Tuesday, December 28, 2010


"Endless House, a long-forgotten central European super club, has now re-surfaced after 36 years of silence.

Buried deep in the Bialowieska Forest, this pioneering discotheque was (briefly) home to eccentric synth pop, madcap electronic experimentation and proto-ambient/noise works. As its first release, London's Dramatic
now presents the club's music, and its faded glitterati, to the world.

Showcasing as-yet-unheard styles that call to mind Minimal Wave, Devo, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze and Vangelis, the compilation is available now in the form of 500 lovingly handmade 'archive packs' from www.dramaticrecords.com."

Hmmm... Still not sure if I buy this, but apparently these are unearthed jams from the 70s. However, they sound so futuristic for today that it's hard to believe they came from way back then. But whatever. My favorites are below.

Klaus Pinter - Bewussseinweiterung by EndlessHouse

Rasmus Folk - Coupe by EndlessHouse

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today, being all three or so days before that Jesus cat was born and I used to get showered with presents back before the housing industry crashed, I am requesting Sammy Davis Jr.'s "Christmas Time All Over The World." It is my favorite super cheesy holiday jam and I am a glutton for super cheesy holiday jams! I eat 'em up like cheese puffs, for real! Like, it just brings the biggest, lamest, dorkiest smile to my face. It's just a tradition for me to dance joyously, and horribly, all over my house listening to the Christmas With The Rat Pack album. "Christmas Time All Over The World" is actually considered kind of a gem because it was previously unreleased up until the Rat Pack compilation came out in 2002, but that might have been because this song is kinda terrible (in the best way possible). It is like the "It's A Small World" of seasonal tunes but I don't care. I probably don't care because I sing a damn good impression of Sammy - and Frank and Dean for that matter. It's kind of embarrassing I sing more like male lounge singers rather than like, I don't know, Mariah Carey, but whatever. At some point in your life you have to accept who you are. It just happens I've had to accept that I am an alto. #whatareyagonnado

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Mentioned Blanche Blanche Blanche and their "Talk Out Loud" video here and here back in October. Some updates: Feeding Tube Records is doing a 7" of "Talk Out Loud" and "Water to Wine" and Night People is doing a c30 for their full-length, both (probably?) out early 2011. There's also a new video, for the song "Tragic Bios." Check out that weird clip plus a new MP3 plus the previous stuff.

Blanche Blanche Blanche - White Tables



Blanche Blanche Blanche - Talk Out Loud

Monday, December 20, 2010


Astro Nautico dude Kuhn dropped the Stan Getz + Astrud Gilberto-sampling "Quiet Nights" track back on the "Brooklyn beat trio"'s Atlantics EP. Last week or so they finally released their collection of "Quiet Nights" remixes, including edits by Triple You Tapes guy Termeric and fellow Astro Nautico-ers Obey City and +weed. However, I think my favorite might be from Thirsty Jefferson, who turns the smooth, viscous original edit into a boiling hot spaz-track.

Check these samples and grab the whole EP.


Green Mansions is a duo composed of Mike Pigott (Mass Tropicas) and Peter Bonneman (No Hope For the Kids). They make soothing, tropical music with Suicide organs, minimal guitar parts and authentic Latin percussion. Mike released their debut EP last year on his own Mass Tropicas label and is set to release a full-length album on Triple You Tapes early next year. Here's a track from the as yet untitled new album plus two older tunes from the EP.

EDIT: You can now order one of the remaining four copies of Green Mansions' self-titled EP from Triple You Tapes (milky purple vinyl). Paypal $12 to beyondtapes@gmail.com or wait a day or two for a Paypal link to appear on the Webstore.

Green Mansions - Untitled Track 08


Green Mansions - Vacation 2

Green Mansions - Vacation 3



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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Back in October I posted a couple tracks from "kosmische juggernauts" Food Pyramid's first tape I. Here's a couple tracks from Food Pyramid's second tape, II, out now on Moon Glyph. It's in the same pulsating, psychedelic kraut territory as the previous outing and I agree with the label when they say the tape marks "a move towards the sonically expansive & the lush." Watch the video for "Cruisin" then check out my favorite track from the tape, "Club Trip."

