Thursday, February 18, 2010


It was just brought to my attention that Daytime Television's track "New YYYear" was recently remixed by City Center, adding a little more oomph to the original's already throbbing drone. Guitars melt over the choppy beat, lifting the jam out of the dank, moss-green sewer into higher elevations. Some far-up-there summit is where the re-working rests its head, basecamp-warm between endless heaves of shimmering white. Think Emeralds getting on some more propulsive Ducktails shit.

Daytime Television - New YYYear

Daytime Television - New YYYear (City Center Remix)

Coyote Clean Up remixed another Daytime Television track "Punks Not Having Fun." Grab that HERE.



City Center's new Cops Don't Care 7" is out on M'Lady's Records. Check out "Heat Isn't the Word" over at Raven Sings the Blues.

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