Tuesday, December 28, 2010


"Endless House, a long-forgotten central European super club, has now re-surfaced after 36 years of silence.

Buried deep in the Bialowieska Forest, this pioneering discotheque was (briefly) home to eccentric synth pop, madcap electronic experimentation and proto-ambient/noise works. As its first release, London's Dramatic
now presents the club's music, and its faded glitterati, to the world.

Showcasing as-yet-unheard styles that call to mind Minimal Wave, Devo, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze and Vangelis, the compilation is available now in the form of 500 lovingly handmade 'archive packs' from www.dramaticrecords.com."

Hmmm... Still not sure if I buy this, but apparently these are unearthed jams from the 70s. However, they sound so futuristic for today that it's hard to believe they came from way back then. But whatever. My favorites are below.

Klaus Pinter - Bewussseinweiterung by EndlessHouse

Rasmus Folk - Coupe by EndlessHouse

(image via Google Search)


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Anonymous said...

Oh yes -

that Klaus Pinter track is UNREAL!

Loving it.

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