Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Brooklyn Birthday

Last weekend was a straight up blast. I spent it roaming Brooklyn + Manhattan exploring the New York Public Library, rowing a boat in Central Park, meandering through the Cloisters, listening to the sweet sounds of Michael Jackson devoutly pour out of car stereos and blast out of storefronts and I even caught two rad shows - Kurt Vile + Girls + Real Estate + Beach Fossils at Monster Island Basement Friday night and Ducktails + Julian Lynch + Fluffy Lumbers at the Market Hotel Saturday night.

I got to Monster Island Basement a bit late but still caught most of Beach Fossils' set, which was enjoyable and included those songs "Vacation" and "Daydream." The venue itself was a cool space, apparently used for yoga and martial arts lessons during the day. The downside was the intimidation cops creepin round the outside of the venue making it so you had to walk blocks away to not disturb them, which isn't a big deal but cops are cops. Real Estate followed Beach Fossils and was also very good. This was the first time I had seen them and I was not disappointed. They played excellent versions of "Green River" and "Suburban Dogs," which seemed slightly sped up in a good way. Julian Lynch actually played keys on a couple songs (the only two he had learned up to that point) and will be playing with them more, which is exciting. Girls were also good, though I still haven't listened to them much. They covered "Wild Eyes" by Vivian Girls (which may have sounded something like this). At this show I met Sam from Fluffy Lumbers, Etienne, Martin and Matt from Real Estate, Liam (the Younger) from Titus Andronicus and Brody + Ari from Family Portrait (who will be releasing a split with former Titus Andronicus guitar man Andrew Cedermark sometime soon), all of whom were very cool, personable and pleasant to smoke weed/drink beers with.

The show the next night was a bit smaller (the Friday night show "sold out"), and instead of in a basement it was up some stairs hovering right next to a clacking train. This space was like a collage, walls plastered with Sharpie marker, paint and paper. Julian Lynch played first, using some looping to create the rhythmic background of "The Flood" under his smoky clarinet.

Fluffy Lumbers was next and while they apparently didn't know how to play "Live Ones" yet, they did play a bunch of songs including "Cruisers," "Cruisers Pt. 2," "Shore Patrol" (which is "about the beach but isn't about the beach" and is actually about an episode of COPS) and an excellent cover of the Cranberries' "Dreams". Liam from Titus also shouted a song with them. "Ducktails" was next, which was a Matt Mondanile + Julian Lynch keys + guitar jam followed by another toasted jam with Etienne Duguay on drums, 2 guitars and a bass. Can't wait to see all these guys play again.

Stillness Is the Move + Sun Was High(s)

Llamas and wolves and cloaks oh my.
Stillness Is The Move

Sun Made Out (So Did I).

And if you needed another "Sun Was High" video...

Sun Was High (So Was This Unauthorized Video) from vamos on Vimeo.

(via GvB)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Norse Horse

No Pain In Pop introduced me to Norse Horse the other day and I was instantly down. We played two of the three songs they posted on the radio the other night, "Gangplank Galleon" (which I can assume is a reinterpretation of this) and "Swamp Trotter," both endless and refreshing and lazy. Somewhere between beach foam and jungle love. The songs are from their cassette/CDR Secret Geographies, out soon on Family Time. Apparently Norse Horse is also releasing a split 7" with fellow Family Time dudes Ancient Crux on La Station Radar after that.

Peep another track from the album:

Norse Horse - Needle Beach

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sun Araw - Heavy Deeds

New ten minute Paleolithic jam from stoney psych dudes Sun Araw up over at Rosequartz. Track's called "Heavy Deeds," not that I can imagine doing anything close to important while taking in how loose and groovy it is. These guys have got to get back from Europe or whatever and play a show in Massachusetts. Click here and download the track.

UPDATE: Download another new track here.


Thanks to Adam for the tip on Dr. Breath, as well as the constant popping up of the name on the Paralyze Humanity Sequence Myspace page - they played some shows together. Deep and spacey, these couple songs chime along in straight up meander fashion with no distinct beginning or end, just bubbling, down-tempo head-nod goodness to spin between the midnight hour and the crack of dawn. Check out two tracks "Roskin" and "Cream Saga" below and stream "Ressurection" here before clicking here to BUY the 5-track Time Biters EP.

