Thursday, April 7, 2011


"Some Subcity contributors took one of their favourite bands on a road trip to a small westerly village called Ardentinny. We set off early in a van full of instruments and recording equipment. The skies were clear and blue, it was one of those last days of summer, the temperature getting slightly cooler and the bloom of nature beginning to fade."

To clarify, Subcity Radio is Glasgow University's student radio station and the "favourite band" they are talking about here is Ricky Egan's Glasgow-based recording project Tangles. Last September, some of the Subcity crew drove Ricky and three of his buds out to a few spots in Ardentinny to record a live set outside of doors. Normally Tangles is a solo project, written and recorded by Ricky straight to four-track. However, he brings the songs to life in the live setting with a full band of guitar, bass, drums and synthesizer. The transition to live band leads to a more rock-based product as opposed to the pure ambient warmth documented on his recent tape No Sweat, the Frolixan Said (out now on Triple You Tapes), to fantastic effect.

These dudes have a serious hold on gauzy instrumental bliss, so stream the half hour live set HERE (click the "))listen" button + stream in iTunes) then stream the second side of Tangles' Triple You Tapes release and download "Know More," the tape's single, below.

no sweat the frolixan said (side 1) by tangles

Tangles - Know More

(image via subcityphotos)

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