Sunday, December 18, 2011


(credit: iprnelson cellular telephone image)

Some of the most exciting ambient flutterings I've heard lately come from Chicago's Ben Billington a.k.a. Quicksails. I caught word of Ben through friends who were trying to land him a show in Western Massachusetts. They succeeded. His set at Flying Object was incredible and loud, blowing the lid off what I thought a Quicksails set might sound like. After learning that a Quicksails live set is much different from a Quicksails recording, Ben mentioned he had a cassette out on NNA Tapes that I didn't know about called A Fantasy in Seasons. You should buy one. No idea what Soundcloud tracks are from the tape (if any), but the homie Mary Katherine Youngblood posted "Walking Through Rain" for stream over at Visitation Rites.

Million Knots by Quicksails

Slow Lucks by Quicksails

Must Never Catch It by Quicksails

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