Friday, April 29, 2011


The other day I premiered La Big Vic's new Luke Wyatt-directed video mulch on Impose Magazine. The clip is for "Mr. Broken Bird," from their soon-to-be-released LP Actually (cover art above). Here's the words as they appear on Impose, followed by a dope live version of fellow Actually inhabitant "Musica" live at Newtown Radio.

Brooklyn trio La Big Vic have teamed up with video mulcher Luke Wyatt for "Mr. Broken Bird," a soaring cut from their upcoming LP Actually, out May 10 on Underwater Peoples. "Mr. Broken Bird" is a beautiful piece of glittering synthesizer/violin/vocal pop, settling into a mid-tempo groove before rocketing off into the stratosphere. Wyatt's take on the song is a bit unexpected -- his aesthetic has always been half-humorous and half-terrifying, two feelings I don't usually equate to La Big Vic. With their sound, the band tends to create synaesthetic images of spaceflight in my mind, either shuttle launches or birth, some type of visual representation of breaking through to a new, unknown world from the old one's comfort. Here we see Wyatt messing with images of injured veterans and pop culture icons like Kelsey Grammer, David Arquette and Donald Rumsfeld. These eerie flashing images are meant to be seen through a "virtual reality" headset, the most repeated visual theme throughout the video. This creates a sense unease towards the furthering of technologies like virtual realities, web-based socialization and hyper-real HD/3D televisions, all of which essentially rob the consumer of their actual life experience by replacing it with a one constructed to act as a bland surrogate. La Big Vic never instilled any doomsday thoughts before Wyatt put his stamp on them, but now it's not so hard to draw lines between the two.


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