Dr. Breath - Roskin
Dr. Breath - Cream Saga

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

AudiTorii Hunter

Tonight from 8-10PM EST AUDITORII MAGIK takes over 91.1FM WMUA, streaming from wmua.org, with hot off the presses tracks from some CDs we JUST got in at the station, including Silk Flowers' self-titled album, the excellent Pizza Hero by Boogie Boarder (complete with pamphlet featuring endless doodles), the PDX POP NOW! compilation from this year which includes "Paper (Hot Sax Version)", an awesome Explode Into Colors song I had not heard til minutes ago, the new Pterodactyl record Worldwild and of course nuggets from the internets like Norse Horse, Wonder Wheel, Pygmy Shrews and Brilliant Colors (who I'm just starting to hear more of after checking them out after Nodzzz told me about em when I saw Wavves/Nodzzz/Woods in February).


Some more business:

I have recently happened upon a cool gift in the form of a real paid domain name, http://www.friendshipbracelet.us! Hooray!

Also I am in the process of gathering nuts and berries to weave together into a little as-yet-untitled compilation presented by yours truly. It will feature about 12-15 tracks from a whole slew of artists including confirmed musics from Julian Lynch, Jeans Wilder, Family Portrait, Pearl Harbour, Dem Hunger, Paralyze Humanity Sequence, Fluffy Lumbers, Wonder Wheel, Eric Hnatow's new band (name unknown) and Werewolves of Pittsfield. If anyone is interested in submitting musics of any sort for consideration contact me at iprnelson@gmail.com.


Wow, new video for A Grave With No Name's "Stone Setting" once again directed by Anupa Madawela (director of their other beautiful video for "Underpass"). Imagine our Milky Way galaxy was bedsheets spilled on at a fourth of July party when parents weren't home. The only solution? Load the galaxy into Mom's sedan, whip to the grand Universal laundromat and cram it all into one washing machine since you only have enough space quarters for one load. Let it spin and maybe, just maybe, the mountains and their majesty will still be intact at the end.

Good News Bad News

The bad news always comes first - the Magik Markers/Mouthus show that was supposed to go down June 29 at the Copperworks has been canceled because of reasons that no one could have predicted or helped.

Good news aplenty: Werewolves of Pittsfield are playing their first real show that very same day at The Room at Rebel Sound Records in Pittsfield.

But before that I'm spending the weekend in Brooklyn and checking out two potentially awesome shows:

Friday June 26 Monster Island Basement - Kurt Vile & the Violators, Girls, Real Estate and Beach Fossils.

Saturday June 27 Market Hotel - Ducktails, Julian Lynch and Fluffy Lumbers.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Thanks to Rosequartz for the tip on Wonder Wheel, a prolific gentleman from California by the name of Paul Rosales. He's released a ton of albums, 20 I believe, making them available for free download from his blog. The most recent "Digital 12"" (what a format) he's upped to the blog is what seems to be his 14th album Comfort Standard, a remaster from July of last year. Comfort Standard's twelve tracks flow in and out of each other effortlessly with heartbeat drum machine stomps, generally jangly guitars, synthesized accompaniments from the outer reaches of space and of course a muddled hissing echo making Rosales' voice nearly unintelligible.

The longest piece on this particular album, "Better Days_Suicide," warbles and hisses hydraulics, like the shift change in Metropolis as soundtracked by a warped tape overdriving out of a warped tape deck. "You Can't Say My Name" achieves some convincingly Smiths-caliber guitar tones, pretty much reminding me a lot of "Headmaster Ritual," but again with that Bradford Cox vocal hiss. Hear for yourself:

Wonder Wheel - Better Days_Suicide
Wonder Wheel - You Can't Say My Name

This video's also been creeping me out, I suppose in a good way:


I went crazy for A Sunny Day In Glasgow's last record Scribble Mural Comic Journal from a couple years ago. Their new record Ashes Grammar (Mis Ojos) has an official release date of September 15 with a limited LP release of 250 and a CD/download available the same day.