Food Pyramid - "Cruisin" from moon glyph on Vimeo.

Food Pyramid - Club Trip



Food Pyramid - Southside Blacktop Beat

Food Pyramid - Speedboat Exit Miami Sunset



Speaking of things kraut, this dude Elias Krantz sent me his cover of Harmonia's "Watussi" and it's pretty cool.

Elias Krantz - Watussi (Harmonia Cover)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


While the rest of the states show signs of the winter season, Southern California continues to be blue skied & eighty-fived. It kinda pisses me off, mostly because I want to listen to songs about snow but also because it's hard to snuggle on the couch & comfortably watch The Santa Clause in high-rise cut-offs. In the spirit of the sensational weather, today I am requesting Velvet Davenport's "Triangle Pear," taken from one of my favorite albums this year, Warmy Girls. This song reminds me of Freddy Cannon and Question Mark & The Mysterians, Ferris wheels and long creaky piers, sunshine and sand between my toes. And I mean, if it's going to be warm and beautiful, I'm not going to pretend it's not.

Velvet Davenport - Triangle Pear

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NNA Tapes dude Toby Aronson just played a rad set at Silent Barn with Megafortress, Tooth Ache and Nonhorse. Toby's got a tape called Sensations out sometime soon on Cleveland label Cylindrical Habitat Modules and he sent me the first completed track for it, "Planet Waves." Maybe like if Rene Hell covered a High Wolf song, with that jungle rhythm sprouting from ambience vibe, but more spaced out.

Toby Aronson - Planet Waves

(image via Projection Monitor)


I posted Daytime Television's track "I Hurt So Much" last month and now there's a video for it by krysta sa so check it out and download that EP and there's a new song.

Daytime Television//I Hurt So Much from krysta sa on Vimeo.

Monday, December 13, 2010


Mike Pigott from Pittsfield, Massachusetts-based label Mass Tropicas (and the band Green Mansions) has a Kickstarter project with just over a week left to pledge. The project will account for some travel and recording expenses for Mike's impending trip to Peru to document some Cumbia bands from a "new Cumbia movement" tucked away in the Peruvian jungle up the Ucayali River. Mass Tropicas is dedicated to supporting the bands they record to the fullest extent, providing them with all profit gained from pressing and selling their records. I have been attracted to what Mike has been doing for a while now, some sort of hyper-selfless cultural digging, recording legless street performer Carlos Antonio and releasing a tape of a session of his recorded music, re-releasing psychedelic sounds from 1970s Peruvian jungle in the form of the Ranil's Jungle Party LP and compiling lost Cumbia 7" records for re-release in compilation form.

This project will find Mike doing more digging, traveling to meet with and record three or four current bands producing a new form of Cumbia music who, to my knowledge, have never been recorded or documented before. Much like Sublime Frequencies, Mass Tropicas urges music fans to delve into something lost or completely unheard outside the music's geographical constraints, attempting to piece together the ever-evolving forms of psychedelic rhythm music of the jungle. So far the proect has been poorly funded, so I urge you to find some holiday cheer within you and donate a few bucks, for which you'll receive some records and the satisfaction knowing you helped Mike uncover some truly unheard and unheard of sounds.

Check the video below then read the full description at the Kickstarter page then dig deep into that wallet and, if tiny moths don't up and fly outa there, pledge some money to help realize this fantastic project.

(image via FAT DUDES)

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Zak Mering from Greatest Hits and The Sweethearts has a new solo LP, Shakedown, out early 2011 on Japanese label Sixteen Tambourine under his Raw Thrills moniker. Been on Raw Thrills since January and heard a couple more jams on his Myspace in October.

The 14 new tracks are more falsetto croons over soft-muffle guitars, drum machine thud and outer space synthesizers, often dipping into 50s doo-wop loverboy mode. There's the luxurious tones of "Making Love on a Piano." There's the tropical bounce of "Coconuts." There's "Sonia," something bleak and cold, something that might normally have a super deep-voiced guy gutting like Silk Flowers. Instead, Zak floats in higher registers, layering voices to create this choir effect which, when coupled with vibraphone sounds (or something), gets real deep on some Church of X-Files business.

