Thursday, May 12, 2011


Really digging "Tumuli," an excerpt from Portland duo Golden Retriever's new cassette Emergent Layer, out now on NNA Tapes. The clarinet/synthesizer duo of Matt Carlson and Jonathan Sielaff combine to create a truly engaging world of sound, sounds bulging and creeping from left to right headphone. The idea of being surrounded by something heavy makes for a rather aquatic feeling, that of being completely submerged. The effects-treated clarinet sounds massive, like the song of a giant underwater mammal, while modular synthesizer racket hums and scrapes at the edges, like schools of miniscule fish reflecting light from the surface as they jet by. Check out "Tumuli" and another sample then BUY THE TAPE.

Golden Retriever - Tumuli

NNA029: Golden Retriever "Emergent Layer" [sample] by NNA Tapes

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