1. Magna for Annie, Josh, & Robin
2. Secrets at the prom
3. Slaughter killing carnage (The meaning of words)
4. Failure
5. Curse words
6. Close chorus
7. Shy
8. Lights
9. Passionate introverts (Dinosaurs)
10. West Philly vocoder
11. Evil, with evil, against evil
12. The white witch
13. Nitetime rainbows
14. Canalfish
15. Loudly
16. Blood white
17. Ashes grammar
18. Ashes maths
19. Miss my friends
20. Starting at a disadvantage
21. Life’s great
22. Headphone space

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Checked These Are Powers last week and they were rad and so is their new video for "Easy Answers" from All Aboard Future, out earlier this year on Dead Oceans. I want that cloak.



So I got a mystery request on Myspace the other day from someone by the name of >>>>+<<<<, possibly also known as Bad Autopsy, straight outa the fantasy land of Rumptington, U.K. Check out his track "Formal Invite" at Myspace along with what seems to be a live set called "Ramoteph."

Friday, June 19, 2009

Easthampton Eagles

Well that show that was supposed to be at the Flywheel and then got moved to the Easthampton High School gymnasium went off last night, and let me tell you I don't think I've ever seen a band of any sort (aside from a high school band during a pep rally years ago) play a gigantic concrete box before, but I'd appreciate no one booking a show in one ever again. Maybe it was because they were without Andrew Cedermark, but Titus Andronicus sounded rather flat. This is the third time I've gotten to check them out and it was certainly the worst. This could be attributed to endless factors - the gym, being down a member (though their Myspace only lists four members now?), having driven 500 miles from Pennsylvania in the rain just to play the show after their van broke down and finally got fixed in the wee hours of that day. Either way they played a Cock Sparrer cover.

Ted Leo pretty much bored me into leaving after a few songs. All in all not the best night for music (though I hear the Dirty Projectors show in Boston with Vieux Farka Toure was very good).

Thursday, June 18, 2009


After the radio show last night I headed over to 145 South Street in Northampton to check out Predator Vision (Matt Mondanile, Etienne Duguay, Ben Daly etc). First thing's first - they were very very good. Everyone gets the Can influence with them, but it was extremely apparent in the live show. Throw in some Sabbath sounds and perhaps those of some newer psychers like Psychic Ills or Sun Araw and maybe one can imagine the sound. Churning stretches of guitar and bass, persistent drums, general shredding/noodling/"jamming."

Download both Predator Vision and Predator Vision II here (via Pukekos) then BUY II here.

Download Predator Vision's split with Sun Araw here (via Google Search, not my upload) then BUY here.

Although Predator Vision was decidedly great, the best part of last night came right after their set. I walked upstairs and was talking with my buddy Gabriel (who was spinning dusty garage + soul jams as DJ Oatmeal Raisin) who got talking to Matt and PV's bassist who turned out to be Friendship Bracelet constant Julian Lynch. Apparently he's been filling in their past few shows and has had a blast doing it. I talked to him for what seemed like an hour out on the porch sharing cigarettes and rambling on about his music, studies and travel. He's a straight up super-positive guy, just wide-eyed and ready to talk about anything.

He warned me of a Missouri town where he played a show with eight racist metal bands ("that said the N-word on stage and dressed like Insane Clown Posse"). He warned me about living in a big city (being held an gunpoint, generally cold people), which I appreciated since I have never done so. He talked about his ethnomusicology graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin Madison, where his thesis is derived from the devotional bag pipe and drum music of Asia (namely Jersey's Swamibapa Pipe Band). He also talked about a lot of his friends' musics including Ducktails, Real Estate, Sad City, Fluffy Lumbers, Pill Wonder etc etc.

He's going to be sending me over his split with Ducktails as well as an album he recorded last November, Garden Is Adventure sometime soon along with a track that was left off Orange You Glad for an upcoming compilation I'm curating. He's also going to give me the low-down on some Madison bands to look out for. Check him out playing with Ducktails and Fluffy Lumbers when they play the Market Hotel in Brooklyn June 27, I believe I'll be there.




