Friday, April 29, 2011


Leaving Records just posted a new audio collage by visual and sound collagist jar MoFF. We have posted about the Greek artist twice before, each post regarding a lengthy mix of found sounds and samples of film soundtracks and generally cosmic musics. He's got a crazy knack for finding grooves in dense spaces foreign to rhythm, turning the art of sound collage into a seriously listenable medium. According to Leaving, "VID R" was constructed from "found free-jazz, synth/kraut/space, SFX, and film soundtrack," making for a truly psychedelic 10.5 minutes.

We find a few movements in the piece, from rustling hiss and scratch + dramatic synthesizer space noises to hard-hitting, jazzy rhythms and into some more tropical zones just before the 7-minute mark. The final few minutes are a bit confusing, like a check to make sure you know you're still listening to a stitched-together collage -- dark bloops and blips followed by eerie organ tones and "Genius of Love" sounding synth squelches, all enveloped by a rollercoaster of clarinet flutters.

jar moFF also recently reworked a Harald Grosskopf track for the Synthesist reissue's Re:Synthesist companion CD, which is fantastic. Out now on RVNG. Stay tuned cos new stuff from this guy drops out of nowhere and he's a beast.

jar moFF - VID R



jar moFF - EPSP

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