Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I posted a couple Soundcloud streams from Babe E. a bit over a month ago. I still don't know anything about the project, but since we last checked in the Babe has uploaded half a dozen new jams. My favorite of these is "Sahara K120," which I suppose would be an appropriate soundtrack to the desert level of your favorite SEGA Genesis racing game a.k.a. Road Rash. Kind of sounds like a 90s throwback Stellar Om Source when she gets clubby. Check the jam, download it, then check another new one then stay tuned to the Babe E. Soundcloud for more updates.

Sahara K120 by Babe E.

Climb by Babe E.

(image via FAT DUDES)



Precinct by Babe E.

HumanTouch by Babe E.

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