Titus Andronicus will be playing with Ted Leo and Alottle at the Easthampton High School Gymnasium tonight at 8PM for $10. What would have been the first Flywheel show in their new location has turned into more of a benefit for the Flywheel as construction and the like have prevented them from hosting shows just yet.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Will Radio For Food

AUDITORY MAGIK is tonight, real soon, on WMUA from 8-10PM EST airing on 91.1FM OR wmua.org for the streams. Tons of new music tonite from myself, DJVJ, including current Friendship Bracelet on-repeats Best Coast, Pearl Harbour, Grass Widow and of course buddies Werewolves of Pittsfield.

Also watch out for the Werewolves' EP for sale FOR ONLY TWO DOLLARS at Rebel Sound Records on North Street in Pittsfield, MA or I'm sure you can give them a holler here.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Saturday night was one of the more fun shows I've ever attended in Pittsfield/surrounding area - a bunch of bands in a barn in Lenox with much beer, antics, friends, wall drawing, grilling and camping. Sets from Over the Mountain, Ten Minute Turns, whitetail and that new band who's gonna be sinking their teeth into vixens, Werewolves of Pittsfield, whose six-song demo was recorded yesterday and I guess CDs are available very soon.

Ten Minute Turns is officially a rad party band so listen to their songs and buy/stream their musics because those guys deserve love (not that they don't get it), although they're way more fun to see live.



These Are Powers played at Earthfoods Cafe in the UMass Student Union last night and were very very awesome. I always forget how dancey they can be and they played something like six songs last night, all crazy rhythmic and warped. I was thinking a dimension where Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation met up with Dan Deacon and fought a war, lost the war, but were allowed to live if they promised to be the mutant overlords' house dub-blast band.


Well, well - Yes Please a.k.a. Lillian Maring plays drums in Grass Widow along with Hannah Lew and Raven Mahon. I had not heard this band til two days ago but since then they've invaded my ears and conquered thoroughly. I checked their tracks "To Where" + "Celebrate the Mundane" at RSTB and now you can download their entire self-released and self-titled CD here (via Pukekos). If you were looking for "three cooler chicks" than Grass Widow, "you will not meet" them according to Pukekos. The three sound like a party I wish I went to, especially seeing as they played in Northampton last week and I didn't know about it. Not a party that no one particularly DIDN'T want me to attend, just one whose sweet sounds were slightly out of earshot. I'll assume you'll hear more about these ladies and their lawn grieving.

Grab their 12" from Make a Mess, peep their split cassette with Rank/Xerox (Wizard Mountain) over at Pukekos as well and watch out for their 7" on Cape Shok/Captured Tracks



Birdy Nam Nam's video for "The Parachute Ending" (via MBV) kicked my ass upon waking up this morning. Video for fans of Superjail, Architecture In Helsinki album art and Good Guys. Vimeo ends up going down a lot so click here if you can't up there.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Saturday, June 13, 2009


Goofy video over at BUTTERxFACE for Woods' "To Clean" from their wonderful Songs of Shame record. Stop motion + food reminds me of the Peter Gabriel "Sledgehammer" video. Do yourself a favor and buy this record.

Checked them in February at Vassar College with Wavves and Nodzzz. They covered the Dead Milkmen to end their set (pictured above).

I must also emphasize how much I enjoyed G. Lucas Crane's solo set at the Elevens a couple months ago as Nonhorse. Crazy tape loop fest - dude was outa breath by the end.

EDIT: Download "To Clean" here (via RCRDLBL).



Yes Please is Lily and she is impressive. Listen to/download two of her songs, "Buddy Friend" and "Guarden," here (via the undeniable Delicious Scopitone).

Also via DS was found this here video:

it's almost here

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rad Dudes

Auditory Magik right now also probably the best thing I've spent too long looking at recently is Rad Dudes.


Last thing I heard from Wet Hair was a digitized version of their The Beach cassette and "Saturn," a blissful track by them from the Raven Sings the Blues compilation. Their newer record Dream (Not Not Fun LP/Release the Bats CD) was released in March and carries on with the same steady percussion/synth/organ/loop drones. First track "Cult Electric Annihilation," for example, morphs from bony skeleton to meaty flesh to nearly intelligible vocal articulation, building layer upon layer of nodding rhythms over the course of eight and a half minutes before easing into the next song.

