Sunday, December 12, 2010


I posted about Jar Moff way back in the Spring when Leaving dropped his free EP collage. Shit was dope, but I forgot about his Greco-snap until last week when Svetlana Industries sent over a "Shortcast" by the dude. The mix is ten minutes of spliced up and remixed rhythms, turning potentially familiar sounds (Vangelis, James Pants, Shlomo) into a maddeningly alien epic. Oftentimes the style reminds me of Dem Hunger (whom Jar Moff samples in the "Second Track"), though Dem makes the listener beg for scraps of beat while Jar Moff is comfortable revealing the rhythms and being cooperative with the listener. This still makes for a wild, sprawling trip, though a bit less cryptic and a bit more forthright.

Also of note are the very descriptive track titles, citing all the stuff he used to create the mix, such as "Africa Tambourine From A Record Called Africa Souvenir," "Some Vinyl Dusty Noise" and "Concrete Noise Clings I Recorded With A Mic." Stream that below when you have ten minutes to let your brain drip out.

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