Friday, December 30, 2011


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The Dude Rezzie hinted at something amazing in the "New Encounters" section of his last post on Weird Magic. Jssst is a minimal techno freaker from Amsterdam. His Soundcloud is full of (mostly) downloadable material. Jssst dives into the dark and brooding side of trance-inducing dance music, drugging the listener/dancer with deep mechanical bludgeonings on repeat. Hard to place exactly what my favorite jams are here, sort of like it's hard to choose a favorite Raga from Charanjit Singh's Ten Ragas To a Disco Beat -- Jssst's cuts are all so euphoric and uplifting it's hard to care about one stopping when there's another right behind it.

Jssst - Psycho (Original Mix) by Jssst

Jssst - La Notte (Original Mix) by Jssst

Jssst - Body And Soul (Original Mix) by Jssst


Also, Rez will be blasting tunes at 285 Kent NYE


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Ups to Vlek Records for the tip on some new Sagat works, one of which has been killing it all nite around FBUS HQ. Stream "Truz_Porscha" below then check his remixes I've posted in the past for Cupp Cave and Dynooo.

Truz_Porscha by V_Sagat

Cupp Cave - Mind Bones (Sagat Remix)

Dynooo - Gamecube (Sagat Remix)


Also here's a nearly 60-minute Sagat mix I found in my computer somewhere simply tagged as "Set FM Brussels." I know nothing else about this mix.

Sagat - Set FM Brussels

EDIT: This mix was for 54 Cares Deeply radio show in Brussels.


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Beautiful Laurel Halo edit of something I know nothing about, "323" by Daniel Wohl. Apparently they performed together a bit ago, then she dropped this.

Daniel Wohl - 323 (Laurel Halo Edit) by LAUREL HALO

(via Dummy Mag)

Thursday, December 29, 2011


New Ssaliva record RZA drops January 16 on Vlek Records. The label is revealing the record track by track on Soundcloud. Vlek is also giving away a copy of the EP for "Liking" them on Facebook. The packaging looks beautiful, all hand-screenprinted and embossed by DimRun, Vlek's graphic designer.

Ssaliva - Savaan / VLEK06 - "RZA" from Vlek Records on Vimeo.

VLEK06 - Ssaliva - Unveiled Tracks by vlek

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Mentioned Concepto Radio the other day when I posted about Kentje. They also posted a blurb on Afrikan Sciences, an Oakland dude whom CR likened to a mix of Ras G, Theo Parrish and Carlos Niño.

Lucjh II by Afrikan Sciences

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


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I heard a few good jams for the first time on Christmas Day. Here they are:

Thick slice of footworker bounce from Featureless Ghost. Their Biologically-Sound Cyber-Bodies EP is now available from Crash Symbols. Dudes also recently remastered their album New Moods (Double Phantom Digital) which you can stream from bandcamp.

T0LD-U-50 by featurelessghost


yuk. upped a mixtape of remixes he did over the past year as well as some of his own work remixed by others. This gives us an excuse to once again shout out his remix of Mane Mane's "Skin Fox" (video below). Other highlights include remixes of Teebs and Ras G as well as Anenon's version of "Oh Shaman." Download the whole mixtape here.

Teebs - Burner (yuk. remix)

Ras G - dustierthandigital (SATURN SPORES for G yuk. flip)

yuk. - Oh Shaman (Anenon Remix)

Mane Mane - Skin Fox - yuk. Remix from Leaving Records on Vimeo.


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Green Ova dropped a new tape on Christmas. Best song features Danny Brown and there's some Nem270-produced tracks in there.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Someone out there may remember a recent post around these parts regarding Hav Lyfe and how he or they is or are odd and rad in all the right ways. Today Hav Lyfe released a free split digital single with Wanda Group, the O/T EP. The two tracks are made available by some sort of digital label entity called Umbro G. Hav Lyfe's contribution, "Thowback," is a dusty new age pulser. Wanda Group gets weirder with "Outerr," clicking through ambient hum-fog and eventually unintelligible slowed vocal mouth-fog and then back into general click-fog.




Hav Lyfe also has some nice new tunes on his Soundcloud including a download of what I presume is a "remix" of Drake's "The Motto" but I could be very wrong.

Drake Moto (Hav Lyfe Remix) by Hav Lyfe

Lil Set Tribeca by Hav Lyfe

Sunday, December 18, 2011


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Some of the most exciting ambient flutterings I've heard lately come from Chicago's Ben Billington a.k.a. Quicksails. I caught word of Ben through friends who were trying to land him a show in Western Massachusetts. They succeeded. His set at Flying Object was incredible and loud, blowing the lid off what I thought a Quicksails set might sound like. After learning that a Quicksails live set is much different from a Quicksails recording, Ben mentioned he had a cassette out on NNA Tapes that I didn't know about called A Fantasy in Seasons. You should buy one. No idea what Soundcloud tracks are from the tape (if any), but the homie Mary Katherine Youngblood posted "Walking Through Rain" for stream over at Visitation Rites.

