Tuesday, December 27, 2011


(credit: iprnelson cellular telephone image)

I heard a few good jams for the first time on Christmas Day. Here they are:

Thick slice of footworker bounce from Featureless Ghost. Their Biologically-Sound Cyber-Bodies EP is now available from Crash Symbols. Dudes also recently remastered their album New Moods (Double Phantom Digital) which you can stream from bandcamp.

T0LD-U-50 by featurelessghost


yuk. upped a mixtape of remixes he did over the past year as well as some of his own work remixed by others. This gives us an excuse to once again shout out his remix of Mane Mane's "Skin Fox" (video below). Other highlights include remixes of Teebs and Ras G as well as Anenon's version of "Oh Shaman." Download the whole mixtape here.

Teebs - Burner (yuk. remix)

Ras G - dustierthandigital (SATURN SPORES for G yuk. flip)

yuk. - Oh Shaman (Anenon Remix)

Mane Mane - Skin Fox - yuk. Remix from Leaving Records on Vimeo.


(credit: iprnelson cellular telephone image)

Green Ova dropped a new tape on Christmas. Best song features Danny Brown and there's some Nem270-produced tracks in there.

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