Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Cool shit to report -- FBUS is back on the radio, every Wednesday from 6-8PM EST on Newtown Radio. That means two hours of new music every week streaming live on the FCC-aloof internet. Yes, you heard me correctly - I can now say fuck on the radio (I wasn't allowed to on WMUA cos they broadcast in the airwaves). So can the songs I play. That means no fuming over editing hip hop songs and a generally more laid-back attitude about radio. Don't have to worry about ending a sentence with "and shit" anymore. Also, this allows the Tangents & the Times request segment to be brought back into actual radio zones so that's cool.

Anyway, my first show is tonite, again 6-8PM EST. The theme is "the 25 songs I submitted to Altered Zones for my top 25 songs of 2010 list (though I switched out one song for another cos turns out that record came out in 2009 oops)." I'll be counting them down in reverse order like some Casey Kasem shit.

Listen in by STREAMING RIGHT HERE and check this week's Tangents request below:

This is what I want to hear. Like, this is full bodied like a bottle of wine I can't afford. Let's do this, you know, like a fucking full band & some psych-ass effects or whatever those are... doesn't matter, it's so good! I can't talk pedals or anything but the melodies are fragile in their unearthly realm against hard organs, I think... I'm pretending I know those are organs. They are probably just keyboards but I'm going to pretend they are, in fact, organs because I believe in a little genre of the future called CHILLGANZ, which is just going to be chill organs.

I'm going to streamline that shit, don't worry.

You know, lol, it's funny how much I should research these things before writing about them but I totally just prefer drinking three glasses & being like, "I REALLY LOVE THIS SHIT. I'MA HEAR IT ON THE RADIO!!!" Which you will because today marks THE RETURN OF YOUR MAD FAVEZSIES, IAN, TO THE AIRWAVES. YEEEEAHHH!!!

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RCRC said...

Just read this, can't wait to tune in next week