Friday, December 30, 2011


(credit: iprnelson cellular telephone image)

Ups to Vlek Records for the tip on some new Sagat works, one of which has been killing it all nite around FBUS HQ. Stream "Truz_Porscha" below then check his remixes I've posted in the past for Cupp Cave and Dynooo.

Truz_Porscha by V_Sagat

Cupp Cave - Mind Bones (Sagat Remix)

Dynooo - Gamecube (Sagat Remix)


Also here's a nearly 60-minute Sagat mix I found in my computer somewhere simply tagged as "Set FM Brussels." I know nothing else about this mix.

Sagat - Set FM Brussels

EDIT: This mix was for 54 Cares Deeply radio show in Brussels.

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Anonymous said...

It's a mix for the 54 cares deeply radioshow on fm Brussels.