Monday, December 13, 2010


Mike Pigott from Pittsfield, Massachusetts-based label Mass Tropicas (and the band Green Mansions) has a Kickstarter project with just over a week left to pledge. The project will account for some travel and recording expenses for Mike's impending trip to Peru to document some Cumbia bands from a "new Cumbia movement" tucked away in the Peruvian jungle up the Ucayali River. Mass Tropicas is dedicated to supporting the bands they record to the fullest extent, providing them with all profit gained from pressing and selling their records. I have been attracted to what Mike has been doing for a while now, some sort of hyper-selfless cultural digging, recording legless street performer Carlos Antonio and releasing a tape of a session of his recorded music, re-releasing psychedelic sounds from 1970s Peruvian jungle in the form of the Ranil's Jungle Party LP and compiling lost Cumbia 7" records for re-release in compilation form.

This project will find Mike doing more digging, traveling to meet with and record three or four current bands producing a new form of Cumbia music who, to my knowledge, have never been recorded or documented before. Much like Sublime Frequencies, Mass Tropicas urges music fans to delve into something lost or completely unheard outside the music's geographical constraints, attempting to piece together the ever-evolving forms of psychedelic rhythm music of the jungle. So far the proect has been poorly funded, so I urge you to find some holiday cheer within you and donate a few bucks, for which you'll receive some records and the satisfaction knowing you helped Mike uncover some truly unheard and unheard of sounds.

Check the video below then read the full description at the Kickstarter page then dig deep into that wallet and, if tiny moths don't up and fly outa there, pledge some money to help realize this fantastic project.

(image via FAT DUDES)

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