Thursday, May 12, 2011


Astro Nautico dude Obey City has a FREE new EP set for release sometime in the next month called Melted Magic. Two tracks were posted on Dipped In Dollars the other day and I've got to say these are probably the most well-rounded and complete Obey City tracks heard to date. He still embraces vintage hip hip + R&B, but now we're seeing dude blast off into the stratosphere on some futuristic silver rocket, sort of reminds me of Mane Mane but less psychedelic, way more crisp and clean. I'm talking sensual synthesizers and chopped vocals fluttering in the higher spaces, a range of slick drum sounds pummeling the lower end and rumbled-out bass gluing everything together. I dig "Melted Magic" slightly more than "Intrigue," but they're both rad and they're both available for download below. Stay tuned to Astro Nautico for the full release of Melted Magic.

Obey City - Melted Magic

Obey City - Intrigue



Obey City - Celestial Steam


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