Thursday, April 7, 2011


Bruce Hart is a new project of Zach Phillips from OSR Tapes. Zach also goes by GDC and is 1/2 of Blanche Blanche Blanche among other projects. I can't get over how much Bruce Hart sounds like the real name of a superhero, like a paranoid mix between Bruce Wayne and Tony Starks.

...Which makes sense -- this project sees Zach as a sort of mad scientist poring over the controls to a screen of synthesized landscapes, pixelated plans for a futuristic underground laboratory in the middle of the Mojave. The mad man sees over his unique brand of lounged-out epics with an ear that discriminates at superhuman levels. He masterfully churns out piping hot recordings of bubbling beakers, air resistance wind tunnels and the hum of ten thousand surveillance cameras, hundreds fixed on every point of entry into Hart's subterranean dwelling. He knows the government will try to destroy his radical work if his location is revealed. If this comes to pass, police state thugs will not rest until every last bit of his workspace is mangled, including Hart himself.

Bruce Hart's full-length cassette Music For Drawing is still looking for a place to call home, and it surely deserves a warm one. Labels contact zphillips at gmail dot com for cryptic instructions on how to proceed. Warning -- reply emails are automatically set to self-destruct.

Bruce Hart - Fascinating Heritage Stone

Bruce Hart - Hart's Theme

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