Buy this vinyl when it drops. I think Zak said something about a few hundred copies being TEAL and the rest being black. Or the other way around. We'll remind you eventually when you can buy it.

Raw Thrills - Making Love on a Piano

Raw Thrills - Sonia

Raw Thrills - Coconuts


I posted about Jar Moff way back in the Spring when Leaving dropped his free EP collage. Shit was dope, but I forgot about his Greco-snap until last week when Svetlana Industries sent over a "Shortcast" by the dude. The mix is ten minutes of spliced up and remixed rhythms, turning potentially familiar sounds (Vangelis, James Pants, Shlomo) into a maddeningly alien epic. Oftentimes the style reminds me of Dem Hunger (whom Jar Moff samples in the "Second Track"), though Dem makes the listener beg for scraps of beat while Jar Moff is comfortable revealing the rhythms and being cooperative with the listener. This still makes for a wild, sprawling trip, though a bit less cryptic and a bit more forthright.

Also of note are the very descriptive track titles, citing all the stuff he used to create the mix, such as "Africa Tambourine From A Record Called Africa Souvenir," "Some Vinyl Dusty Noise" and "Concrete Noise Clings I Recorded With A Mic." Stream that below when you have ten minutes to let your brain drip out.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Alright guys, Impose asked me and a bunch of dudes to help curate their big holiday party and it's today, Thursday December 9. Why did they ask me? Well, cos I've been doing little interview thangs for them for a bit if you didn't know. Anyway, it should be a fun time. Technically it's free, but we're suggesting a $5 donation, all of which will go to the bands so come out and get weird and support all the dudes and meet Drake and Josh from the hit Nickelodeon television program Drake & Josh.





Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Today I am requesting School Knights' "Never Needed." It reminds me a lot of what drew me to early Wavves, but without all the shit I hated about early Wavves and more importantly, without all the shit I hate about present Wavves. I'm a sucker for strong guitars and heavy drum beats for sure, and the Colorado twosome keep that shit tight like knots Jason Bourne didn't even know he could tie. It's just like, BAM. YEAH. THAT'S A FUCKING KNOT BITCH.

What makes me laugh a little about their small similarities is that School Knights' upcoming full length is called Fuck The Beach, which will be available from Bridgetown Records.

School Knights - Never Needed

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Monday, December 6, 2010


Gala Drop's Overcoat Heat 12" EP dropped a few weeks ago on Golf Channel Recordings and I gotta say, this is a fantastic piece of progressive, psychedelic rock music. There's some tropical percussions and throbbing synthesizers, all wound up with everything else that makes me still appreciate current guitar music (honestly not sure what that exact thing or things is/are, but it's mysterious and there's no words and the bass lines are LIQUID). There's something else though - it's entirely danceable, as if they were never a rock band, but were a cyberfunk-worldbeat party ensemble. I dunno, someone get these dudes back to the States for some more shows.

Gala Drop - Drop

Gala Drop - Overcoat Heat

DROP (from Gala Drop) from Antonio Contador on Vimeo.


Okay, so RHINOOO THUNDERRRR is maybe the worst band name I've ever heard (yes, worse than Dying Fetus). Like, this is something that's likely to just get deleted from the inbox right away based on that alone. Somehow I clicked the bandcamp link and was pleasantly surprised to find some nice hyperspace cruising jams within, all sprawled out on some sci-fi fantasy time-traveling uncertain futures tip. Doze off to these guys and check a couple more at his bandcamp.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


AyGeeTee (formerly AGT) is stupid prolific, dropping new bits of glitched rhythm music into his Soundcloud on a close-to-weekly basis. His most recent offering is sort of two offerings, in the form of "No Bees" and "No More Bees." The former is a swarming study in build and decay, layers upon layers stacked on top of each other for about four and a half minutes until the beat is perched perfectly on its proper resting point. In his words, the latter is "components of the first taken out so you can hear em," making for a completely different experience without the former's density. I think I prefer the spaced-out ambience of "No More Bees," real space shuttle no gravity vibes.