Buy the CD here.

They're going to be playing in Northampton either Juy 2 (according to George Myers) or July 9 (according to the Wet Hair Myspace), but I'm not sure where yet.

Glass Fountain, Wet Hair's new "companion LP" to Dream, will be released sometime soon on Not Not Fun.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Falling Far//Sunburn

There's a demo been up at Nite Jewel's Myspace for who knows how long for a song "Falling Far," which I dig upon first listen. Jam out to eerie drum machine/synth/beautiful vocal Christmas-in-July disco business here.



If you're down with the July part of Christmas-in-July, check L.A.'s Pearl Harbour. They've got the whole down-low hazy thing down which makes sense seeing as I took a noticing to them via both Nite Jewel's and Best Coast's Myspaces. They say they sound like "a date with a mermaid" and I can't agree more. If Galaxie 500 was actually a band of Silver Surfers and if the Silver Surfers all slept in a bedroom that was on a sand-art beach, this band would have happened in some universe already, Marvel or otherwise. However, Pearl Harbour is here now, minus any historical connotation. Check the three tracks "Sunburn," "Vapor Girls" and "The High Road" here.


Well there's some events of interest at MASS MoCA this summer:

Blonde Redhead will be playing June 27 outside at Courtyard C.

The Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival goes on from July 15-August 1, including performances of the music of Steve Reich July 25 and the Bang on a Can Marathon on August 1.

Purple Rain Sing-a-long August 13.

Labyrinth Sing-a-long August 27.

...and of course the Live Disco Dance Party with disco orchestra Escort September 6.

Diet Kingles

Well the sun's not out today (and won't be the rest of the week). While the heat can't melt you, Diet Cola can. They're a few Canadians who know how to blast out speeding punk with a debilitating wall of sound for good measure. They've got a self-titled EP out on Josh Fauver's (Deerhunter) Army of Bad Luck label, which you can go ahead and download here (via Pukekos).

Diet Cola - Early Learning

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Hey it's my 200th post since last October 14 and it may as well be one with some (as far as I know) exclusive biz. Dem Hunger sent me over a track this morning ("just finished it 2 minutes ago") called "Bathtub Birth," which is some real space race shit - blasts off with what could totally be the intro to any Dilla or Madlib beat, that is if some heavier drums ever kicked in. From there a deep beat repeats, flute samples flourish, hiss + crackle dominate and more flutes murmur as the track nods off. Could have totally thrown it into some warp speed business but kept it down-tempo and ethereal, though that ain't a complaint.

Dem Hunger - Bathtub Birth



Found GETEYE through Dem Hunger's Myspace. Download his 33-track Above the Clouds beat tape for free right here.



Bullion is hotter than gold. Played him on the radio a bit recently, been diggin his Young Heartache EP (One-Handed Music), especially "Time For Us All to Love." Peep his Amadou & Mariam remix at his Myspace as well.



This dude Cupp Cave is rad too. Crank it loud n proud.


Dâm-Funk is constantly on that feed they give you on Myspace saying what your friends are doing on Myspace. In his case, he is forever posting Youtubes of rad funk and boogie tracks, imploring his Myspace friends to not "sleep on" such bands/artists. Today's prescription was Tom Hooker. Here's a highlight:

This one could be construed as offensive I suppose...

And for fans of neon, hookers, deep longing stares into the camera and big hair:


So Screaming Females have just about got the universal thumbs-up at this point, but they're sticking to their guns and playing in Pittsfield again at The Room at Rebel Sound Records (where they notoriously OPENED FOR Prick Bastard a bit ago). Well now they're opening for, you know, Dinosaur Jr. and Jack White's Dead Weather. Anyway, they're playing that show July 19, right in between Dead Weather dates in Boston the night before and Montreal two days later. Peep some tunes at their Myspace, glaze over their blog and buy some of their records here or at Rebel Sound. Oh and check the video for "Bell" below.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Live Ones

Fluffy Lumbers is one man, Samuel Franklin from Ridgewood, New Jersey. I've mentioned his jams before, just got talking to him, and he sent me over this song "Live Ones." Awesome buzzing guitar layers, indecipherable distorted vocals and heavyset rhythm section in a quick two and a half minutes. He's got test pressings of his 7" (Weird Hug Records), one of which I will hopefully receive soon. He's playing with a full band at the Market Hotel June 27 in Brooklyn with Julian Lynch and Ducktails. I recommend going.

