Friday, December 16, 2011


Chushi was thrown into my field of vision thanks to a tweet from someone in my Twitter void. I have since forgotten who introduced me to this Russian, which is how the internet usually goes. Coincidentally, this is exactly how Chushi's tunes work -- in one ear and out the other. Sounds mish and mash, start and stop, play out for your ears and finish before you even knew you started. This is an exciting music to me.

Chushi strings together song bits in a quilted fashion, forever a disjointed affair reminding me that listening to sounds doesn't have anything to do with conclusions, but with how it feels at the time and nothing more. Other than that, I know nothing about Chushi and I'd rather keep it that way. Stream/download everything here. I recommend chushi and flakes428.

wpoo pt. by chushi

deaf by chushi

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