Press play on a couple more Soundcloud streamers below. I highly recommend "Washed Away/Washed Away" in addition to the two newest tracks. Also, check out all the other stuff I've posted about him.

No Bees by AyGeeTee

No More Bees by AyGeeTee

Washed Away / Washed Away by AyGeeTee

Radical Eyesight by AyGeeTee


Avi from Silk Flowers sent over their new song "Band of Color." I first saw Silk Flowers a few years ago opening for No Age at Clark University. I hadn't heard them before and they were killer, all deep-gut vocal urging, drum pad pummeling and cold, cold synthesizer bliss. I grabbed a 7" record with a fist punching through a mask on the front, which they self-released. Later, they put out a 7" with a boot kicking through the same mask and eventually a self-titled full-length record, both on No Age dude's label Post Present Medium. Late last year, Captured Tracks released their As Above So Below EP and I saw them play again, this time in Easthampton at the Feeding Tube Records warehouse space with Infinite Body and a couple others.

Silk Flowers' new record Ltd. Form is out February 8 on PPM. They also recently remixed Dream Boat's song "11 Rosary," which is a very appropriate name of a song for them to remix, in my opinion.

Silk Flowers - Band of Color

Dream Boat - 11 Rosary (Silk Flowers Remix) - Visions - 2010 (AMDD023) by AMDISCS

Friday, December 3, 2010


Okay, so Music For Your Plants is a "threesome voyage band" all the way from Tallinn, Estonia. These dudes self-produced and self-released a "super monster mash" EP of eight songs, which toe some smooth & groovy psychedelic/prog territory, sort of reminds me of Tame Impala and Gala Drop. Seriously one of the best random emails I've received in a while, surprised I haven't heard anymore about these dudes. Check out these few samples and if you dig, grab the whole EP as a free mediafire download.

Music For Your Plants - Agave Americana by Music For Your Plants

Music For Your Plants - Enchanted Sister by Music For Your Plants

Music For Your Plants - Mr. Huanted by Music For Your Plants

Music For Your Plants - Air Koryo

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Cool shit to report -- FBUS is back on the radio, every Wednesday from 6-8PM EST on Newtown Radio. That means two hours of new music every week streaming live on the FCC-aloof internet. Yes, you heard me correctly - I can now say fuck on the radio (I wasn't allowed to on WMUA cos they broadcast in the airwaves). So can the songs I play. That means no fuming over editing hip hop songs and a generally more laid-back attitude about radio. Don't have to worry about ending a sentence with "and shit" anymore. Also, this allows the Tangents & the Times request segment to be brought back into actual radio zones so that's cool.

Anyway, my first show is tonite, again 6-8PM EST. The theme is "the 25 songs I submitted to Altered Zones for my top 25 songs of 2010 list (though I switched out one song for another cos turns out that record came out in 2009 oops)." I'll be counting them down in reverse order like some Casey Kasem shit.

Listen in by STREAMING RIGHT HERE and check this week's Tangents request below:

This is what I want to hear. Like, this is full bodied like a bottle of wine I can't afford. Let's do this, you know, like a fucking full band & some psych-ass effects or whatever those are... doesn't matter, it's so good! I can't talk pedals or anything but the melodies are fragile in their unearthly realm against hard organs, I think... I'm pretending I know those are organs. They are probably just keyboards but I'm going to pretend they are, in fact, organs because I believe in a little genre of the future called CHILLGANZ, which is just going to be chill organs.

I'm going to streamline that shit, don't worry.

You know, lol, it's funny how much I should research these things before writing about them but I totally just prefer drinking three glasses & being like, "I REALLY LOVE THIS SHIT. I'MA HEAR IT ON THE RADIO!!!" Which you will because today marks THE RETURN OF YOUR MAD FAVEZSIES, IAN, TO THE AIRWAVES. YEEEEAHHH!!!

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