Thursday, November 3, 2011


(Full Screen Recommended, In Dark Room)

Ten-minute Sun Araw "At Delphi" official video immediately succeeds fifteen-minute "Impluvium" official video both directed by one Daniel Brantley, both making me scratch head and wonder how Sun Araw's music can hypnotize one into voluntarily staring dead into a computer screen for upwards of twenty-five total minutes.

Why is the above video so unbelievably psychedelic? It's just plants.

...Which brings me to my next argument: Why is THIS video so mundanely unpsychedelic? It's just body. And it goes on for so long, the viewer just waiting for something or some things to happen. And it does. And they do. Did you see that drugsniffer dog? It was there, I saw it. And those hikers? They were women. I saw them. So worth it. Ain't gona give away the big reveal though. I'm not some fucking fool over here. Sun Araw it for yourself.

P.S. How many dance moves do you think were birthed and named during this video shoot? Two dozen? Three dozen? I need an intern for this sort of research.

P.P.S. Sun Araw/Hype Williams collaborative cassette forthcoming.

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