Monday, April 25, 2011


So everyone's been going in on Clams Casino lately, right? I first heard of Clams from his productions for Main Attrakionz, which turned me on to all his work with Lil B and eventually his instrumental mixtape. Another frequent Attrakz collaborator, Nem270, recently sent over his new eloquently named EP Dank Worries, a fairly quick listen with six instrumentals and two remixes. The first remix is Nem's take on "I Just Wanna Party". The second is another Gucci rework, this time a mash-up of "Candy Lady" from The Burrprint and uhhh... Tim Hecker? Cool.

However, I prefer the originals. Same sort of dark hip hop/spacious atmospheric Clammy vibe. I'm not sure who all the instrumentals were for, but opening track "Go Stupid" sounds like it'd be perfect for Young L -- heavy and sorta jerk-y with the fattest of slaps. Like an industrial "Ice Cream Paint Job." "Everyone Makin Beats" is tight, but doesn't go anywhere. Next is "Samples," a short ambient section leading into the "stress" version of "Ice Nites" from Squadda B mixtape I Smoke Because I Don't Care About Death. Nem also produced half of "2012" from the same mixtape (which I posted on Altered Zones).

My favorite track is probably "bbetter," seems the most fully formed and fresh, real summery like his part in "2012." Check out that jam below, then download the whole mixtape. Nem also produced the opening track "Zoned Out Mackin" on Main Attrakionz' new mixtape Blackberry Ku$h so stream that too.

Nem270 - bbetter

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