Thursday, May 19, 2011


Philadelphia dudes Arches just played the latest Friendship Bracelet Presents... show at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn. Principal songwriters Julien Rossow Greenberg and Tom Herman Jr. get ahold of some serious Grizzly Bear loud soft dynamics and haunted vocal harmonies on their debut album Wide Awake. They released all the songs to bandcamp back in February and they're finally getting the whole thing pressed to vinyl, which is available for pre-order and will ship on June 10.

Arches have released two tracks for download thus far, "This Isn't a Good Night for Walking" and "Headlights," two super-pleasant pieces of dimly-lit indie pop/rock that echo with just a tinge of American psychedelia. They have now offered up "Cobblestone," the record's A-side closer, for free download as their third single. Not usually posting about this sort of sound but it's so pleasant and it's so rainy and grey outside it's a perfect fit. Grab all of the above-mentioned songs below and check Arches' cover of Julian Lynch's "Travelers."

Arches - Cobblestone

Arches - Travelers (Julian Lynch Cover)

Arches - This Isn't a Good Night For Walking

Arches - Headlights

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