Sunday, December 18, 2011


Ups to Concepto Radio for the tip on Kentje, a Reggaeton Dutch with a stream-only Soundcloud who apparently killed it all year with instrumentals. His cuts are spacious and induce grinding even within the confines of one's seat, slapping machine gun rata-tat over futuristic Latin rhythms. Sounds like militant hard labor music, the soundtrack to repairing a rebel spaceship or waging war through a hologram keyboard.

Kentje'sz Beatsz - 3.Instrumentals Reggeaton 28-02-11(Follow@Kentjjee) by Kentjjee

Kentje'sz Beatsz - Holá Eléctrico (Bubbling 2011) Twitter @Kentjjee by Kentjjee

Kentje'sz Beatsz - 1.Instrumentals Reggeaton 30-08-10 by Kentjjee

Kentje'sz Beatsz - 2.Instrumentals Reggeaton 30-01-11(Follow@kentjjee) by Kentjjee

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