Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Been falling hard for this Issue mixtape E3 after Tumblin Erb posted a track a few days ago. As of now, I don't know much about Issue except he's young, he's associated with E-40's Sick Wid It Records and he's BIG into Arizona Iced Tea. I have yet to dig into E or E2, though I probably will after Southern Hospitality's recommendation.

Issue does two things very well -- a based sort of synth-pop ("Money Part 1," "4," "Creativity") and a more faded (yet blunt-free) form of jazzy slacker hip hop ("Gas Is Gas," "Morning to Night," "Music Non-Stop"). I prefer when he raps and the beats bang heavier, but I admit he excels at the other thing too. However my favorite is when he goes the most hard on "SOLO Part 1." Also maybe he should consider staying away from the way slow cheesed-out R&B shit like "Right Here." It's kind of too silly and embarrassing even though it's hilarious and awesome (via Lil Wayne "Piano Man").

Anyway, check my favorite few tracks from the tape then DOWNLOAD IT FREE.

Issue - SOLO Part 1

Issue - Gas is Gas

Issue - Morning to Night


BigBurkMovement said...

Those synth slaps u named are jacked beats




Get up on the G O D Richard D James surfin on the sine waves since the early 90s that artificial intelligence shit

JeffGoldblumLife said...

thanks for the knowledge

only aphex twin i really know is selected ambient works 1 and windowlicker so ima dig on this