's free.

inflatable mattress - double dutch

inflatable mattress - havva havva goodtime

inflatable mattress - flutter butter



inflatable mattress - free kisses vs. my nn-xt

inflatable mattress - pillowfight

Monday, February 1, 2010


There's some tasty radio in your computer this evening from 6:30-8PM EST streaming from This same radio can be squeezed from your real-life radio dial at 91.1FM in the Pioneer Valley. DJ BEER WITH DINNER returns this week with a sprinkling of cuts from the new Inflatable Mattress mixtape Real Life (DOWNLOAD FOR FREE FROM WIGFLIP RIGHT HERE), a couple smeared-up matthewdavid joints, selections from Friendship Bracelet Club Volume 3 and much more. Tweet me a request or call in (413-545-3691) if you wana dive deep.