Monday, May 9, 2011


Berlin blog No Fear Of Pop seems to be the #1 place to turn for Hype Williams-associated updates. Recently they posted a new track from Inga Copeland, a.k.a. the female half of Hype Williams. "Trample" sees Copeland on a serious pop lean, more of a body-bobbing jam, not quite dance-y but certainly less weird than "Can We," posted and then removed from Copeland's Soundcloud a few weeks ago.

The only vocals in "Can We" are a looped, pitched-down voice commanding one to "never look back." On top of this loop Copeland builds increasingly dense accompaniment, from the softest synthesizer tones to police cruiser sirens before dropping the beat and crawling bass line a couple minutes in. "Trample" forgoes the weirdo build-up and heads right for the part of my ear that says "hey if Nite Jewel sounds like a muffled disco held in a bedroom, then this Inga Copeland track sounds like a disco held in that bedroom's walk-in closet" and by that I mean it's even smaller-scale, more hidden, way more faded, for an even more select crowd. And that crowd probably has more drugs.

Inga Copeland - Trample

Inga Copeland - Can We

No idea if/when there will be an Inga Copeland solo record, but there's also this little mixtape to check out, something she did NOT immediately delete from her Soundcloud. The only sounds I recognize in the mix is Felt. The rest is weirder.

puff by cplnd

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