Million Knots by Quicksails

Slow Lucks by Quicksails

Must Never Catch It by Quicksails


Ups to Concepto Radio for the tip on Kentje, a Reggaeton Dutch with a stream-only Soundcloud who apparently killed it all year with instrumentals. His cuts are spacious and induce grinding even within the confines of one's seat, slapping machine gun rata-tat over futuristic Latin rhythms. Sounds like militant hard labor music, the soundtrack to repairing a rebel spaceship or waging war through a hologram keyboard.

Kentje'sz Beatsz - 3.Instrumentals Reggeaton 28-02-11(Follow@Kentjjee) by Kentjjee

Kentje'sz Beatsz - Holá Eléctrico (Bubbling 2011) Twitter @Kentjjee by Kentjjee

Kentje'sz Beatsz - 1.Instrumentals Reggeaton 30-08-10 by Kentjjee

Kentje'sz Beatsz - 2.Instrumentals Reggeaton 30-01-11(Follow@kentjjee) by Kentjjee

Friday, December 16, 2011


Chushi was thrown into my field of vision thanks to a tweet from someone in my Twitter void. I have since forgotten who introduced me to this Russian, which is how the internet usually goes. Coincidentally, this is exactly how Chushi's tunes work -- in one ear and out the other. Sounds mish and mash, start and stop, play out for your ears and finish before you even knew you started. This is an exciting music to me.

Chushi strings together song bits in a quilted fashion, forever a disjointed affair reminding me that listening to sounds doesn't have anything to do with conclusions, but with how it feels at the time and nothing more. Other than that, I know nothing about Chushi and I'd rather keep it that way. Stream/download everything here. I recommend chushi and flakes428.

wpoo pt. by chushi

deaf by chushi


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The homies at Perdizes Dream recently sent over Knights, a new EP from Babe, Terror. It's full of murky, head-bobbing times so check it out cos it's free to stream.

Knights (2012) by babeterror

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


In daily romps through the internet I have been bombarded with year-end praise for Laurel Halo's six-track Hippos In Tanks release Hour Logic. It is fantastic.

Laurel Halo - Aquifer

Laurel Halo: Hour Logic by alteredzones

Friday, December 2, 2011


Miko Revereza has been on a tear this year, still going strong as we enter December. For BUN/Fumitake Tamura's "Tit," Miko goes all geometric as he plays with rainbowed grids of quadrilaterals, lines and static on a used-to-be-black-but-is-now-more-grey backdrop. The whole thing reminds me of a fantastic and faded t-shirt from the thrift store, in a way still brilliant color-wise but with some well-worn miles on it. Matthewdavid calls the video Miko's "best work to date."

Oh, and about the music -- released on Ryuichi Sakamoto's commmons label which seems to be a very respectable outlet for musicians and artists. Their site is nearly all Japanese, but there are some English bits referring to commmons as a "New Music Community for Real Artists and Music Lovers" while prompting us to "think global, act local."

There's also this little video teaser that I didn't catch a week and a half ago when Miko upped it to his vimeo:

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Pynk Voyd is the free-form synthesizer project of Gabriel Chicoine (a.k.a. Gnarfield a.k.a. the non-me half of the Boys Upstairs) and Alex Hornbeck, two current Western Massachusetts residents and good friends of mine letting themselves loose on some weirdo electronic scrapes and gurglings. The two also play in the prog-worshipping trio Dust Witch, who enjoyed covering horror film soundtracks last Halloween at one of our very first Boys Upstairs Presents shows with Matthewdavid. "2BUELLER BALLS" sounds to me like something I'd hear hiss out of an NNA Tape, celestial and raw and teeming with life. And shit, it's just their first demo. They will be playing their first show tonite at Flying Object in Hadley with Eola and Jerry Paper.



Recently came across Napolian, a spaced-out beat project from L.A.'s Ian Evans, due to his smoothed-out-then-hyped-up remix of "Up" from Oneohtrix Point Never's new record Replica.

Up (Napolian Remix) by Napolian

Not necessarily sure why I hadn't heard of this dude before. He seems to be Software-related in general, has hundreds of Soundcloud plays and is followed by a bunch of like-minded people.

Olympia by Napolian

This one has Rick Ross woofs:

Y2K by Napolian