Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today, being all three or so days before that Jesus cat was born and I used to get showered with presents back before the housing industry crashed, I am requesting Sammy Davis Jr.'s "Christmas Time All Over The World." It is my favorite super cheesy holiday jam and I am a glutton for super cheesy holiday jams! I eat 'em up like cheese puffs, for real! Like, it just brings the biggest, lamest, dorkiest smile to my face. It's just a tradition for me to dance joyously, and horribly, all over my house listening to the Christmas With The Rat Pack album. "Christmas Time All Over The World" is actually considered kind of a gem because it was previously unreleased up until the Rat Pack compilation came out in 2002, but that might have been because this song is kinda terrible (in the best way possible). It is like the "It's A Small World" of seasonal tunes but I don't care. I probably don't care because I sing a damn good impression of Sammy - and Frank and Dean for that matter. It's kind of embarrassing I sing more like male lounge singers rather than like, I don't know, Mariah Carey, but whatever. At some point in your life you have to accept who you are. It just happens I've had to accept that I am an alto. #whatareyagonnado

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