Friday, December 30, 2011


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The Dude Rezzie hinted at something amazing in the "New Encounters" section of his last post on Weird Magic. Jssst is a minimal techno freaker from Amsterdam. His Soundcloud is full of (mostly) downloadable material. Jssst dives into the dark and brooding side of trance-inducing dance music, drugging the listener/dancer with deep mechanical bludgeonings on repeat. Hard to place exactly what my favorite jams are here, sort of like it's hard to choose a favorite Raga from Charanjit Singh's Ten Ragas To a Disco Beat -- Jssst's cuts are all so euphoric and uplifting it's hard to care about one stopping when there's another right behind it.

Jssst - Psycho (Original Mix) by Jssst

Jssst - La Notte (Original Mix) by Jssst

Jssst - Body And Soul (Original Mix) by Jssst


Also, Rez will be blasting tunes at 285 Kent NYE

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