Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Back in October I posted a couple tracks from "kosmische juggernauts" Food Pyramid's first tape I. Here's a couple tracks from Food Pyramid's second tape, II, out now on Moon Glyph. It's in the same pulsating, psychedelic kraut territory as the previous outing and I agree with the label when they say the tape marks "a move towards the sonically expansive & the lush." Watch the video for "Cruisin" then check out my favorite track from the tape, "Club Trip."

Food Pyramid - "Cruisin" from moon glyph on Vimeo.

Food Pyramid - Club Trip



Food Pyramid - Southside Blacktop Beat

Food Pyramid - Speedboat Exit Miami Sunset



Speaking of things kraut, this dude Elias Krantz sent me his cover of Harmonia's "Watussi" and it's pretty cool.

Elias Krantz - Watussi (Harmonia Cover)


Anonymous said...

this is like actually garbage

Anonymous said...

wtf nice beat NOT