Monday, December 6, 2010


Gala Drop's Overcoat Heat 12" EP dropped a few weeks ago on Golf Channel Recordings and I gotta say, this is a fantastic piece of progressive, psychedelic rock music. There's some tropical percussions and throbbing synthesizers, all wound up with everything else that makes me still appreciate current guitar music (honestly not sure what that exact thing or things is/are, but it's mysterious and there's no words and the bass lines are LIQUID). There's something else though - it's entirely danceable, as if they were never a rock band, but were a cyberfunk-worldbeat party ensemble. I dunno, someone get these dudes back to the States for some more shows.

Gala Drop - Drop

Gala Drop - Overcoat Heat

DROP (from Gala Drop) from Antonio Contador on Vimeo.


Mark said...

Freakin' love these songs so hard. Hoping these guys come over to the States again soon... missed them in BK.

dj rick flair said...