Sunday, December 5, 2010


Avi from Silk Flowers sent over their new song "Band of Color." I first saw Silk Flowers a few years ago opening for No Age at Clark University. I hadn't heard them before and they were killer, all deep-gut vocal urging, drum pad pummeling and cold, cold synthesizer bliss. I grabbed a 7" record with a fist punching through a mask on the front, which they self-released. Later, they put out a 7" with a boot kicking through the same mask and eventually a self-titled full-length record, both on No Age dude's label Post Present Medium. Late last year, Captured Tracks released their As Above So Below EP and I saw them play again, this time in Easthampton at the Feeding Tube Records warehouse space with Infinite Body and a couple others.

Silk Flowers' new record Ltd. Form is out February 8 on PPM. They also recently remixed Dream Boat's song "11 Rosary," which is a very appropriate name of a song for them to remix, in my opinion.

Silk Flowers - Band of Color

Dream Boat - 11 Rosary (Silk Flowers Remix) - Visions - 2010 (AMDD023) by AMDISCS

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