Fluffy Lumbers - Live Ones

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Not Summer Yet

You know, it's not ACTUALLY summer yet but they Spring has been offering so much "summer jam" material it's hard to act like it's not even sunny outside. This most recent "jam" comes from Bethany Cosentino (Pocahaunted) + Bobb Bruno (he was on that Pocahaunted song "Dusk" from their new record and does other things which I have not heard but his songs streaming at Myspace are rad) a.k.a. Best Coast. Influences? "california boys." Sounds Like? "seasonal brattiness." The purpose? "to record a bunch of songs about summer and the sun and the ocean and being a lazy creep." Perfect. Grab their track "Sun Was High (So Was I)" here (via Rose Quartz).

Free Titus?

Huh, you can grab some free and legal MP3s right here of Titus Andronicus' The Airing of Grievances today only. If you didn't catch them open for Lucero at Pearl Street (and kill it) you can check them opening for Ted Leo at the Easthampton High School June 18. Once again, that's the Flywheel's first show in ages, though not in their new space - some complications pushed back the date on using it.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Awesome. Kanye just released this video from one of his best songs (via Videogum).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Auditory Lavatory

Forget everything you thought you knew about music. I'm on the radio tonite so stock up on Q-tips - you'll need em to remove the remains. Sonic beetles will flutter towards thine ear, enter the outer ear and massage the inner. Coconut oil provided. New music from Dem Hunger, The Radio Dept., Cold Cave, Dirty Beaches and more including some new Sonic Youth most likely - we just got The Eternal in at the station. Tune in at 91.1FM local or stream from wmua.org.

Her Space Holiday - Sleepy Tigers

One of the better album covers I've seen this year.


More Summer Slam 2009 shows to blurb about:

I caught Teengirl Fantasy in Cambridge last night opening for Telepathe (who I still can't get into) at the Middle East upstairs. TGF was rad soaked in red lights, but their set was short. They did "Floor to Floor," "Azz Klapz," "Portofino" and a few more. I talked with Nick and Logan after their set and they're got a couple vinyl releases out sometime soon ("before the end of the summer?") and they're ready to go playing shows the rest of the summer. I'm hoping we can book them somewhere in Western Mass. Telepathe's set was lackluster from what I saw of it. They got to the venue late apparently and never soundchecked, so they did it while everyone in the crowd blankly stared at them. They decided not to mic their drums because "they're not important" and could have forgotten to plug some other stuff in as far as I could tell. They sounded worse than when I checked both acts at Vassar College. And I still can't get over how much the one with shorter hair looks like Sam Weir from Freaks and Geeks.


Predator Vision is playing with Sudden Oak in Northampton June 17 at a house on South Street, the last night of their five-night "Dream Killers" tour. Pukekos recently featured Predator Vision and Predator Vision II so you can snatch those up right here. Twenty-minute stretches of shredding.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Chalk this one up on the Western Mass summer music calendar - Magik Markers are playing with Mouthus at the Copperworks June 29 at 7:30PM. I was waiting for them to post something about this show since Justin mentioned it at the last show I went to there, which was the Books/Ten Minute Turns. Magik Markers' new record Balf Quarry is rad - some eerie and ghoulish meanderings, Ambroigio's soulful bellow and characteristic atonal freakouts. Check out this track from the record and the video for another:

Magik Markers - Don't Talk In Your Sleep



A Grave With No Name has a new self-titled 7" EP out June 15.

Grab a pre-order here.

A Grave With No Name - And We Parted Ways at Mount Jade
A Grave With No Name - Open Water

Wonderful video by Anupa Madawela.