Thursday, November 3, 2011


I've been hopelessly obsessing over the new-ish Future Shuttle record Water's Edge, out now on Intercoastal Artists/Holy Mountain. The album is a serious space trip, with multiple sources likening it to Tangerine Dream. However, my favorite passages seem to cite Slowdive's more ambient groovers (the sound of a spaceship floating and rotating meaninglessly) while capturing an essence I refer to as "Peaking Lights sans air-of-hippie" which may as well be a whole genre itself dubbed "Space Hippie" where one can make music as a hippie but they're way out in space (also referred to as "Far Out") so no one can smell that burnt-ass reefer cos there's no fucking oxygen up there, homie.

Stream the whole thing below and watch the video and download the demos and then just buy the 12", yeah?

Future Shuttle: Water's Edge by alteredzones

FUTURE SHUTTLE - Fields Of Dreams from Future Shuttle on Vimeo.

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