Sunday, December 5, 2010


AyGeeTee (formerly AGT) is stupid prolific, dropping new bits of glitched rhythm music into his Soundcloud on a close-to-weekly basis. His most recent offering is sort of two offerings, in the form of "No Bees" and "No More Bees." The former is a swarming study in build and decay, layers upon layers stacked on top of each other for about four and a half minutes until the beat is perched perfectly on its proper resting point. In his words, the latter is "components of the first taken out so you can hear em," making for a completely different experience without the former's density. I think I prefer the spaced-out ambience of "No More Bees," real space shuttle no gravity vibes.

Press play on a couple more Soundcloud streamers below. I highly recommend "Washed Away/Washed Away" in addition to the two newest tracks. Also, check out all the other stuff I've posted about him.

No Bees by AyGeeTee

No More Bees by AyGeeTee

Washed Away / Washed Away by AyGeeTee

Radical Eyesight by AyGeeTee

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